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Hi guys, Welcome back to my Channel! Today I'm excited to share with you the first video from my 'Style Tips' serie - I am currently working on a lot of cool styling videos that will give you gents insight on what to wear / how to wear it / where to find it as well as tips on how to keep it stylish on a budget and styling perks to step up your game - so make sure to subscribe to my channel via the link below to stay up to date! https://www.youtube.com/user/louisnicolasdarbon And on my instagram for more daily style inspiration at https://www.instagram.com/louisnicolasdarbon/?hl=en That first video is about a key element from your wardrobe #mensessentials which is the leather jacket. A good / nicely fitted leather jacket can really step up your game and make you look cool either with jeans or suit trousers - it's just about styling and confidence. In that video, you will find a selection of my favourite leather jackets with all a different cut and fit and appropriate for different sort of occasions; date night, business casual look, weekend style, night out, etc.. Here is a selection of my favourite leather jackets currently available: https://bit.ly/2Pt70aF https://bit.ly/2z6oMG7 https://bit.ly/2PUkIQN https://bit.ly/2CCElc2 https://bit.ly/2CEC5kC https://bit.ly/2O5Swsg https://bit.ly/2O0hN7j Feel free to comment below if any question and excited to share with you the next video which will be about 'How to stay classy and find the best suit on a budget' Make sure to check my blog as well at https://www.louisnicolasdarbon.com/ Video produced by https://sociably.co/ Thank you for watching! Louis
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Mike Sousa (1 day ago)
Very cool!!
Bruno Falconi (18 days ago)
Would be helpful to get some shots or scenes of you wearing them.
Louis-Nicolas Darbon (17 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback! I will add some shots of me wearing the items in the next styling video
Catherine Turek (21 days ago)
love the personalised one - so cool!
Louis-Nicolas Darbon (17 days ago)
Samantha Barton (22 days ago)
You wear any Levi’s jeans in particular with your leather jackets?????
Samantha Barton (21 days ago)
Do another video in the fully zipped up leather biker jacket n some skinny jeans. Show full front and backsides
Louis-Nicolas Darbon (21 days ago)
For jeans I wear mostly ACNE or APC Paris
Dominic Taylor (22 days ago)
Was surprised no SLP in your leather jacket collection
Louis-Nicolas Darbon (17 days ago)
Definitely need to add one but didn't have it in my collection at the time
Sociably (22 days ago)
Pleasure working with you on this production sir
Dom Popple (22 days ago)
Thanks for sharing these tips. Helps to know where you get your stuff from! Time to go shopping me thinks
Louis-Nicolas Darbon (21 days ago)
Pleasure! Glad to hear and stay tuned for the next video about suits
ellay6 (22 days ago)
Excellent advice! Can't believe that one is from H&M! Great to have a broad range of options for any guy
Louis-Nicolas Darbon (21 days ago)
Yes I definitely recommend to keep an eye on the HM (real) leather jacket - you get a £1000 cut an fit for £200.
Sociably (22 days ago)
Pleased you liked the vid! Cheers

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