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CANDY CANDY cartoon anime IN ENGLISH First 2 Episodes US VERSION DUB

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I do not own the copyright for this video. Digitized from VHS. I haven't seen Candy Candy with the US theme and overdubs anywhere on YouTube before, so I thought it deserved to be archived on here, as there seems to be nowhere for people to buy it anyway :/ These are the only two episodes I have: 1. A Pretty Lasso-wielding Girl 2. Take Off Adventuring Together! Hope it brings back memories :)
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Text Comments (304)
Moonlight wolfies (24 days ago)
i like the spanish version better
Itsyagirl Shawty (1 month ago)
the Spanish version is better 😂This sounds like some type of church thing 💀❗️OMM
Mel A (1 month ago)
The Spanish one is way better
DankMax MemeBoi (2 months ago)
It was 42 years ago of japan originally aired in 1976 And 1981 was 37 ago
sneha rai (2 months ago)
I like the spanish theme more
No Way (2 months ago)
Where are there more episodes in English!!!?????? I want to hear terry 😂
darlingmoon (2 months ago)
I love this translation! The song is kind of catchy but nothing like the original.
CelloNovello (2 months ago)
I've been trying to find this for years! Thank you so much for sharing!
c w (2 months ago)
I can understand the Spanish and English dubs and a tad of the French and Japanese one, but let me just say the English seems a tad lifeless but has good audio, since the Spanish at times the audio was a tad messed up or wasn't matching with the mouths. The French was ok, but I would recommend hearing the Japanese and Spanish since it has more life into it . In some scenes of the English dub it seems that some of the scenes was way off how the characters talk or ruins the moment, like the scene when Annie and Candy are scolded after messing around, the English one the woman seems more mad than calm and lifeless, as the spanish you can hear that she is more disappointed than mad but still teaches them their lesson.
JokeriPokeri17 (2 months ago)
Tbeme song was done by Mark Mercury am i right? The same guy who compsed music for Hana no ko Lun Lun or "Angel/ Flower Angel" in the states. First heard this theme song in really bad low-pitch quality, but it always had it's own groove!
Stevonnie (3 months ago)
The cartoon is BETTER in spanish
theuglykwan (3 months ago)
Love how Annie chops a daikon radish... kind of out of place.
This was the english lyrics i still remember when Candy Candy was aired in the Philippines thru IBC 13: She’s a girl, pretty girl with ribbons on her hair She’s a girl with lots and lots of fun and friends to share She likes (the fairies?) and rides the ponies She loves the stables when they come ringing She loves to sing when birds are singing Sing her name, Candy! She’s a girl, pretty girl, they call her, Candy... (Hope someone can find the song with this english translation that was aired in the Philippines in the 90’s)
Sely Lusiana (4 months ago)
Candy is my favorite cartoon when i was child
Zayna Dai (4 months ago)
I used to watch the mandarin dub
Aurochs hunter (5 months ago)
I remember my sister saying how she used to watch this at a friend's place, I was privy to probably 2 episodes.
redskitter (5 months ago)
My Childhood. Candy Candy!
Jose L. Agundis1980 (5 months ago)
this is more like General audiences mild wine it is alcoholics
Jose L. Agundis1980 (5 months ago)
candy candy we aired in 1976 and dubbing was aired in 1981/82
Jose L. Agundis1980 (5 months ago)
it does more like Jackson 5 style in dub opening and the closing ending
amy karr (6 months ago)
holy shit this sounds horrible. the spanish theme is superior
Ashanti Sanchez (7 months ago)
The theme song is *WAY* better in Spanish like wtf is that acualy all of it is better in Spanish
princessribbon1996 (7 months ago)
I read a lot of voice people like June Foray, Janet Waldo and Frank Welker were in this. Is that true or an internet rumor?
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
When America act like they're brand new
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
In Nutshell
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
And why the Raccoon still the same
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
Next off, To Mexico
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
Naw this is a spin off version of Candy... Pokemon
Uzaygül Jackson (8 months ago)
how can l found this candy cartoon full series in english dublaj ?
Etoile filante (9 months ago)
Its unfair that all the chapters exist in other languages, specially in spanish
Adaluz Bailon (9 months ago)
In a like the songs in Spanish and in English but more in Spanish
Adaluz Bailon (9 months ago)
I watched this when I was a kid it's a little sad because Annie and candy get separated I love this sometimes is romantic I like this movie a lot beautiful movie and sad and romantic this is a good cartoon
no name (9 months ago)
I'ts opening should be candy candy by kyaru pamyu pamyu.
Peppa Pig (10 months ago)
mh seo (10 months ago)
영어판 캔디구나
نجلاء محمد (10 months ago)
نبي عربي😠😠😠😠
bayonettx (10 months ago)
lmao my mom used to watch the Spanish dub back when she was a kid and I joke with my lads about how she's the reason i watch anime
lapin sugar (11 months ago)
tiene muy mala edicion >_<
lapin sugar (11 months ago)
richi es el mejor perrito en el mundo
Kayla D. (11 months ago)
The BGM is super weird when you pay attention to it, especially when Tom is riding away
AdminGoogle UK (11 months ago)
Arthur Doctolero (1 year ago)
Gosh, I still prefer the 1978 Philippine English dub which is nowhere to be found today!
Wait there was a Filipino dub?
Mrs Heathfield (1 year ago)
Thanks for adding this, I thought I'd never see this again
Sσиic™ (1 year ago)
its so beautiful..
Ro (1 year ago)
Sorry, but the opening song and translation in Spanish is the very best. Not just because I watched it as a kid. There is RemyThat I watched in Italy, and Jackie the bear!
CrĀzY ViRūS (1 year ago)
Omo this is something else.... nothing compares to the Spanish dub. I cringed throughout the thing... I couldn't even finish it...
Wow its awful in inglish ,in Spanish its way better and the opening song in inglish is trash 😖😷
Gibran Castrejon (1 year ago)
This American version sucks, spanish was more elegant, and the voice acting had heart
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
This is Trump hates Mexican
Neamh (1 year ago)
Oh my God I've literally been searching SO many years to find episodes of this in show in English! Thanks for sharing!
Teresa Bernardino (1 year ago)
O, my god! this was may favorited carton, CANDY
Jade Hernandez (1 year ago)
T.V shows today are meirda (shit)
Levi_Retarded_ Self_ (1 year ago)
My mom would watch this in Mexico when she was little. Now she's in her 40's and she still loves this anime she watched it again but she's older like I saw in her 40's. My mother watched it in Spanish. Now I'm 10 and I have a pet dog a German Shepherd called "Candy" My mother named her.
Peppa Pig (1 year ago)
The Spanish version of this theme song gets me in my feels...
GoldenHoneyJoon (1 year ago)
Sorry but they fucked up the theme song in English I like the Japanese and Spanish one
+Raul Garcia I think you misunderstood the comment.
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
Kill yourself, because the English version is worst
Nerea Costa Rica (1 year ago)
Do oi know where can i found more English episodes?
ballsxan potente (1 year ago)
A funky intro lelelelllxd
So noticing by the CEL Logo at the end, this might had came from an Australian Tape.
Christopher Sobieniak (1 year ago)
Probably. Here in the states, FHE released this video.
charles pierre lim (1 year ago)
had this on betamax
Elle GT (1 year ago)
WATCH THE ICE! *Falls on the ice*
vasant sukhadiya (1 year ago)
i do not need
Juan Sicay (1 year ago)
Wtf.? the original version theme is much better than this...
Norm G Padilla (1 year ago)
Muy bonitos recuerdos
my mo saw this and these are the only 2 episodes??????????????????? ;c
the Spanish intro is much better
SakuraMiku Lover (1 year ago)
I got this when I looked up kyary pamyu pamyu candy candy English
Aylin Nugget (1 year ago)
I actally saw the real candy in Spanish, and I love the series
Knight Rui (1 year ago)
Y yo pense que la version latina era una mierda y que la argentina que hacia la voz de candy tenia 0 talento para la actuacion de voz
Vittoria Caponi (1 year ago)
On Youtube there're several episodes in Italian. Sorry.
Yumi chan (1 year ago)
Vittoria Caponi All the 115 chapters are in spanish,some are in japanese with chinese subs, the two 1978 specials and the 1992 movie are in japanese with spanis and english subs .
Vittoria Caponi (1 year ago)
This cartoon, as well as hundreds of other great Japanese anime (cartoons), was very, very, very popular in Italy, in the 70s and 80s. It was my favorite when I was a child. There's the complete series available in dvd, but only in Italian. Hope I can get it asap! :-)
Alice B (1 year ago)
I loved this movie when I was 7 or 8 years old. I watched it at my old school.
dphoenixify (1 year ago)
omg... i loved watching this when I was a kid!
Gina Cortez (1 year ago)
My mom use to watch this show and she got me into watching it too.. there is a website with all of the 115 episodes in Spanish
candy candy english?
Brenda Martinez (1 year ago)
I used to watch every single episode of Candy Candy in Spanish, it's funnier, kind of more expressive and this is my first time watching in English, it's amazing! , bring back lots of memories, I used to cry a lot 😁😃😘, I love it.
Itsyagirl Shawty (1 month ago)
Brenda Martinez omg AHH SAME❗️✊🏽😂
Josue Fabian Marona (1 year ago)
is this the original dub ??
Yojana Castillo (1 year ago)
Omg toms dad looks like donal trump
Raul Garcia (7 months ago)
😭😭😂😂😂, Racist Orange Peel Builtass
mish Luna (1 year ago)
Anyone know where to find any other English episodes ???
torturegirl (1 year ago)
first time I've ever seen it in English, I'm so use to the Spanish version.
Angelous 777 (1 year ago)
Oh how happy to finally be able to listen to my favorite cartoon characters in English, I waited for many many years.
VoDkA (1 year ago)
English sucks Spanish is much more better tbh
Spanish version is better
Mia Pelican (2 years ago)
I like the Spanish version better😅
Timothy Jackson (2 years ago)
Very interesting classic anime. Would be nice to see a remastering/reversioning/redubbing of the full series, if Toei and Candy Candy's creators can ever straighten their legal matters out and finally lift the moratorium on broadcasting/marketing the show!
Christopher Sobieniak (2 years ago)
Would be nice.
Why is the actors of this anime so quiet. XD
nerdy_gg 23 (2 years ago)
I like the Spanish intro soo much...the English one is terrible
Gia Quesadilla (2 years ago)
i love this so much!!!
Daniel Cordell (2 years ago)
I don't get why InterSound/InterVision the parent of both companies assigned the same thing to both their Harmony Gold and ZIV companies because at the end of the day it would mean lesser quality on both versions as some of their better actors would have to be in the Harmony Gold one and the rest of their better actors on the ZIV version instead of a mixed team of all stars just doing the single studio version. Both I would say are lost media on the films as well as the shows if the show version of the Harmony Gold existed. But certainly this on both the show and the film in both intersound studios versions are lost in time at least on the web uploads side anyway even if it's easy to find unlike The Little Train was which was hard full stop especially that elite MasterVision one on the less lightly to snap higher quality BASF tapes and nobody would buy it if it did pop up dispite wanting it over their snapped KCC copies due to the high costs because it was always a budget film although it's rare too so should be £20 at it's highest end price. Candy Candy out of the 2 film versions ended up getting the elite BASF MasterVision tape treatment whilst Flower Angel by their Harmony Gold branch was relegated to KCC and it's cheaper quality lower grade tapes which are lightly to snap over years just like Mine and Wes' copies of Little Train both did sadly so can't wait for someone to rip the MasterVision. Anyway if you are interested in getting both the studio versions of the film edition it's one of the more common ones although still expensive because anything ZIV and Harmony Gold is rare because most of InterSound's masters were damaged by being burnt and flooded so all we have of these lost films are old home rental and home video VHS tapes and Harmony Gold Robotech's on DVD which they have managed to save a huge bunch of including asking people with all the VHS tapes to send them in for mastering for some of the DVD episodes but I am really wanting to see that unreleased MasterVision logo as well as a better KCC logo and as you want more episodes I thought why not show you what I can find for you so we can get the MasterVision logo and you can get your also lost now film episodes too. They are only on amazon out of the normal places currently and only the Candy Candy one hasn't been snapped up yet so Flower Angel might be a long wait.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Candy-VHS/dp/B000TGX5QQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=video&ie=UTF8&qid=1468694698&sr=1-3&keywords=mastervision https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flower-Angel-Lunlun-Child-American/dp/B000ZYBE7E/ref=sr_1_1?s=video&ie=UTF8&qid=1468694911&sr=1-1&keywords=Flower+Angel https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flower-Angel-VHS-Video-Playtime/dp/B00E79RZOY/ref=sr_1_3?s=video&ie=UTF8&qid=1468695212&sr=1-3&keywords=Flower+Angel
moonyeen ricarte (2 years ago)
wow grabe ang ganda exciting
J a e (2 years ago)
This is so awful compared to the Spanish one!!
Brittany dat queen (16 days ago)
Moonlight wolfies (24 days ago)
Nah in the Spanish one, the kids sounded like old men.
Itsyagirl Shawty (1 month ago)
J a e “si me buscas a mi “
Itsyagirl Shawty (1 month ago)
Go Go (2 years ago)
ارجو تنزيل كامل
Alejandra Hernandez (2 years ago)
I like the theme song in Spanish better.
Moonlight wolfies (24 days ago)
Nah the Japanese one is better.
Itsyagirl Shawty (1 month ago)
FR THO ✊🏽❗️mexico 🤪
kenia gutierrez (1 month ago)
Abigail Morales (1 month ago)
Deleted (2 years ago)
Candy is the worst show ever
Lauren Paradise (2 years ago)
The New Rad Brad it's the best show I ever watched but I saw it in the Spanish version it was so much better.
Deleted (2 years ago)
Candy is the worst show eve5
Ana Alvarez (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me a website where I can watch candy candy episodes in English please
Anastasia Salaula (2 years ago)
Can I watch the next movie? because I love this movie
tiffany sosa (2 years ago)
Where can I see episode 3
Fafa Fafa (2 years ago)
trop bien les bébé qui pleur a hahahah c'est drôle mais c'est en anglais en touka pas en francais.
graceful 2004 (2 years ago)
but in russian
graceful 2004 (2 years ago)
i missed this movie i saw it in my childhood

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