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Jae - All I Need Rn

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EscapeTracks - Let your mind escape. » Snapchat ▸ EscapeTracks » Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/escapetracks » Twitter: https://twitter.com/EscapeTracks » Facebook: https://facebook.com/EscapeTracks » Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/escape-tracks » Instagram: https://instagram.com/EscapeTracks Jae is back with a brand new track "All I Need Rn", enjoy! Follow Jae https://soundcloud.com/67gmfg Photo https://www.instagram.com/5tep5/ https://573P5.tumblr.com EscapeTracks Playlists » Late Nights: http://bit.ly/2ecq7Pn » R&B: http://bit.ly/2em4243 » Hip-Hop: http://bit.ly/2e0QYCU
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Text Comments (23)
JazTheOg (1 month ago)
This man sounds like Bryson tiller AND partynextdoor
Brian Martines (1 year ago)
This needs to be on iTunes
Angle Rose (1 year ago)
Yo this dude sound like bryson tiller
LevelUp Leigh (1 year ago)
he did a good job on this song. didnt do too many runs and other unnecessary repetitive sh*t. :)
Montreal Reid (1 year ago)
this song is awesome
Montreal Reid (1 year ago)
Montreal Reid (1 year ago)
the song would be perfect if it wad louder
parijuana1 (1 year ago)
iMeanBizznezz (1 year ago)
aye been awhile man, nice to see the growth! told you you would make it. this song is very nice as well!
THE BOSS MANUAL (1 year ago)
Jae's shit is always hot like lava. Check out his Soundcloud page if you're still not convinced.
KT No (1 year ago)
good music always❤️🎶💯
deleted (1 year ago)
this gives me life 😭❤
Billy Chhim (1 year ago)
baby making music right here
Jocelyn xo (1 year ago)
The Soul Kitchn (1 year ago)
SKMuusic (1 year ago)
Talia Marie (1 year ago)
Anton Smith (1 year ago)
Another upload for them feelings :)
Dizzy Day (1 year ago)
This song is encouraging for my hunt for vday pu$$y 😈😈
Dawn Cherry (1 year ago)
Dizzy Day 😃
Change the vibez (1 year ago)
this ;)
HurricaneHD (1 year ago)
Love it keep it up ❤🤘

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