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ORGANIZE: Clean Your Bedroom In LESS Than 20 Minutes!

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahrobeson | snapchat: sharrahrobeson Leave this video a thumbs up if you needed tips on cleaning your bedroom! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for new DIY decor and organizational videos every week http://bit.ly/1PugoDw I usually HATE cleaning, but with these 5 steps, I can clean my room super quickly and actually have fun while I do it! Leave me a comment below if you have any other tips on cleaning your room or house! Thanks for watching! xoxo shar ||Follow Along!|| Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahrobeson Snapchat: @sharrahrobeson Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/howtoliveyourstyle Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sharstyleblog Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sharrahrobeson Produced and Edited by: Dorian Tucker Videography by: Matthew Moran All music is royalty free by Epidemic Sound and exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson - download here: https://robesonproductions.bandcamp.com/
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Text Comments (693)
Rosey Cipher (1 day ago)
OMG when she sat on her bed after cleaning it 😂 I relate.
Dalia Salim (18 days ago)
as soon as she said go clean your room i was like that aint gona happen
Zoe Radke (28 days ago)
It worked
Zoe Radke (28 days ago)
I'm doing it with you lol
Colleen Neigh (1 month ago)
What is the white paint color you had painted this room?
gaile celocelo (1 month ago)
Who's watching this again and again then you didn't notice your room was already cleaned by your mother??😂😂😂😂
Liz Tyrell (1 month ago)
Listen people I hate to burst your bubble but cleaning is a never-ending process! The day you stop cleaning is the day you die! It's like everything in life! We just have to keep doing it!
Lo Goo (2 months ago)
Thanks for doing this. I love the idea to dust with my sons old socks! dampen mine a bit w vinegar n water, nice n easy! Here's me hoping I can get up tomorrow on day off after thanksgiving, i cant do it now at 526pm after supper on Thanksgiving lol tomorrow I'm gonna do this step by step! How motivating! Thx for sharing Sharrah. Wish me luck, I need it haha xojo
Wearing your shoes inside is so disgusting I can’t even watch this
Lowzenza (2 months ago)
Omgg who wears shoes in their own house?!
Isabel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
at 2:08 she told me to clean my room to and i was sitting on my bed when she said that and i like watching other people clean their room but me cleaning mine is terrible
Alexis Buttke (2 months ago)
She probably threw random things around
Elleisha vlogs (2 months ago)
It took me 5 hours
Ashley Sargeant (3 months ago)
Dang she called me out I am on my computer just watching her clean lol
Kathrin Johnson (3 months ago)
I think it is 20 min per room per person living there. I'm gonna try this on my next day off.
Gamergirl 101 OMG (3 months ago)
When I see the room was clean at the end but when I turned around I room is so MESSY! Nope I have to clean it
Keziah Yates (3 months ago)
This actually worked! I am actually impressed my room is clean, minus the dusting i just did it the other day, in just over the length of this video. I am apostleley shattered but I knew if I didn't do my room right now tonight I wouldn't feel as motivated to get up and do the new things I want to do in the morning! Thankyou very much xxx P.s first time watching you!
kingkiller 1234 (3 months ago)
U guys spent 5 mins watching the video when u could have been cleaning
Ellie S (3 months ago)
If u look at my roof my room is clean😂 like if u can relate
Nickie Burkett Vlogs (4 months ago)
Your room aint shit! My room is way messer than that!!!
Geraldine Villanueva (4 months ago)
2:07 oh shit she knows im watching her instead of cleaning my room
Sanna Karjalainen (4 months ago)
Great video, this really helped my 10-year old daughter who hates to clean her room
Remore Unique (4 months ago)
I take your tips and my room is clean everyday
Whitely (4 months ago)
Shoes are dirty the should never be on your bed
Nickie Burkett Vlogs (5 months ago)
My room is ALWAYS clean. Except today, I dont what happened!
Moo moo Plays (5 months ago)
She said 20 mins the vid is 5 mins long
Louise Joyce (5 months ago)
Mum: Tidy your room, people are coming around for dinner! Me: I didn't know dinner was in my room..
ALAINA GALICIA (5 months ago)
The only reason why I'm watching these had videos fast is because my mom said that once I clean my really disgusting room that I'll get my phone back.... or i have to earn $200. It fell in the water at a theme park and I have not had a phone for a and my best friend just moved so I really want to contact her so now I'm motivated to clean even tho I don't want 2.
DIYS With Jenice (5 months ago)
I have that vacuum
Mimi Playzz (5 months ago)
hey i liked your room but i was going to tell you that mt room is so big and it has a lot of stuffs i dont know what to do but still going to clean now bye bye i rlly love ur room 💖
CrystalLynn Arey (5 months ago)
Madison Oertel (5 months ago)
I actually got up and cleaned my room today
mason gleeful (5 months ago)
100% work
Jenta Schipper (6 months ago)
My stomach made a noise at the exact same moment as hers did
Roselyn Reyes (6 months ago)
when she said dont just be watching me clean my room be doing it to i was like oops😶😬😳
Hehe it’s 130 in the morn I can’t vacuum
I can't do my room right now because its 6:01
Sexy Vegan (6 months ago)
Pick up the first big book you see. Turn to page 206. The first sentence on the page describes your love life. Mine was from vampire diaries,and.... It was: "Gotta kill... Find him, kil him... First" ...WTF WTF WTF
Naughty internet person (6 months ago)
I don't need to make my bed because I just sleep on top of it lol. Life hack.
Xeno Morphan (7 months ago)
As of this video of already clean 50% of my room thanks
Sheyla Cervantes (7 months ago)
In 20 min but it's like 6 min
Ali Beth Wilson (7 months ago)
3:26 lol me when I put things places 😂
criminallyvulgar (7 months ago)
I'm totally the person that gets distracted while doing piles...
Crazy Jaden (7 months ago)
Are clean area by area
Jenae Hirsch (7 months ago)
Love the sock idea! That makes it way more fun :)
Aliyah Noland (7 months ago)
Thus actually worked for me and the tips. I love your room btw
Aniyah Ross (7 months ago)
At 2:08 I started cleaning 😂
O.G.T IN DA HOUSE (7 months ago)
Rozzalin Franklin (7 months ago)
When she said don't let me do this alone I was like my room is already clean :) Btw I cant sleep if my room is dirty LOL
Artsy Baby (7 months ago)
I can't vacuum. It's eight in the morning and the rest of my family is asleep.
Meco (7 months ago)
My rooms at the point where I’d just as soon take a match to the whole damn thing
Emilee _yt (7 months ago)
My room is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy messier than that like 9000000 times worse 😂
renee parker (8 months ago)
I enjoyed your video. It's inspiring me to get my room and closet together. I could use a stand and storage containers. Thank you for sharing.
Rider Douglas (8 months ago)
This super helps
Rider Douglas (8 months ago)
The super helps
paitton douglas (8 months ago)
This helps
Caitlyn Garich (8 months ago)
She makes it look so easy😭😭😂😂
13realmusic (8 months ago)
I still clean my room this way, best method I’ve ever seen.
Jake eluik (8 months ago)
My mom told me to clean my room and I spent the last 2 hours watching videos on how to clean your room
Uni Zebby (8 months ago)
My room is already clean but I watch these videos so I could watch what to do next time
biernico (8 months ago)
what is the vacuum cleaner u using?
ROSLYN JONES (8 months ago)
My home is usually very clean. I’m a little OCD. My PROBLEM is PAPER. It is hard for me to go through and shred my papers. After it piles up, I put it in a bag and promise myself I’ll get to it.
ROSLYN JONES (8 months ago)
The one thing I definitely do everyday when I wake up is make my bed!!! It makes me feel so accomplished. Most of the time when I get home, I MAKE myself hang up any clothes I pulled out that morning. I always tell myself “if you take a few minutes to do it now, you won’t have to do it later!!” Don’t do the stuffing everything in the bins until later. You’re just gonna double your work. Just put it where it belongs.
Chloe C (8 months ago)
So helpful except for the basket of clean laundry that will never be folded
Tasha Jackson (8 months ago)
When she said don’t just sit down go and clean YOUR room I looked around knowing that my room was a mess but decided to sit back down and watch her do hers first😂😂😂😂😂
Carly Cernota (8 months ago)
“Me: *looks around* mehhh ill do it laterrr *five weeks later * ughh ill do it later” thats so me
Bodge Okeefe (8 months ago)
so helpful
BROOKLYN CALDERA (8 months ago)
Thanks you helped me so MUCH💖💖😍
Cringe Girl (8 months ago)
I haven’t clean my room in 2weeks
Simone Rosales Eide (9 months ago)
my stomach makes that noise to try to get me to eat everything in my fridge instead of clean my room
Proctor Kids (9 months ago)
you ae really pretty
Kyra Renner (9 months ago)
It toke me 5:30 mins and it was wroth it
Ryleigh Ureel (9 months ago)
Im ashamed I said to myself I would go to sleep at 5:30am and now it 5:35am I may nist get 2......minutes of sleep
TORENA BRUNSON (9 months ago)
Jalynn Faith (9 months ago)
You remind me a lot of Rebecca Zamalo ( idk how to spell it)
Katen (9 months ago)
You clean like my dad.
Deepak Bansal (10 months ago)
Omy god this was published on my birthday!!!
Deepak Bansal (10 months ago)
Your room is so big and lovely!
Benji Agility training (10 months ago)
Lol its 2am how tf am i gonna vacume with u
Mis take (10 months ago)
I ᒍᑌᔕT ᖇEᗩᒪIᘔEᗪ ᗰY ᔕIᔕTEᖇ ᔕTOᒪE ᗰY ᖴᑌᖇᖇY ᑭIᒪᒪOᗯ. ᕼEᖇ E᙭ᑕᑌᔕE ᗯᗩᔕ TᕼEᖇE ᗯEᖇE ᑎO ᑭIᒪᒪOᗯᔕ.ᔕᕼEᔕ Iᑎ ᑕOᒪᒪEGE
Jemini Hall (10 months ago)
Hi I. Love this video
Jorge De Luna (10 months ago)
When i clean my room and i tell my self im gonna clean my room with no destractions and when i put music i get so distrarted. And literally i take a look at my room and i say oh hell no i aint gonna clean this mess and i dont care if my mom hots me with la chanclota
Ketchup pringles (11 months ago)
HA you call that a messy bedroom you don’t know the half of it
Lilly Wallace (11 months ago)
The video starts at 0:59 👌🏻😁
macy coupie (11 months ago)
this actually worked i cleaned my room in under 10 mins and my room was soooooooo messy
Fakhria Zahir (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot it really gonna help but I don’t want to clean up I have to cuz people are coming over bye gotta clean up!!
DIY CRYSTAL (11 months ago)
have you ever thought about minimalism?🤔😃😃
Kaylee (11 months ago)
When she said don’t watch me over here on ur computer I’m like oops
idyllic paradise (11 months ago)
bitch how long did you REALLY take?
rain aesthetics (11 months ago)
it took 5 hours to clean my room. tf
bangtan chick (11 months ago)
She nneds to reach 1 milion subs ❤️
Kyrstin Miller (11 months ago)
I will after this video
Djjosh128 (11 months ago)
The holy grail
Breezy Vlogs (11 months ago)
That helped so much
Lisa Cabello (11 months ago)
i have so much cleaning to do ;(
khairah ellis khan (11 months ago)
cleaning my room is like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jozlyne Santana (11 months ago)
its so funny because i was using this to help me clean my room and i was sitting down watching this on my laptop.
Reading Queen (11 months ago)
Well, at least my bed is done, I'm one of those people who hate having a messy bed
Reading Queen (11 months ago)
Well, step 1 was fast but step 2 is going to take my entire life!
Reading Queen (11 months ago)
Don't worry, I'm doing it with you all right, now's as good of time as ever to do it
Bearoh (11 months ago)
Mines a “bit” messier then your room... Up the 20 minutes to 2 hours.

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