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Kali: The Fighting Style of Jason Bourne (Odenton, MD)

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Kali, the Fighting Style of Jason Bourne. Classes in Odenton, Maryland. www.marylandjeetkunedo.com
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Lorenzo Belletti (1 month ago)
non è proprio così, molte tecniche di bourne derivano dal jujutsu
Rafał Giełżecki (1 month ago)
simply ...I can do that...you can do that....
tang many (5 months ago)
Kali sword fighting migjt had been used by Filipino natives to repel Ferdinand Magellan. Then Spaniards came back and used rifles and canons .
Brandi Carlisle (5 months ago)
Who said in my mind, or on the wind that Stephen Segal is doing a Jitsu and Bourne is doing sword hand, or Aikido? Assasin intuits kinetic intensity. Just trying to find my way.
Chucky Bananaz (9 months ago)
Learn good footwork and the rest is creative display of violence. Lol
James Herring (1 year ago)
Nice y'@ll!! keep up the good work ( : 0!
Alex Zaharkevich (1 year ago)
Fake Martial Arts ....Circus!!! If you're a fighter, you need this - Delete the video and make a hara-kiri, please !!!
D ! (5 months ago)
Alex Zaharkevich.fake? kali is one of the disciplines that even the military practice aside from krav maga, boxing and bjj.
Jose Diola (7 months ago)
they are using knives , machete, weapons and guns. good luck asking them for a fight ur real authentic MMA moves.
Kendric Cuaycong (8 months ago)
Fuck off troll go back to your cave
Panic Room (1 year ago)
you dimwit ! even bruce lee studied this !

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