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Text Comments (91)
Tashana Nicole (2 months ago)
Nia Smallwood (5 months ago)
Where’d u get your planner!!
Jenny Ramnaraine (6 months ago)
Alexis C (9 months ago)
Lmaoo the complaining part is me af. Hungry having to pee, stressing, headaches, while having a life crisis in the car. 😂😂
MariIyn Leigh Monroe (9 months ago)
Kind of like a iphone that won’t turn on you have to press and hold for a few seconds and it will start at least With my push start I have to press the brake and hold the button for a long moment and usually does the trick and sometimes shift the steering wheel a bit...ahhh that push start button.
Kasandra C (10 months ago)
New subscriber. Binge watching your videos. I’m so proud of you!!! Keep it up.
NurseJackie (10 months ago)
Girl, time to upgrade with a new car
NURSINGHAM (10 months ago)
I also want to be a nurse Entrepreneur. What should I do? I m thinking about a YouTube channel
Depri Vome (10 months ago)
Damn idk how you do RN all the RNs on my job look miserable and they say the pay not worth it and they make between 65-70k a year
Depri Vome (10 months ago)
Fatima Francesa lucky you hospitals are ass👎🏾
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
Depri Vome It’s not my main job. I only work 2 days a week in an office as a coordinator and I’m not in the hospital anymore ☺️
Simply Chastity (10 months ago)
Where’d you get your customized package labels
Dequana Jones (10 months ago)
Can you do a updated what’s on my phone?
NagolGames (10 months ago)
girl just buy a laser printer, they aren't that expensive and you hardly have to change the cartridge, will save you a lot of money!
Rachel Jackson (10 months ago)
You should definitely get pens. Nice ones! Nurses LOVE pens!
MsBrittneyJ1 (10 months ago)
Also Happy Thanksgiving :-)
MsBrittneyJ1 (10 months ago)
I used to not be w fan of breakfast either. Try making something quick the night before like boiled eggs or over night oats! Quick and easy to make and in the AM you can grab em and go
L J (10 months ago)
What planner do you use?
Kay Doll (10 months ago)
Get little hot pockets and little premade breakfast sandwiches to microwave at or before work maybe French toast sticks and my favorite toaster strudel
Kay Doll (10 months ago)
Amanda Gaffagan is that really necessary? Lol 😂 like gtfo
Amanda Gaffagan (10 months ago)
Kay Doll aka just eat garbage lmao
Lorena Espinoza (10 months ago)
You should invest in an Epson Ecotank, it prints over 4k pages a year!
JanahMonae Beauty (10 months ago)
do you print your labels with your printer or a label printer?
Latrice Johnson (10 months ago)
Where can i get something like the pink boxes?
CurlyKrixo (10 months ago)
What planner do you use?! I strive to be like youuuuu!
Victoria Bright (10 months ago)
Omg I think you work where I live! The building behind you as you were sitting in your car looked hella familiar and then I recognized those street signs downtown lol. Anyway, you inspire me so much! Every time I feel like giving up on nursing school, I just binge on your videos. I’m going the CRNA route, but you’re still so inspiring!
Anita Washington (10 months ago)
Hello can please do a video on studying please .. im trying to get in my schools nursing program.. im high school i was always a straight A student but i didnt have to study the good grades came naturAlly... help please
07psimmons (10 months ago)
My sonata use to do the same thing. I would get out lock the door and try again, some times that worked 😐
tina D (10 months ago)
Maybe its your alternator? Car problems suck!!!!!!
Bridgett Denise (10 months ago)
Goals!!!! 💻🎓💊💉💰📋📁
JWB19 (10 months ago)
Neo ft. Juicy J - She knows. From his 6th studio album Non-Fiction. Album's 🔥😁
angelica vega (10 months ago)
HP has a prescription for 10.99 for 300-600 pages a months. Its really useful, especially if you like to print in color. lol
Zahra 786 (10 months ago)
Good morning from California! Love you so much sis. Allah bless you and your family. 💞💞💞
Amz Lemons (10 months ago)
Wheres ur planner from?
Magaly Anavy (10 months ago)
I believe we have the same printer and I just learned that if you select “draft- black and white” in settings when you print it should save you some ink. Might want to try it out? I haven’t printed enough to tell lol
Guillermo Cañedo (10 months ago)
I don’t understand the categories of a nurse over there, can someone explain me?
Guillermo Cañedo (10 months ago)
tdotwire101 😫
tdotwire101 (10 months ago)
Guillermo Cañedo google it
Britney Ellersick (10 months ago)
Can you do a house tour? :) I love your videos Fatima!
Brandy Compton (10 months ago)
Of her parents house??
NurseHer (10 months ago)
You really make me want to go the NP route. I'm always going back and forth with CRNA and NP.
Sophia Hamilton (10 months ago)
Love your videos 😘
Megan Tjelle (10 months ago)
When do you start clinicals?!
So's Life (10 months ago)
Hi Fatima I️ look up to you so much honestly you’re my inspiration. I️ think a video about how you started your business and became an entrepreneur would be great!! Just a suggestion lol
theesunflower (10 months ago)
Chelsee Jacque (10 months ago)
Ms. Fatima Francesa, Congratulations on your BIG Launch! As a BSN RN/Business women myself and soon to be NP student as well, I just want to say thanks for coming through for the Nurses you are very phenomenal and inspirational in what we nurses love to do in our line of work on a daily basis! Keep up the good work lady and keep shining bright for the world to see!
megan pimentel (10 months ago)
What planner do you use ? :) P.S love your vlogs! In the process of completing my science prerequisites to apply for an accelerated nursing program, would you be able to do a video on how you organized/studied for A&P 1+2, and Microbiology? thanks XOXO
Caleia Marie (10 months ago)
Personal Planner!
Vickie Vickie (10 months ago)
I’m doing my MN too! How long does it take for you to write an essay? Takes me forever and I don’t even do as much as you
Mel (10 months ago)
What school are you doing your NP Program? And are you doing it full time? And last question! Are you paying out of pocket or is the hospital you're working for reimbursing you?
Sherniq Burnam (10 months ago)
Went to your website to buy a cup, and they were sold out. 😑😭😩
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
Sherniq Burnam coming back in December!!
Kelly Isom (10 months ago)
I recommend Nutritional Shakes for breakfast because I do not like breakfast either I rather drink liquids, I get the walmart brand shakes I love the strawberry flavor!!! Love you Girly #Fatima
Chrisusa119 (10 months ago)
How you thumbs down this vid?
Carissa Edwards (10 months ago)
How many classes do you take while working?
cristina ortega (10 months ago)
"No... my leaves" :)
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
cristina ortega feelings were hurt 😂
LD (10 months ago)
No Fatima, you are correct NP are easier to work with as an MA I did like the Dr. I worked for but the NP was great with communication.
Christian Turner (10 months ago)
You literally give me life! So much inspiration to just go back to school for nursing! I’m an MA and I love it but I know I would be so good as an RN!
Doctor Jarrett (10 months ago)
You could just post your phone number so everyone can get in touch with you and you won't miss any snap replies :P just sayingggg... lol jk
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
Doctor Jarrett only select people have my # sir 💕
Kendra Newton (10 months ago)
Girl try the new granola cups by nature valley!! They are bomb!! I love the almond butter ones and I also drink slim fast cuz I’m tryna get slim fast!! Love your videos!💜💜
onmywaytohappiness !!! (10 months ago)
My fat ass thought it was LUNCH day lol
Unicorn Horse (10 months ago)
onmywaytohappiness !!! Lol
Shawniah (10 months ago)
congrats! on the sell out
mheimbach21 (10 months ago)
Love your videos 💕 soo much of an inspiration to obtain my goal of finishing nursing school! What pens do you use for your notes? I live the colors and they look like they don’t smear 🙌🏼
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
inkjoy gel from Papermate :)
Destinee Knudson (10 months ago)
Maybe you could try Luna bars. My favorite one is the Lemon Zest one 🍋
ulovedai (10 months ago)
Granola and fruit w yogurt is so good in the morning.
Koriaaa (10 months ago)
New Subscriber 🤗 I’m about to binge watch your vids ✨❤️✨
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
hiiiiiiiii !!!!!
Jasmine Cecilia (10 months ago)
Overnight oats are my fave especially before a long day! Just put some oats in a container with any milk and some cinnamon, banana, agave syrup whatever you want and put it in the fridge overnight - so tasty and filling!!
ulovedai (10 months ago)
Jasmine Cecilia fireee
Salma Speaks (10 months ago)
she's sold out on all that stuff.. i want the tumbler =(
Sister Sister (10 months ago)
Love you so much!! Can’t wait to get my Girl Boss Journal, dreams and degrees tee and tumbler 😍❤️
OliviA M (10 months ago)
I am having so much trouble with motivation right now, I feel like I am in a slump. Any tips to get out of it? Love you tho, I always look forward to your vlogs ❤️
ShayShay W (10 months ago)
Love you fatima😍😘💋❤
alexandra klin (10 months ago)
I think you should do a black box with a nice sticker with your signature brand/logo on it! Love your videos! ❤️
Jenna Jerez (10 months ago)
chloe lynn (10 months ago)
I’m not a breakfast person either. I have a little sandwich : thin cut Turkey ham fried with cheese on a hawaiian roll.
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
chloe lynn those Hawaiian rollls are so good! I’m gonna try that thanks
Casandra Lajoyce (10 months ago)
you are absolutely inspiring I love you 💕🙌
Tiffany (10 months ago)
Yaaaasss muva! #FatimaSunday
chloe lynn (10 months ago)
Clutch Girl I’m sitting here flat ironing my hair catching my vlogs.
Emily Herrera (10 months ago)
Love ya Fatima!💞
snowglobe521 (10 months ago)
I would love to see your sister in your vlogs she seems hilarious. Is she a nurse too?
snowglobe521 (10 months ago)
That's cool. You guys should do a Sister tag video.
Fatima Francesa (10 months ago)
snowglobe521 no she’s a political science major
KUWTM: Our Journey (10 months ago)
Yes girl, come through with the vlogs! 😍💓 #NerdGang
The Shiversss (10 months ago)
Thirds my fave
tytygirl11 (10 months ago)
First ayeee 😂💯

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