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2014 Oasis Sea World Swim with Dolphins

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Mark #1 and Mark #2 travel to Oasis Sea World in Laem Sing, Thailand to swim with dolphins.
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Julie Brown (2 years ago)
Oh, and btw, Ric O'Barry, the guy from the Flipper show is totally against captive dolphins. Check out Ric O'barry's Dolphin Project.
Julie Brown (2 years ago)
Captivity kills! How about you dumbasses spend your life in a bathtub getting starved unless you perform stupid tricks for strangers of another species? Please Google Taiji, Japan dolphin hunts...... For every dolphin in captivity 17 of it's family members were brutally SLAUGHTERED in front of it. Btw, 50% of dolphins taken captive die within 90 days of capture. Wake the hell up!!!!!!!
Sharyn Taylor (2 years ago)
What is it about grown men that want to be dragged around by dolphins? This video makes me sick
Sharyn Taylor (2 years ago)
Hell on earth for those poor dolphins :(

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