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Flattop haircut in 6 minutes clipper fade Video pre Phoenix /Mens clipper haircut

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Men's clipper haircut! This haircut is done by a student. How Darin cuts Mike's FlatTop haircut how to tutorial ! For all your Barber Supplies Go To www.HairClippersWorld.com
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on top gaming (4 years ago)
Barber Mike (4 years ago)
This hair was apparently cut very short down the landing strip, then ultimately blended nice and tight. Liked it!
Dianne Maire (6 years ago)
I'm looking at many videos on cutting a flat top as my man wants one and willing to let me practice on him. He keeps his hair shaved anyway so it's not a big deal. I tried this past weekend without watching a video and needless to say it's not horrible since he kept it rather than shave it all off. But, these videos will help so much on my next attempt. More to it than I realized.
cutmyhair4me (6 years ago)
awsome haircut love the contrast between the scalp and haircut
Wayne Lewis (6 years ago)
The initial cutting is somewhat off. The Barber needs to be able to cut from the front to back in doing a traditional Flattop, not from the side of the head as it's initially shown. Despite this, it's a good haircut, but it could've been a little bit better and more precise. I would suggest the Barber use an Andis Fade Master in helping him smooth out the Fade a bit better, and then using a 1/2 guard or no guard with the final touches. Using the right tools can make a big difference.
Ti Pit (6 years ago)
Hot flattop really sexy
bordmanjr (7 years ago)
I love the barber. Marry me
Russell Hladky (7 years ago)
Any chance you ever make it to Orlando? I'd love to get a flat cut by you.
Russell Hladky (7 years ago)
Awesome cut man! A flattop is the perfect cut!
Toxic Lulz (7 years ago)
I'm currently rocking a flat top. They rock!!!
Buzzed Greg (7 years ago)
You do good work. Good tip on cutting the front.
Andrie putra (7 years ago)
awesome !!!!!

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