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SAFARI WORLD THAILAND | Bangkok Dolphin Show | Travel vlog #19

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Safari World is one of Bangkok’s most popular family attractions. Combining an open safari park, a marine park and a huge array of rides and animal shows within a 200 acre or 80 hectare site, it draws thousands of visitors a day from throughout the world. Safari World opened its gates in 1988 and was the first entertainment park to list on Thailand’s stock exchange. About Safari World On the outskirts of Bangkok, Safari World offers a drive-through range for seeing by car or one of the park’s coaches. Animal shows including a marine park, orangutan boxing and a cowboy stunt display are held daily. LOCATION - 99 Panyaintra Road | Samwatawantok, Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand CONTACT - 662-9144100-19 www.safariworld.com safari world thailand safari world thailand entrance fee safari world thailand reviews
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UDAY NATH (24 days ago)
Nice but enjoy this 👇👇 https://youtu.be/oRsKOIwPwFE https://youtu.be/giuKb6kqiJw https://youtu.be/-vkcwTUp6Ls
Jake Casey (1 year ago)
Super cool!! What's your favorite part about being there?
Travel Vlog (1 year ago)
thank you😀
Jake Casey (1 year ago)
Travel Vlog of coarse. I just subbed. I would appreciate if you could subscribe back to me. Then we can follow each other's journey and support along the way!
Travel Vlog (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, please like share & subscribe.

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