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Taper Fade Haircut Using Detachable Clippers | Barber Tutorial

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In this Video I show how to give a taper fade haircut using my andis BGRC rotary clipper. Other clippers I use in this video are my wahl detailers for balding and my andis GTX t outliner for the main line up of the haircut. Also check out my other video using detachable clippers doing a bald fade.
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Jerry_Springer_isdaddy (1 month ago)
Jesus his hairline way back there
rico works (2 months ago)
I'm still learning, but it seems that I getting a better grasp of fading with detachable blades. I understand the guards but it the lever play that I just can't get right now. I'm all in on detachable blades. You doing a real good job on your instructions with the blades and the voice over helps a lot to see and hear what your doing. I would like to ask when your cutting can you keep the blade size that your actually using on the screen until you switch cause sometimes I forget what blade your using or I might rewind it cause I'm studying what your doing or saying or I missed something or I started at a point where it past where you showed the blade size and i also have your video playing while I'm cutting that way it be easy to get back and follow along if I do start your video and I'm in the middle part of your instructions. Thanks bruh for your knowledge.
Rico The Barber CLE (6 months ago)
Thanks! I just started barber college, and we can only use the blades for the first 500 hours! I've only used guard prior. I have to say the blades are growing on me. Now my goal is to master them before I move on...Thanks!
Envy Exclusive TV. (1 year ago)
Nice..how did you get your edgers like that? I want mine to look like that and be really sharp plz help!
Rick Atkinson (1 year ago)
Nice to see your videos. There weren’t many videos demonstrating fading and tapering using detachable blades. Good job! I prefer using detachable blades. Overall smoother results. 1a and 0a are the secret to good smooth transitions. I use Oster Model 10 and Titan.
Roseanne Ramirez (1 year ago)
So if I did a 3 on top and they wanted a bald fade on sides would I just use the 3 2 1 and half 1a 1 0a 000.. just wondering. I'm just getting used to the bgrc.
Porsche Roberson (3 months ago)
Roseanne Ramirez did you find out yet ??
The Sweet Science (1 year ago)
I like blades better
Jairo Aguilar (1 year ago)
Great job men !! but i want to know how do you set the blades ? is it nessesary to gaped the blades ?
Slashtitan10 (1 year ago)
This helped me out a lot, thank you! The detachable blades make it look so much easier and gives it a cleaner look.
daniel juarez (1 year ago)
Hey buddy, I really love how you teach, I have a brooklyn taper blowout at the moment, I just dont know how to cut it with the detachable blades, and instead of the sideburns being bald making them pointy long sideburns, could you upload a tutorial with a taper blowout with pointy sideburns?
walla bigballa (1 year ago)
can u do it with a set blade and speedo guards just the same technique?
walla bigballa (1 year ago)
They go from 000 up to 2
joseph gonzalez (2 years ago)
is this a temp fade?
laura johnson (1 year ago)
joseph gonzalez yes a high temp
Mark shane Coetzee (2 years ago)
I thought it was p-dice in the thumbnail
Carlos M. Pizarro (2 years ago)
1 1 (2 years ago)
what clipper did you use to edge up the front?
laura johnson (1 year ago)
1 1 andis Gtx trimmer
Troy Blakely (2 years ago)
dope video AD! im working toward using only detachables..i feel like i work better with them. can you do a video about the pros n cons of detachables and adjustables?
Troy Blakely (2 years ago)
+TheExpatStylist Thanks a lot man
TheWetShavingBarber (2 years ago)
Also check out @sinsfadeandshave on Instagram. All his cuts are done via detachable clipper. he also has diagrams
Kevin Harris (2 years ago)
Bruh what number is on the top and what is on the side?
Chris Soriano (2 years ago)
Waddup AD! DO you think it is wise to purchase detachable clipper and blades if they will only be used on myself and kids at home? Seems like too much for such a small task, what do you think or do you suggest an alternative?
CTR_1 6 0 (2 years ago)
I have this machine and I know there arent many of us with them so I think its real cool you doing videos like this. You explain very well and move at a learning speed for all your viewers so big ups!
CTR_1 6 0 (2 years ago)
Joey Medina (2 years ago)
Speedwise, would you say it's easier to get faster cuts with the blades versus the guards? Considering experience level I think you can knock out nice fades with the detachable a faster than guards as a beginner... I'm about to graduate from cosmetology school and found the straightforward blade progression much faster than open guards first then blending the closed guards back in to it...(assuming that's the normal technique for Wahls and Andis). I've even shared your first detachable video with other students (95% females who are intimidated by our school issued 76's). We just don't get the 1A with our kit, so I let them use mine. Great vid! I'll be sharing this one too. Confidence inspiring, for real.
Rico The Barber CLE (6 months ago)
I bought the 0A and the 1A to make the transitions easier.
IamCesar (1 year ago)
MᴀKᴇɴAʀᴛ ~ MJ 4EᴠR ღ I'm in barber school too, having a hard time fading with guards so I'm trying it out with detachables hopefully it's easier. Looks super simple!
Yes indeed! You are so on point with what you said. I'm just starting barbering school myself, and from just watching a few of AD's detachable haircut videos this method just seems like a much more simpler approach for me at this beginning stage of my barber school journey. Lol
Gabriel Nainoa (2 years ago)
why not just go against the grain of makes it more even then going with the grain👊
TheWetShavingBarber (2 years ago)
I'm a BLADE man!!!
BrooklynBeast Lopez (2 years ago)
what kind of customer Apron do you use
Andy Gotcutzz (2 years ago)
Hey bro can you shout me out im 15 i plan to be a barber in the future
TheWetShavingBarber (2 years ago)
I have been told that cutting against the grain, even with waves results in a more even cut with not black spots. That being said what blade would have used to even out the top (cutting against the grain).
ronald williams (2 years ago)
If you're going against the grain a size 2 blade would be a good size for waves. It's like a 1 1/2 with the grain which is a perfect length.
bossgoon115 (2 years ago)
How bout a detachable low taper/mid taper/high taper either one.
Clarence Meredith (2 years ago)
Dope cut....but guards!
Kenneth Willis (2 years ago)
some good tips for a style
queenofdahouse1 (2 years ago)
super video....nice work.....it helped a lot....
Ron Edward (1 year ago)
i like that you actually show which blades you're using. I prefer the detachable blades. Just make it easier for me.
curtis munlin (2 years ago)
awesome I've been trying over 15 years I can never get it to look that clean lol
Marcia Prieto (2 years ago)
This was by far a great video looking it from the point of view of detachable blades. I understood better the bleeding technique, I think I will try that machine....the BGR, correct me if I said it wrong please.
ELITE SKEENO (2 years ago)
I thought I was the only one who didn't like gaurds...
Second Opinion (2 years ago)
These Clippers are less noisier than the,Turbo 111 @ the Oster Detachable Clippers! In which I don't use anymore... I have a Fade Blade on my Masters... Videos are always on point..
That black dude (2 years ago)
Would you consider your self to be heavy handed when you line up? From the way you lined up the back it looked like you applied a lot of pressure.
mackredsnapper (2 years ago)
Maybe the trimmers on the back aren't zero gapped. I have some that are close but not zeroed for the back of the neck
ronald williams (2 years ago)
I prefer blades over guards. I think that blades cut cleaner than guards. I also think that because blades are numbered they take away any possible guess work. Even someone who has never picked up a clipper could cut a style if you talk them through it with detachable's. I must admit I was intimidated by them at first but they are just so easy to use and actually a time saver.
mike hill (2 years ago)
I agree with you 100% @ronald williams, I could talk my 2 year old through a detachable blade cut 😂 and they do cut cleaner and much quicker than guards 👌
TheWetShavingBarber (2 years ago)
I agree and when I first learned to cut my mentor used a detachable as well. Time is Money so incorporating a detachable + an adjustable (for clean up) is great
Reggie Tha Barber (2 years ago)
Nice cut AD. Did you use any color enhancement on this cut, if so what did you use and color? Thanks for the great video.
NicoTha Barber (2 years ago)
just found your page and ive learned a lot already. Thanks... how can I get a cape like the one in this video?
Benjamin Jones (2 years ago)
good shiit man, real clean
Elliott Neblett (2 years ago)
fresh cut AD. I prefer guards over blades just because of the fact that you can work that taper lever and they are much more user friendly (as far as sizing goes). also, price is a factor too. im not saying that it isn't good to invest in your craft, not at all, but 20-30 dollars for an individual blade plus the 150-200 roughly for the clipper tends get to be a bit pricey especially when you need 4-5 blades or more. I don't cut hair full time just on the side but I love the craft (so that could play a part in my outlook). so for fading I will say the guards, hands down, but I do see where the detachable blades are good too. knocking down bulk and things like that. I guess its all personal preference in the end and how comfortable the barber is with either one. stay blessed my man.
Kodi (2 years ago)
Nice video homie I own the bgrc as well. Where can I buy that cape from?
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
Yea they are nice clippers, thye are called clocca capes you can just google that and youll find them
Daddy Vato (2 years ago)
Fade masters do the same job, but I need these in my life.
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
Yes they will and probably a little better lol but the bgrc are nice clippers
Wayne Patterson (2 years ago)
Blades give it a clean look
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
Yea blades get a nice smooth cut
Joneseeyyy (2 years ago)
Helps a lot. Appreciate the videos
Jason Kidd (1 year ago)
AdrinTheBarber How did you adjust your whal edgers. I had a pair tried to adjust them and I just couldn't get it right. Either they were too sharp or not hittin enough. I would appreciate any suggestions.
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
Thanks for viewing!
marshall stevenson (2 years ago)
Good videos keep up the work---where did u get the cape for your clients?
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
hey thanks, the cape im using is called a clocca cape if you google that you can find it
Shannon Gordon (2 years ago)
Check your camera to see if you have the auto focus feature on.
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
its on, I was using the 50mm lens and it loses focus sometimes when it sees other things in the mirror
thank you
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
Thanks for viewing
MANNY X2 (2 years ago)
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
Definantly team guards!
x3lDoMiiNiiC4Nox (2 years ago)
Great tutorial as always... Very helpful.... Question for you. Do you use a hot towel? Why or why not?
AdrinTheBarber (2 years ago)
Thank you, Yes you can use the hot towel for a lot of different things, I will use them sometimes to help lay the hair down

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