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Lady Gaga - Poker Face [The Chipettes Version]

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♥ Poker Face ♥ ♫ Lady Gaga ♫ ™Original Editor : MrAlvinSinfulSong Like◘Comment◘Subscribe
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Text Comments (87)
* (4 months ago)
Love song [Poker Face] ♥
Micaelly Fontinny (7 months ago)
Carlos M. Rodriguezjr (9 months ago)
Brittany Jeanette and Eleanor.
que bonito y hermoso video
petr nový (2 years ago)
lol poker face
Kaitlyn C (2 years ago)
Arthur Harris (2 years ago)
hoy do tcc sería
Kathryn Sunrise (2 years ago)
LoL sounds like "Poke her face"
serenity dog rock (2 years ago)
Takashi Hatake (2 years ago)
Puyos weyes :v
Mikayla Cantu (2 years ago)
Lol I love it
Arthur Harris (2 years ago)
como Gales
Sofinka 44 (2 years ago)
Violeta Gamer 3000 (2 years ago)
Alma Salomon (9 months ago)
Luz Caraballo (2 years ago)
poker face. great job
Maria Eduarda (2 years ago)
barulho tosco
Maria Eduarda (2 years ago)
a GaGa canta melhor
Tina Denise (2 years ago)
jaiah enriquez (2 years ago)
go girls
Bruna :D (2 years ago)
muito bom, quase melhor que a cantora
Micaelly Fontinny (7 months ago)
Toy Chica (2 years ago)
não vamos ir muito longe.
mike bender (2 years ago)
I'm impressed
Maxiblx W (2 years ago)
I like that really from Nica Lange
edilberto guerra (2 years ago)
Fernando Silva (2 years ago)
demais os esquilos
Micaelly Fontinny (7 months ago)
Caspar Jans (2 years ago)
mooi liedje
angels halo (2 years ago)
omg so cool
JOYCE ADDAI (2 years ago)
yea same........❤3❤
Bobby Joe Pahal (2 years ago)
I love you, chipettes i really do i wish i had you in real life!!!
Kathryn Sunrise (2 years ago)
me too 😇😇😇 Ohh chipettes
Angel Stop (2 years ago)
You are wierd
Alvin Miguel (3 years ago)
the pink won is popeler
LesinaCrazyLife (3 years ago)
Love the chimpmuck voice
Alessia montechiari (3 years ago)
I have seen the film Alvin and the chickmans
נאור עמר (3 years ago)
חחח! חמוד לשמוע אותם שרים. אני אוהב לשמוע אותם, שרים כול מני שירים של "זמרים...
Sára Sebestyén (4 years ago)
maria 643 (4 years ago)
poker face e bad romance sono l mie song preferite di lady gaga
J'Ney Simmons (4 years ago)
scr1231 (5 years ago)
Interesting quality.
scr1231 (5 years ago)
Interesting quality.
carmine lucia (5 years ago)
meglio dell'originale QUASI OVVIAMENTE
Roberto Santinelli (5 years ago)
Olga D. (5 years ago)
sonia carbotti (5 years ago)
hymy hg t nu yh
Paula Thompson (5 years ago)
Why Siemon?
teion Boyd (5 years ago)
Is she bleding
turkk _ (5 years ago)
Alicia Hanson (5 years ago)
ja wit ik
Alicia Hanson (5 years ago)
so schatig
Laurie Senécal (5 years ago)
is good
Alexandra Martinková (5 years ago)
wow good chipettes
tania Lazo (6 years ago)
love you chipetts
1d fann 123 (6 years ago)
thumbs up it dose sound like poke her face.you were wright i love you
Gwyneth Allen (6 years ago)
poke her face.
rorospace (6 years ago)
troppo bello
Amy H. (6 years ago)
lol the person who says mum mum mum ma sounds like the oompa-loompas fromm the charlie and the choc. factory w/ johnny depp. lol
nixon smith (6 years ago)
NiallsSolo (6 years ago)
haha listening to this with earphones and not realising that your humming along to it with a really high pitched voice and everyone staring at you like: WTF?
Serena Harrington (6 years ago)
well BarbieLocc is right it is adorable
BornThis Way (6 years ago)
Steffanie Swan (6 years ago)
oh they sound SO cute...........
chossan1 (6 years ago)
barbie locc is everything super cute to you?
chossan1 (6 years ago)
i hate they chipettes! they so did you know they were made out of computers! if i could made my own singing chipmunks or girl ones could they thipettes
EDDY (6 years ago)
Johna Mandac (6 years ago)
Really love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I`m you`re No.1 FAN!
fat cunt (6 years ago)
!!!!!!!I love it !!!!!!!!
Aric Y (6 years ago)
♥Poker Face♥ ♫Lady Gaga♫ ►chipettes◄
reydelcuatro (6 years ago)
yo+digo+que+una+ dirección+es+mejor+que+leidi+gaga y+zain+milek+es+mucho+mas+oito+que+luis+fosi
reydelcuatro (6 years ago)
Jenny Barnhart (6 years ago)
love u chipettes :) saw chipwrecked and u girls were AWESOME :)
(L) super bien
Neko Officiel (6 years ago)
אודליה כהן (6 years ago)
solomon paye (6 years ago)
so cute
shlomo afshany (6 years ago)
there sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Alistair MacIntyre (6 years ago)
bail paypompee (7 years ago)
song-uploads (7 years ago)
jeannette,simon is awesome and ROCK.......ROCK ON YOU GUYS
B.B. (7 years ago)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute beat ya
B.B. (7 years ago)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Alana Xx (7 years ago)
sadie cromartie (7 years ago)
i luv the chipettes

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