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Marines Meet Lady Gaga Music and Dance

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Troops at war trying to enjoy life as best they can
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roy Conner (21 days ago)
rah-Ooh yes its backwards it pissed off higher... The good old days Semper Teufels
US MARSOC (2 months ago)
you show whos boss Marine brothers
SLAVSQUATTER9000 (3 months ago)
I would salute these soldiers with so much honor
kehneen maccormack (3 months ago)
marines in my personal opinion are the best they are the navy army and airforce in one and they are a bunch of nuts also gotta love them
kehneen maccormack (3 months ago)
fuck cant wait for that to be me
Danize Lago (3 months ago)
Ohh yeah that great wow nice amzing😘😘😘
US MARSOC (4 months ago)
you show em my marine brothers
حسن محمد (5 months ago)
Davel and pigggggggggggggg kuffar
ponyboy314 (6 months ago)
You brought her, you poke her face.
Moto R6 (6 months ago)
Got to love are us military
Frieda Joebang (6 months ago)
cela fait plaisir de voir se détendre tous ces soldats , merci à eux d'avoir choisi de devenir soldats et de sacrifier leurs vies pour leurs Patries quel que soit le pays 💙
Greta Sammarco (6 months ago)
Scarlett Preston (6 months ago)
My dad was in the army
Scarlett Preston (6 months ago)
They don't now how to dance
حسن محمد (6 months ago)
Very bad and dirty army
حسن محمد (6 months ago)
Go to the hell pigs funny hhhhhhhhh
Tamara Vicere (6 months ago)
I love these videos. It's soooooo good to see our Marines having some fun.
Ibolya Kéki (6 months ago)
Nagyon tetszik a videó és a zene is
Zach McKibbon (7 months ago)
I'm in the army right now and me and some other solders are doing stuff like this every day just for fun
ummarah khan (7 months ago)
Oh my sides
Kenneth Oweis (7 months ago)
1:19 ❤❤❤ hottie
Luisa Recendiz (7 months ago)
Dios los bendiga y los cuide en cada momento
QTX_Dude (7 months ago)
This can cure depression. Confirmed by the US government in 2009.
Margreet De Vries (8 months ago)
Geweldig have lol
Phyllis Chandler (8 months ago)
gentleman, thank you for your service. I pray you all stay. then the one remaining thought, I bet you guys play rough.
John Sita (8 months ago)
Thank you guys for your service and i love these video so cool to see you guys unwind
Jessie Girls (8 months ago)
Marines 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌸🌼💐💐💐💐💃💃💃💃💃💃😘
VikaWM (8 months ago)
Evelyn GD (8 months ago)
Hy lmaooo 1:24 hth!!!!
Snowberry/ star (9 months ago)
This is great
Billie Hermann (9 months ago)
The guy that did the party boy from Jackass @ 2:10. Omg I'm dying!
Lil jdhc (9 months ago)
0:05 damn dude u can hella dance! 👌
Corey Spencer (9 months ago)
Funny as hell
Elizabeth Quon (11 months ago)
l love the army thank you for service and serving our country
Jacob Barnhart (1 year ago)
0:30 Army
AmazonElf (1 year ago)
The guy at five seconds is a trained dancer. 😃
Anthonyjuarez17 (1 year ago)
My tax dollars at work, I love it !!!!
Nicholas Ashton (1 year ago)
These guys work so damn hard day in and day out,they deserve to unwind.
keri caye (1 year ago)
I hope you sent this to any guy in the service so his family and all can see this.....I love this Thanks to all of them.
valentino duenez (1 year ago)
Tulsa Tornado (1 year ago)
I'm loving it. Glad they can have fun. They still look good doing it.😍
jchyld (1 year ago)
God bless America 😂😂😂 🇺🇸✊️
Lisa McIntosh (1 year ago)
😂 lol
amberxflair (1 year ago)
that moment when your in the army to safe lifes but you see your fellow army mates do this but yeah i have not been in battle yet so i dont know how boring it is but that will come i guess
Jessica Lynn (1 year ago)
Work hard - Play hard!!!
Zachary (1 year ago)
This is exactly what I needed to see today. Was going through a random mix and was gonna skip. Glad I didn't lol so good
Delmy Ditz (1 year ago)
I love Military always my family is allowed is in Military God blessing USA 🇺🇸😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sharon Carver (1 year ago)
badass at 0:46!
Geraldine Granado (1 year ago)
My kind of people:) thx for ur service
Stuart Mordue (1 year ago)
massive respct from the uk xxxxxxxx
Jason V. (1 year ago)
God bless the men and women in this. Rough job, rough country(s), rough positions to be in at times. Glad to see them dance, every human needs some joy in their lives. Thank you, all of you who appeared in this, you are all amazing, don't forget it. 🙂💕
Brock Burr (1 year ago)
Some of them aren't marines there army
Lorraine Keshner (1 year ago)
Love you all. Be safe and be blessed
Turtle mommy (1 year ago)
Rosa Baez Hayes (1 year ago)
oohrah marines, miss u marine corps the best.
Debbie Johnson (1 year ago)
i lv watching ur vidios thank u all for ur service
Erasmo Carmona, Jr. (1 year ago)
Heismyrock3 (1 year ago)
1. Thank you for your service. 2. My dad was a Marine. I bet he would've done something like this back in the day 😄
US MARSOC (2 months ago)
Heismyrock3 i rember doing this with my Marine brothers in Afghanistan just only 3 days before they died it was the hardest day but thank you for the support and thank your father as a Marine brother
Scarlett Preston (6 months ago)
My dad was in the army
Norma Trimble (10 months ago)
Heismyrock3 , sweetheart that's who these guys learned from! Thank you, to all our military, AMERICAN, BEST IN THE World!!!
Rin Okumura (1 year ago)
0_0 I....I......i.........i......i..needed this x'D
Erik villa (1 year ago)
best dance video ever its better than hers 😂😂😂
Kelly Birge (1 year ago)
+Erik villa thanks
Erik villa (1 year ago)
Aye i agree i agree 👊😎
Kelly Birge (1 year ago)
Erik villa I'm better than her
Amber Harper (1 year ago)
I know understand why half my family are in the Australian Defense Force
Tonya Strait (1 year ago)
So incredible... Its such a dichotomy. They are all dancing, just like they would a home.. Yet, they are in full BDUs, flack, helmet, etc. Let that soak in...
(After Editing :P) NOW WE KNOW WHAT THEY DO xD NOW LET'S GO THERE Me: Goes to The Army Me: Umm Guess they have a party today :( Me: Goes Home Me: Goes on a Friday there having a PARTY YAY Listens to music The Owner: Ok Guys Now Time To Do Push-Ups Me: YAY Others: Why are you saying yay Me: Because I LOVE DOING PUSH-UPS Others: Ok Now Do 5 Push-Ups Me: *Does 5 Push-ups* Others: Ok do 20 Now Me: *Does 20 Push-Ups* The Owner: Ok Now TIME TO DANCE TO THE MUSIC Me: YAY Others: YAY Mom and Dad: They Called me and tell me where there are Me: Dancing Mom And Dad: To What and Where Me: With The Army Mom And Dad: WTF HOW DID YOU GET THERE? Me: They Told Me Where To Go Mom And Dad: You BETTER COME IN 2 HOURS BEFORE I GET THE COPS THERE Me: The Cops Are With Me Mom And Dad Mom And Dad: Ok then Well GET HOME OR NO Computer for a week Me: I Don't Care About that Mom And Dad: Ok Then A Month Me and Others: *Starts Laughing* Mom And Dad: Why are you Laughing Me: Because The Cops Are Doing Donuts and they are eating donuts Mom And Dad: Really Me: Ya Mom And Dad: *Hangs up* Me And Others: Starts Dancing* Others: That Was Fun Me: Ya Me: *Does Parcore* Other: Wow Me: Yea I Know Right Others: Show Us How To Do It Please Me: Ok Me: Watch It's Easy Me: *Shows Them How to do it* Others: Show Us How To Do a Handstand Push-ups Me: *Shows Them How To Do It* Others: COOL! Others: They Do It Me: *Stays For Two Hours* Mom And Dad: *Calls me* Mom And Dad: GET HOME NOW!! Me: Ok Me: *Tells Them I Have To Go* Others: Ok Bye See You On Friday Me: Ok Bye Everyone! Others Bye Me: Runs Home Me: *I Call The Cops To Take Me Home* Cops: *Takes Me Home* Mom And Dad: *Says Your Not In Trouble* Me: Ok :P Mom And Dad: You Can Have you Computer Back  Me: Yay! Me: *Goes To Bed at **9:30*
Bleach (1 year ago)
Kelly Birge (1 year ago)
Xeshaire Artz u can be
Dylan Parr (1 year ago)
all this weapons grade pelvic thrusting
Best Poker Face I have seen. Lady GaGa would proud!! GO TEXAS!!! God Bless America!
Shauna Mcgloflin (1 year ago)
Just saw my brother in there God I miss him he was KIA when I went on my first tour he's the reason why I became Marine
Mastrorillos (1 year ago)
Semper Fi . I want you to know how much all of my Vietnam War Marine friends respect today's Marines You have all written your own great chapter in the Corps proud history. Respects and gratitude to your brother
Ingrid van Os (1 year ago)
Hard Times...Music and Dance...Lucky Dust...We all are like..Dust in the Wind
Donna G (1 year ago)
Looking good!! Im so proud that you are my son!! Thanks to the USMC for your service!!!! Semper Fi
US MARSOC (2 months ago)
Donna G Semper Fi Oohrah thank your son for me i was a Marine Force Recon and raider in Afghanistan i fought there twice
Death Angel (1 year ago)
Mike P (1 year ago)
Love it!
Daniel Davis (1 year ago)
This is how you guys stay sane so do this stuff all the time and stay safe. Semper Fidelis
Carol Gardiner (1 year ago)
Absolutely brilliant everyone. Not saying this lightly, my bro + his mates are ex-Squaddies. They missed the Army so enlisted in the Territorial Army & got bored = So they nicked a Humvee & a Tank. Can you imagine a Humvee & a Tank driving down a Council Estate. Hadn't seen my bro in yrs coz I'd been living in Europe, when 1st day back in U.k. all these squaddies waved at me & said "Hi Carol".... They took me joyriding lmao
007 Tornado (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGE_vpPIoIU toys and medical supplies to all local bases to bring home the boys #christmas2016
Tele Opinions (1 year ago)
Thank you for your service. Glad to see that you spend some of your down time in a positive way. It must be very difficult to be away from home.
007 Tornado (1 year ago)
k thats about enough. LOTION AND BABYWIPES TOO ALL FD HOUSES AND FIRESTATIONS STAT.... non-scented. <3 thanks
heather thyne (1 year ago)
US MARSOC (2 months ago)
heather thyne thank you maam thank your son for me as a Marine brother i fought in Afghanistan twice as a Force Recon and Raider. but thank you ma'am for your son im sure he was a fantastic Marine like all Marines are OOHRAH MARINES SEMPER FI!
Donna G (1 year ago)
heather thyne Im a proud USMC mom too!! Hang in there.😍
mary collins (1 year ago)
omg you guys make me feel good:))) pray'n ya'll all come home safe:)))
US MARSOC (2 months ago)
mary collins thank you for the support i was a Marine Force Recon and raider and i thank you for your prayers i fought in Afghanistan twice and ive lost many brothers over there but i want to thank you for the support and prayers we all need them i only wish my Force Recon team was here and ibwish i was still over there until Afghanistan war ended
Dan Mork (1 year ago)
I hope Isis make you shit !!
782Gear (1 year ago)
Manliness and braveness shakes your twink ass, does it? Go away, little boy.
Dan Mork (1 year ago)
US marines GAAAAYS !!!!
saragh sibley (1 year ago)
love that they can relax at some point,x
Guy Walter (2 years ago)
Fight the insanity of war,with more insanity. Nice to see you guy having a good time,and taking the edge off. OOOORAH!
US MARSOC (2 months ago)
Guy Walter OOOHRAH
angle lay (8 months ago)
Loy friend 😍
Dorota K (2 years ago)
is it cool? have you got a nice time? There is a war. Children die and you laugh. Have a nice PEACE live without a war! Greetings from Europe
sereno353 (1 year ago)
How might you live in peace without soldiers that fight for the peace?
suzannahd70 (2 years ago)
LMBO, GREAT! Shows their human :)
Chris Snyder (2 years ago)
oh fuck😂 gotta love marines simper fi
angel Midnight-girl (2 years ago)
So brilliant. Luv all - from America. It always makes me smile. xoxo
Andy Ayemin (2 years ago)
that's we let our stress decipat cpl Andrew ayemin 1battlion 2nd marines 3rd platoon
Donna G (1 year ago)
Andy Ayemin Thank you for your service.
margaret berg (2 years ago)
love all the videos
margaret berg (2 years ago)
Come home guys you all doing a good job
Madison Miller (2 years ago)
Marine I ment
Madison Miller (2 years ago)
my dad was a mer
ElectroXperia (2 years ago)
looks cool 0:04 :D
Woody McWoodyWooderson (2 years ago)
ian evans (2 years ago)
please never  Horrible
ian evans (2 years ago)
right on
ian evans (2 years ago)
we  apreiciet the HUMOR MATE
ian evans (2 years ago)
she come  round   house
rich smith (2 years ago)
God, I miss the Army!!. If I weren't so old and tore up, I'd be with these fine people. Love seeing them unwind a little, with what they're dealing with. They are always in our thoughts and prayers.
Jacob Barnhart (6 months ago)
MindlessLittleGalaxies no they are not! Totally separate! Dumbass
Christian Turner (7 months ago)
MindlessLittleGalaxies, these are both Marines and Soilders are in the video, Marines are apart of the navy however
Snowberry/ star (9 months ago)
Beuatifully said.
Cindy Smith (9 months ago)
Since when??
Fridrick The IV (9 months ago)
Say that to a Marine and he (or she) will kick your ass.
Tobias Roseboom (2 years ago)
ccol,.. let's rock,..

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