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The Equalizer [2014] Scene: "You should have taken the money"/Restaurant Massacre.

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After a bargain for Alina's freedom fails, Robert (Denzel Washington) engages in brutally slaughtering the head of the escort service and his men. 'The Equalizer'; A film by Antoine Fuqua. Starring: Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, David Harbour, Chloe Grace Moretz, Bill Pullman & Melissa Leo.
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stephen scarff (10 days ago)
about 20 secs on the kill with the corkscrew , so he was inside his time
Jose Domínguez (1 month ago)
bad scene :(
eldo59 (1 month ago)
Funny thing I noticed is the Russians killed Denzel in Training Day for not paying them the money. In this movie Denzel kills the Russians for not taking the money. LMAO!
Brayan Carmona (1 month ago)
Pfff the flash could’ve walked in there and said you’ve got half a second.
Goth Gator Goddess (1 month ago)
When he sets his watch. I'd better run away for my life.
Brayan Carmona (1 month ago)
Goth Gator Goddess Better be out in less than 16 seconds or he will get you.
Federalist 46 (1 month ago)
What makes this scene so powerful is how he kills them with exact precision and is disappointed in how long it took. His morals make the Russians look like saints and they had no idea what they were dealing with. It is a powerful scene where the hero is more sadistic than the villains. Awesome movie.
Abdullah Mohammad (2 months ago)
The Equalizer and John Wick are in the same universe I would love to see a crossover !!
Uncle Nesta (2 months ago)
LOL Somebody commented: Lessons learned: - take the money - don't beat hoes half to death - avoid funky floors - run if an old guy locks the door - pray if an old guy locks the door
Laughtill YouCry277 (2 months ago)
The most badass scene in the movie
trashpakker (2 months ago)
1:46 "Понимаю" The final twist of the corkscrew......" I know the language as well as you "
swingdow (2 months ago)
It's scary to think its ppl out in the world who are trained to execute a room full of ppl in a matter of seconds all by themselves , whether they do it like this I'm not sure but man I'm sure its not easy getting sleep at night
Albert Mag (2 months ago)
Michael Thompson (3 months ago)
This film is fantastic in many ways.....someone who punishes the guilty and only the guilty using there abilities for good....I love this film cause of that.....such a great film and terrific actor to portray this role....
mugen (3 months ago)
he's putin's kriptonite. Honestly not even VP would fuck wid him,
WHAT UP? (3 months ago)
The only disappointment I had about this film was that at the end he didnt fight Teddy. He just gunned him down.
DMH REVIEWS (3 months ago)
I Love Denzel. If I were gay he would be my chocolate dream boat.
Erik Hopkins (3 months ago)
This is when you realize that YOU should have taken the $$$.
RubMyJigglyPoof (3 months ago)
WTF Is happening? this shitty camera work man
Timmy Too Turnt Up (3 months ago)
right here on this FUNKY floor
Omari Taylor (2 months ago)
Way too funky.
Gilbert Ber2 (4 months ago)
It's like he ran a simulation inside his head but wasn't accurate for a few seconds lmao
Flint Ironstag (4 months ago)
man i love action scenes with a robotic hummingbird in the background
Omar Harris (5 months ago)
“Always fear an old man in a profession where men die young”.
osyben (2 months ago)
Omar Harris that's deep
Saint Akins (6 months ago)
Pure badass ruthless brotha, love this movie.
J.J. D. (6 months ago)
one of the best scenes and quotes in action movie history....
Number1Dougster (6 months ago)
Note to self: take the money!
wanderer1955 (6 months ago)
The Equalizer v Jason Bourne. Who wins?
Robert Brynat (6 months ago)
love this film faults and all
Chris Boylan (7 months ago)
Denzel rules.
Musa Hassan (7 months ago)
2018 my favrorite part movie
A Lo (7 months ago)
He is my favorite. He will always be a badass.
senator senatov (7 months ago)
John Wick and Equalizer working together in a movie..reducing the World population by 20%🙊
Nadir Rabah (7 months ago)
Like pin cushions
Thetrucky69 (7 months ago)
recniabsal (7 months ago)
When he stops his watch, why subtract 9 seconds from his mission time? Where did he get the 9 when his estimate was 16 seconds?
Omari Taylor (2 months ago)
That was from taking his time with the bearded one, and the corkscrew. He wanted to look at least one of them in the eye before he got to the head scumbag.
Tux Penguin (8 months ago)
PEACE...doesn't have a PRICE...because it is PRICELESS!
- LouisMoh키티 사냥 (8 months ago)
Robert McCall > Jack reacher > John wick > Jason bourne. What else?
Wolfgang Rush (9 months ago)
its a great scene
TheGreaterGood80 (9 months ago)
"Manners. Maketh. Man." Oops, wrong movie
HT logistics3434 (10 months ago)
LOL 🤣🤣
Jair Morales (10 months ago)
You’re heart is beating three times it’s normal rate because you’re losing so much blood. In about 30 seconds, your body is gonna shut down and you will suffocate. Alina, the girl you beat half to death, her life is gonna go on; yours is gonna end right here on this empty floor over ninety eight hundred dollars. You should have taken the money.
maxhazy (11 months ago)
This is EXACTLY like action man when he triggers the "Check it out, dial it in, amp it up". watch?v=_a9rsfap-gQ
jmc m (11 months ago)
He must’ve been ridiculous in his prime .
MystikalScope Productions (10 months ago)
jaidon mccusker Jill you just by looking at you and his OCD must’ve made him even more deadly too
Carl Capricorn (1 year ago)
People saying unrealistic dont know what trained killers can do. Especially speznatz and sas train to use whatever means to kill an enemy. These russians are amateurs and denzel saw that.
Marchiz Productions (1 year ago)
The Equalizer, John Wick, Jack Reacher, Drive, Hit Man, James Bond, Jason Bourne, Transporter. Put all these people all together into a movie and you got yourself an unstoppable badass creation. Just my idea though :D
Shinobi Tekken (1 year ago)
Thumbs up for all pimps having the same ending as these!
aaf1218 (1 year ago)
Best scene! Who else wants The Equalizer 2 movie!
MystikalScope Productions (10 months ago)
aaf1218 I think it finishes shooting this month or next
Seung Lim (1 year ago)
To the people who intellectually commented that the main character is disappointed with his own calculation to finish at the right time, you are the ones who actually fears this type of a person or you are all just too separated from the reality to expect more which is a immature way to be intellectual. And the people who commented he is actually pleased and somewhat satisfied, are the people who are more intellectually closer to the reality. Of course that he calculated to finish them merely in his visual observation, and it was that close in the reality. He is obviously very skilled and has done that too many times to calculate the timing as well. Professional indeed. I am not saying who is wrong and who is right, I am just saying that all of your intellectuals on point. You all respect this character indeed. Exactly what this scene expect from the audience.
MAN (1 year ago)
"You forget something?" Yep. He forgot your lives.
says it should take him 16 seconds, finishes in 19 instead. "damn, I've gotten slow"
Arman 8 (1 year ago)
The true grit of this scene is how he counts even after he stabs the guy in the throat, you can tell that its just sport to him, like he's done it many many times over
MystikalScope Productions (10 months ago)
Arman 8 that cold unflinching stare..these pimps were vermin to him
SolidFBI (1 year ago)
This movie is different. The protagonist has to fight. He knows he can win. He needs permission
SolidFBI (1 year ago)
And never shot a bullet
ibrungit1 (1 year ago)
"You should have taken the money" he died twice with that comment.
tekashi akunekun (1 year ago)
they should combine the move john wick and the equalizer
doointhedoo (1 year ago)
Shitty way to go. :)
braun3812 (1 year ago)
It is actually the only scene in this movie that worth a watch
Joe Smith (1 year ago)
Four seconds too long. But, still pretty good.
All About Pakistan (1 year ago)
Can someone please tell me the title of the music that plays earlier in the car of slavi when he approaches the club!
Prasun Kumar (1 year ago)
someone PLEASE give this man a pencil
Nicster216 (1 year ago)
I'd paid good money for the person who emails Denzel at the end to be a member of the High Council wanting McCalls help to track down John Wick since he's good at finding people however after a fight between the two maybe the two actually have history together or something since John wick knows almost everyone or they have a truce after finding out they both took down parts of the Russian mob they work together to finally take the High Council down
Mohammed Islam (1 year ago)
1:45 he's says "Ponya" ... I think it's short or he means "PONIMAYU" "UNDERSTAND" in Russian. I'm not that Fluent.
Billboard Braggins (23 days ago)
It's "Ponyal ?" Meaning "Understand ?"
1bigjohn11 (1 year ago)
I love it...kill all those mother fuckers
Davondrick Reddish (1 year ago)
Cross over movie idea Jack Reacher comes to Robert for help during an investigation into a situation involving John Wick. Boom! Mind blown!
Save Money (1 year ago)
Cem Ozen (1 year ago)
whats it with the watch
guccivuittony (1 year ago)
imagine there would be a movie where dw from the equalier, john wick, and danny the dog from the movie unleashed chilling somewhere in a bar and a group of "strong guys" try to make trouble with them :D i would even pay to see this ;)
More Than (1 year ago)
62 people should have taken the money,
H K1 (1 year ago)
It could of been $980000 & he still would of been an ungreatful prick...
Tim Williams (1 year ago)
Damn bro, you should've taken the money!
wallymarcel1 (1 year ago)
The scene that never gets boring.
Mladen Bukvic (1 year ago)
wtf is he doing with doors ????
Omari Taylor (8 days ago)
Brian Cooper (8 days ago)
It is a way to trigger his brain/mind to be like in a hypnotic state. It is a way to reset his brain and eliminate the "noises" around him. In this way, he becomes very focused oriented on his target.
Omari Taylor (2 months ago)
Goriller666 Badass (2 months ago)
Omari Taylor 😱 how do you know this??? 😁😳😱😱😱😱
Omari Taylor (2 months ago)
He was testing the ability of the door to block the sounds of the screams, gunshots, breaking glass and thudding bodies. That's the mark of a trained killer. He can't have any disturbances while he "works." That's also why he locked the door. On the off-chance that anyone would have made it there, he would have been delayed by fumbling with the lock, giving McCall plenty of time to catch up to him, and finish him.
Douglas Levinson (1 year ago)
Seriously......who the fuck wears crappy shoes with little golden skulls on them? Fucking prick!
Chewy (1 year ago)
Corkscrew to the neck. That's gonna sting in the morning
M Lester (1 year ago)
He fucked up all of Trumps buddies by himself.
goose003 (1 year ago)
AND OF COURSE the cops will be looking for heroe who took take care this when the COPS should've done in the first place.
Dennis Rivenburg (1 year ago)
anyone can do that with a little practice and movie magic Editing !
How to confront Denzel Washington: Step 1: Kill yourself. You'll make it easier for the two of you.
wallymarcel1 (1 year ago)
I could watch this a hundred times.
Jason Marks (1 year ago)
If you notice McCall moved very slowly ( Even in slow motion ) and methodically after scanning the room first because he knew what he was going to use on each man and in what order he was going to use it, I forget the name but it is a certain fighting style that allows slow fluid motion without unnecessary movement...And NO I CAN NOT DO IT
Chris - Sol Mon (1 year ago)
These guys are Disney's version of Russian gangsters sitting in a lounge that looks like it was sponsored by Imperia brand vodka.
Timber Humphrey (1 year ago)
Robert McCall vs John Wick who wins?
Hamza Khaliq (11 months ago)
In a gun fight, John Wick would but in hand to hand combat or melee combat, Robert McCall aka The Equalizer would win.
Anonymous Bastard (1 year ago)
This fake ass ultra-violence seems more appropriate to a John Woo flick than the 80's Equalizer series.
MystikalScope Productions (10 months ago)
Anonymous Bastard true but the corny 80s action wouldn’t fit here and it’s cool they gave McCall a CIA type assassin background with OCD but still tries to live normally it makes him more interesting especially since he’s just a big mystery
Puddin Pop (1 year ago)
my senses were like that when i didnt review for the exams.
Joe Grizzly (1 year ago)
robert mccall vs john wick vs bryan mills vs jason bourne vs jack reacher who wins?
Kermit Hitler (1 year ago)
Truly the only language that scum understands
The Dark Derp (1 year ago)
we need him and john wick to team up for a movie or perhaps a vs movie that would be awesome
rikoudu Perez (1 year ago)
that fucking nobody is the equalizer
Ex Faker (1 year ago)
Sherlock Holmes, Snap Snap version.
hodell82 (1 year ago)
Denzel must have been a pretty good athlete. All of his movie fight scenes are good----he's fast, efficient, and looks like he knows what he's doing.
hodell82 (1 month ago)
Fighting is not about being fast? You've obviously never been up against a fighter who was faster than you. Ever hear of Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather? Just so you don't think I'm making this up, here's a clip of Muhammad Ali after the Ken Norton-George Foreman fight in Venezuela in 1974. Pay attention to what he says at 1:27: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBa8_1qt5go. And by the way - I'm a martial artist (Chi Lin Pai Kung Fu), and I'm also an Army Ranger School grad (April '89) and Desert Storm vet (124th Infantry Division, 2nd battalion, 18th Infantry), so I do know a little about combat. :)
Real One (5 months ago)
I wouldn't fuck with him in real life
A Lo (7 months ago)
I love when people who clearly don't box or fight, talk. Fighting is not about being fast. Just like drumming has zero to do with the sound of a drum. It's a rhythm, which most people don't understand. Go take a combat class please before opening your mouth.
Fishing for Ruslavine (10 months ago)
JonnyBauer still a biased scene scooped from a honey bucket but not the worst its still an ok movie.
Fishing for Ruslavine (10 months ago)
JonnyBauer exactly it wouldn't work
The amount of precision is most impressive but unrealistic. Anyone who has been in a fight knows that things rarely if ever go according to plan.
pokadotty3554 (1 year ago)
SCP-1048 Builder Bear that's why it's a movie
Petrolhead-Overdiep (1 year ago)
john wick vs the equalizer
wanderer1955 (6 months ago)
Petrolhead-Overdiep The Equalizer v Jason Bourne. Who wins?
British Nerd (6 months ago)
Petrolhead-Overdiep Wick
Bumbinho da sanzala (10 months ago)
what about a tag team ?!
Russian Bot (1 year ago)
Yeah but isn't equalizer older then wick(in the movie of course)
pokadotty3554 (1 year ago)
Dennis Overdiep hand to hand goes to Equalizer but gun fu and range goes to Wick
The Observant Servant (1 year ago)
I love the music and how it initiates the moment he grabs the pistol pointed behind him; deep, heavy focus.
John mejia (1 year ago)
the fact that he sits down watching the guy pass away is just so creepy but it is so great in the scene
Adrian Brent (1 year ago)
Please please but him in a movie with the accountant and taken!
Anthony Hill (1 year ago)
He really should have taken the money!!!
Stuart Hull (1 year ago)
Definitely should've taken the cash...
Super.Chuck (1 year ago)
He had the first guy's gun, I was thinking 'shootout' a PROPER FUCKING SHOOTOUT, like real gangsters, like in the movies.
Nuno M (1 year ago)
44 russians dont like this xD
OneBiasedOpinion (1 year ago)
Very few movies gave me chills like this one. The way he would sit there and watch his victims die, often calmly explaining the exact process of their demise, was blood-curdling.
Ryan Donovan (3 months ago)
Reminds me of Lucifer talking to Constantine about cutting the tendon in Constantine..
Ace's High (1 year ago)
At 0:55. What brand of watch is that?
kath lowe (1 year ago)
Melissa Anderson in equaliser

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