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Suede Leather Jacket Review-By J L Rocha

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Suede Leather Jacket Review-By J L Rocha I manage to get this cool leather jacket from J.L Rocha on memorial day weekend it was on sale for %50 off So here a link if want to go check it out http://joseluisrocha.com/menjackets/rmrs-suede-taupe-jacket 1.Outfit so for the first outfit i went with a Blue Button Down from Five Four Club and 5"11 Levi's "Light Wash Jeans" with my 'Florsheim Chukka Boot... 2.Outfit I went with a Plain "White V Neck T-Shirt with a Black "Skinny Jeans and my "Seavees White Sneakers THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND DON'T FORGET TO. 🤗 🤙 👍👍👍 SUBSCRIBE!!!!!SHARE AND LIKE
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carl reynolds (1 month ago)
You bet. I subscribed with bell notifications.
The Honorable Men (1 month ago)
🙏 🙌
carl reynolds (1 month ago)
yes i first heard about jl rocha from antonio centeno also. Very nice look . nice video keep doing these for different jL rocha jackets
The Honorable Men (1 month ago)
Thanks brotha I appreciate it!
joker2012pm (5 months ago)
Learn to read jl rocha no LJ rocha and polyester just saying bro
The Honorable Men (5 months ago)
Sorry bro camera shy lol
JT (9 months ago)
The modeling is hilarious. Shorten it next time
The Honorable Men (9 months ago)
You got it👍
Benjamin Ramos (1 year ago)
you look like jingoy estrada (Philippines) in your Suede Jackets hehehe lols
The Honorable Men (1 year ago)
+Benjamin Ramos I do lols
rithu r (1 year ago)
The Honorable Men (1 year ago)
+rithu r they usually sell everything 50% off on a Labor Day, September 4 is the next Labor Day you should check it out you might get it for 50% off
alex Huerta (1 year ago)
L. S (1 year ago)
Great Jacket!
The Honorable Men (1 year ago)
L. S fits just right 👌I when with a large I usually go with a size medium I payed attention to the size charts
L. S (1 year ago)
How's the Fit?
The Honorable Men (1 year ago)
+L. S thanks best jacket i ever own
J Edmond Vásquez (1 year ago)
Hey dude, thanks for the video. I just received my jacket today and at excellent savings too! The reason I was interested in your video is because the jacket felt a bit snug for me around the shoulders. But seeing your video and seeing how the jacket fit you helped me to realize that this is a fitted coat and it is meant to fit close to the body. I'm an older guy and the new fitted styles take some getting used to for me, but I love this jacket; I love the look and I'm learning to love the fit. It fits me, now I have to fit the coat! Ha!
The Honorable Men (1 year ago)
+Edmond Dàntes thanks I'm glad you love you're jacket I really love mine two👍and it does feels a little bit snug but it doesn't give me any restrictions btw best jacket i ever own😄
Sonia Ferrera (1 year ago)
really nice 👌🖒🏼
Samantha Barton (1 year ago)
Hot jacket but you don't show full backside of it with the Levi's ☹️☹️
The Honorable Men (1 year ago)
+Samantha Barton that is so true I didn't even notice I'll keep that in mind for any future videos thanks

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