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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 - Unboxing

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Text Comments (82)
Aa Djdjf (1 month ago)
Ye phone mere pass BHI hai
Nova TV (3 months ago)
It's like the Samsung Galaxy S5 WTF.
•KPOP• •KDRAMA• (8 months ago)
This phone is amazing !!! I droped it into the water accidentally and it still works perfectly.
Greenas TV (9 months ago)
Dóra Bádovszky (1 year ago)
no no 👎
CrocySaneiPlushie (1 year ago)
This phone reminds me of a bigger version of the Samsung Galaxy Avant.
Roy Ace (1 year ago)
hu is watching this in 2017😂😂
Kawla Muda (1 year ago)
oh fuck oh fuck oh yeah yeah
HERSEY DAHIL (1 year ago)
karsilikli abone olan varmi
ItzMervinZCraft (1 year ago)
Why Theres no DUOS?
Teef Alshrane (2 years ago)
Glorious_xx (2 years ago)
your accent is so fuuny!!
Jonathen Ng (2 years ago)
Mouad Seddouki (2 years ago)
Μιχαηλ Μικ (2 years ago)
g7105 has nfc and 4g g7102 is dual sim
hyzad hanbali (1 year ago)
Μιχαηλ Μικ mine is g7102 but why doesn't have 4g😑
Ashlin Michael (2 years ago)
So gay
md sujon (2 years ago)
Emirkan Kısa (2 years ago)
Bende Galaxy Grand 2 aldım.
amlan pankaj (3 years ago)
This is stupidity personified !
Yogen Grg (3 years ago)
I'm imagining him tugging his phone so tight, sleeping with big smile on his face. haha :D
MINTS HYPE (3 years ago)
I like this phone I better choose the gold version, Almost the best Samsung phone ever, I probably would choose this one.
rohan raut (3 years ago)
In Love wid this cell
andre s. (3 years ago)
This is one of the worse reviews I have ever seen about a phone this guy takes so much time talking about the design of the phone like he's obsessed with it and does not get to the main part of the phone which is powering it on and talking about the specs of the phone! I give this review thumbs down
MadDogBG (2 years ago)
+andre s. what the fuck how am i getting smart im just saying u can look at his channel to find other videos of this phone and im just saying thats an unboxing not a review
MadDogBG (2 years ago)
first of all the video is not supposed to be a review but an unboxing and second of all he always makes a separate video where he powers up the phone
Sam Adams (3 years ago)
big fat thing?  i like big fat things.
you cant make the accent
Ahmad Yaseen (3 years ago)
I have this phone and its a very good
Ahmad Yaseen (3 years ago)
I have this phone and its a very good
Ты бы ещё кончил на него.
atul sachdev (3 years ago)
is it octa core and can we insert sd card
TheBeast (3 years ago)
+atul sachdev it is quad core and yeah you can insert the sd card
A &W (3 years ago)
This Guy Is Going To Have An Orgasm With This Phone Smh Its Just A Phone
elias kontos (3 years ago)
Should i buy this or sony xperia t3.Also you didnts do an unboxing of sony xperia t3
Waleed Abdullah (3 years ago)
Samsung's smartphones look like a “Soap”....lolz
Perera ramith (3 years ago)
now samsung galaxy grand 2 SM G7105 has kitkat.. so try to review after updating the 4.4.2 kitkat .. we are waiting for you video
Luis Moreira (3 years ago)
Vishal Lakhera (3 years ago)
I make the girl grows
Robin Jake Padilla (3 years ago)
ll GamerForEver ll (3 years ago)
can you do a samsung galaxy grand 2 vs the samsung galaxy s2 PLZ
ll GamerForEver ll (3 years ago)
can you do a review for the quality of the device
Akib Bobade (3 years ago)
Damm why u are giving orgasms in review
Samiiro (3 years ago)
where do you buy it
Milica Stevanovic (4 years ago)
How comes this grand 2 has a NFC, but in the main specification there is none?
Youssef Mohamed (4 years ago)
Plz share a photo between grand 2 and s3 by nfc Thnx i love your videos very much
Batuhan Temur (4 years ago)
oh my god :) mal bu adam ya valla salak salak oh my good diye diye 
Batuhan Temur (4 years ago)
+Samir Hesenov sen ne karışıyorsun ??? !!!!
Samir Hesenov (4 years ago)
mal god diye good degil asil salak sensin
TECH FOR PEOPLE (4 years ago)
Samsung galaxy grand 2 really like development. On grand 2 divce
Mahmoud Atef (4 years ago)
How Does it has NFC [email protected]@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Nolland Zidane (4 years ago)
anda sangat lebay :v
Слушай братан выучи российский и делай обзоры на российском мне этак удобнее
geezsoo (4 years ago)
Grand 2 have a 4G LTE version???really???
Not bad...but what is bad is back cover texture...
Nevia Cornelisa (4 years ago)
how much money?????pleas answer me T_T
raju manmadhu (4 years ago)
I bought 22500 at India
Yogesh Kadam (4 years ago)
The indian version has no nfc and 4g. Why samsung always cheated indian customers?
Vuitton Lim (4 years ago)
You cant really say samsung cheated the indian customers... to be honest, I think nobody has a idea why.
KING CODGAMING (4 years ago)
Do a which is faster video vs s4 or something
First Name Last Name (4 years ago)
but i do love my phone so much :))  
First Name Last Name (4 years ago)
Am using Grand 2 and S4 is way faster than this phone ;-)
First Name Last Name (4 years ago)
Am using Grand 2 and S4 is way faster than this phone ;-)
S4 dude...
Hombre The Gorilla (4 years ago)
Can u pls do a walking dead gameplay on galaxy grand 2 the game has been released on android
Issam Charkaoui (4 years ago)
Please Watch Me Everything For Galaxy Trend Plus !!!
Robbie Swan (4 years ago)
Jesus there design is so god damn boring.
Abner _Mako (4 years ago)
Because u suck
MrSUPERLUTHOR (4 years ago)
Rusky (4 years ago)
Make episode with Samsung trend plus plz.
McJohn Rellama (4 years ago)
Grand 2 vs 5s
D3lgado (4 years ago)
First time seeing awesome phone back, leather back! Adrian do a video: Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 - review
Robin Mellum Hornberg (4 years ago)
Looks like a s5
Vuitton Lim (4 years ago)
Not really I think the note 2 looks like the s5
Axcel ctw (4 years ago)
did grand 2 support usb otg and mhl hdmi? kindly test it out as i might be considering this particular device. btw if you dont mind , could you also test the nfc function? i do know it have it but i would like to see the action before buying it.
abd abutair (4 years ago)
Grand 2 vs galaxy s4 :D
Nor Hazrina (2 years ago)
+Kwang ッ whut?!
Younes ZH (4 years ago)
Seems good to me !!
dnimnekorba (4 years ago)
Giuseppe Di Sivo (4 years ago)
First view!! :D

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