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Nicest Beards for Balding Men | Legend Barber Shop

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Shop Honest Amish Beard Balm here: https://goo.gl/94mimA Every Day Carry beard Comb Kit here: https://goo.gl/q2S7JA shop Maestro's Classic Beard Butter Wisemen's Blend https://goo.gl/VqXQts Here we shared with you some of nicest beard styles for balding men all of these beard styles are done by the best Tommy Roth Maestros Classic barber.' like share and subscribe our channel.
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Text Comments (20)
Mind for Combat (27 days ago)
Lool I know the struggle been bald with a beard for years now lol
Jeffrey Lebowski (1 month ago)
I just don’t like that clean line look. I like the more natural looking beards and hair.
CRAM1REZ51 (2 months ago)
Cheers - for bald men with glasses is it stylish to keep the beard lower than the glasses arm or should beard come right up to it? Wanted some input!
Jeffrey Lebowski (1 month ago)
CRAM1REZ51 I’m curious about this too. I’m wanting to buzz my head but don’t know where to take the side burn area down too. I also wear glasses
Jon Snow (5 months ago)
cheese wedge beards
xLSx Pizzle2233 (6 months ago)
Need a good barber in Las Vegas
kart ik (6 months ago)
Beard is hope for balding
Slacker (7 months ago)
what song is this?
fergy773 (7 months ago)
What is it with guys shaping their eyebrows!?? I’ve got some right bushy fuckers and sometimes I do need to give em a quick blast over. But shaping them? Really🤭
Clap Forboobies (8 months ago)
“Party all night long!” 🕺🏼🎶 Meanwhile it’s some guy getting a haircut. Wat 😐
shyshotcaller27 (5 months ago)
Clap Forboobies so he can party all night long in style. 💨💨💨
Sam Taylor (10 months ago)
Is this the place where Dallas Kauchel goes lol😉
Myrna Flores (10 months ago)
Like you see Becouse you using minoxidil
Jailton Santos (10 months ago)
Quais são esses lugares
David Stefano Dutra (10 months ago)
Jailton Santos Bethelem-Pensilvânia,EUA !!!
Grandizer 45 (11 months ago)
This dude is a magician.
Cool (11 months ago)
ready to suck dick now!
Elandrin1990 (1 year ago)
They not Balding ;(
Lucia Martinez (11 months ago)
Stick Wayne-Lynn (11 months ago)
Elandrin1990 Bruh they not really going through the struggle

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