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Drama in Nakuru as parents demand revocation of transfer of school principal

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http://www.nation.co.ke Drama ensued at Kirobon Girls high school in Rongai Nakuru after parents of Heroes high school in Bahati stormed the school demanding revoke of a transfer of the school principal. The parents who drove in three public service vehicles stormed Kirobon Girls high school where the principal Mrs Hilda Muriuki had been holding office since the beginning of the term after her transfer. The irate parents were denied access by the school guards prompting the principal to walk to the gate to address them. The principal Mrs Muriuki tried to address the aggressive group but was caught by surprise when they dragged her shoulder into the waiting public service vehicles which drove off fast to Nakuru.
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florence ngetich (10 months ago)
Love you madam and continue with the great work God bless
Ann Mwangi (1 year ago)
I miss Mrs Muriuki so much. She was such a great principal.
dee dee (1 year ago)
Dearest Mrs.Muriuki,continue with your great work!!

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