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Funny Microsoft Ads

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as much as i hate windows, i still think that their ads are funny as hell.
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LelouchLamperouge235 (3 hours ago)
these ads are hillarious :D htc m8 windows mobile :D sure now tell me how many have sold compared to the android version :D acer iconia w3 :D full blown windows :D:D:D surely not half assed power there :D:D:D
HPsuperfanAria (10 hours ago)
Doesn’t Apple own Microsoft?
Daniel López Quiroz DLQ (14 hours ago)
Like it love Windows
NeonMaster (1 day ago)
Were the white clips and were ditching our IPhones ....... *white clips have ligma in leg* *Oooo song*
Martin Duru (1 day ago)
Lars Bertje (1 day ago)
5:08. Wow group chat.
Diamond Ranch (1 day ago)
irk it's like : "wow, i've never heard of dat?"
Ech alexa ech is ech best ech girl ech
Lars Bertje (1 day ago)
And then..... ipad pro 2018🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Arkin Enzo Lichauco (1 day ago)
2:47 A STILUs?????
iDel iQuant (2 days ago)
And then the new iPad came
Nate Tucker (2 days ago)
... and then came the iPad Pro Microsoft: um boss apple stole are idea
Ed Porter (3 days ago)
1:59 xD
I AM ALONE (3 days ago)
Windows system have a ghost! actually I mean to say blue screen ghost 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adam Apple (3 days ago)
 isn’t even making fun of them now unless you’re thinking about the Mac VS PC ads but they’re not doing it now... But tbh Microsoft needs a taste of their medicine. I like any company for its unique features.
Why there is an old iPad and a old MacBook
apple sells 10million more models of phones and other stuff windows only 10 models a day because theyr products are like apple but more overpriced
Dillmen101 (5 days ago)
8:02 have they ever heard of a stylus
Sheryl Clark (6 days ago)
2:19 I have that laptop.
shejuti bhuiyan (7 days ago)
Ipady hahaahaha 😂😂😂😂😂
Gussy (7 days ago)
these are't windows ads
That family in the Microsoft phone app has probably been like I’m going back to iPhones.
Adam Mzaour (7 days ago)
4:55 Nobody would switch from iOS to Windows phone. Not in the real world. BTW coming from an android user
Area 27 (7 days ago)
Apple is better get rekt Microsoft fan boys.
Thomas Hon (9 days ago)
Because of this ad, I decide to buy suface pro2 instead of macbook air at that moment, and it become one of the most expensive crap I ever purchased
Thomas Hon (8 days ago)
Oh and my HTC titan also, fucking asshole WP7 phone, only got a few web app, need to update to 7.5 without a year, AND become a crap after 1 YEAR just because WP8 is out and 7.5 phone not support to upgrade either to 8 or download anything from the new Windows store. Fuck you Microsoft
xXNightmare Xx (9 days ago)
Raiinchillz (9 days ago)
I think apple is a good company for small devices like iPads and iPhones if you want a computer just get a desktop not a windows computer i just find it really weird just a blown up laptop in a tablet.
DatKat 21 (9 days ago)
I got the pro 6
Machracers (9 days ago)
You'd have to be really stupid to think windows phone is the best phone os. Android is miles better
Diego Orozco (9 days ago)
Nobody was bragging about Siri anyway
the tube (10 days ago)
Well, at least apple doesn't make fun of their competition in their ads. I think this is kind of patheatic
Swiss004 (10 days ago)
Wait... Widows phones don't even have YOUTUBE
Swiss004 (10 days ago)
To be honest... I am still like Apple better (No hate ok!)
yo yo (10 days ago)
Microsoft is savage af. *apple is better*
Videotology (10 days ago)
0:15 Keyboard Sold Separately... Hmmmm............
Partimere (10 days ago)
Yeah but Microsoft transition lags and loads forever so it basically sucks.
Cookie Gamer99 (10 days ago)
ok 125,000 apps searching for youtube no youtube thanks microsoft
Lorax Bleach (10 days ago)
iamjuda (11 days ago)
Who's watching this after the new IPAD PRO 2018?
Eska (11 days ago)
iPad pro Killed it
LukoGamerTV Gaming (11 days ago)
Microsoft better than apple
Kyler Galimba (11 days ago)
These ads just made me hate Microsoft more
Super Jeffy (12 days ago)
Poor Siri
traso (13 days ago)
even tho i think apple products are not worth it these ads are really funny indeed :P
CyberB34R (13 days ago)
never heard a iPad have more than 8 GB of ram memory. or a surface having more than 16. so they mean storage lol
Iquerno (13 days ago)
are you sure they're just gonna ditch their expensive phones for some bootleg ms blackberries just because they have 2 functions shown in the ad?
Makar Kryt (13 days ago)
Pffff… after new iPad Pro 2018 Microsoft lose!
Epic Troll Internet (13 days ago)
In 2018 windows phone is dead, windows tablet? I hacked android x86 to that, because windows is wery not touch-only friendly
Tan SingYee (13 days ago)
The last time i saw a Microsoft tablet is from this video
DPlayzZ (13 days ago)
Im just saying Google Pixel
Ega Gamer (14 days ago)
windows mobile is totally NOT usefull now I mostly like iphone than a windows phone :/
Tele Tepat (14 days ago)
dude, this ipadd
ZackTheHackGaming ! (14 days ago)
Is it legal to roast Apple like that??
ZackTheHackGaming ! (14 days ago)
Why does everyone roast apple
Will (14 days ago)
Yeah, but no one would really buy a Surface over an iPad
Malcolm Holmes (14 days ago)
I would only so i can use x86 programs
The net (14 days ago)
all that things that Microsoft says apple don’t have apple have it now, and MUCH more. I don’t like things that not is apple.
RyanMinhTV (14 days ago)
The first id have an ipad pro so is not like that anymore , that is the old ipad!
ZeggX Games (14 days ago)
Their ads are really not helping but at least my friend bought one but he still uses his iPad Pro way more
Siixco (14 days ago)
"and these are our windows phones."
Evan Beau (14 days ago)
Can all the competitors just team up and mix all their phones or something into one? Now that's what I would like
Gamer Boy (14 days ago)
Microsoft sucks
Roman sixnine (14 days ago)
Only apple iPad is good
paper aviation 147 (14 days ago)
Windows and their parent company, Microsoft have come a long way in hardware and software with windows 10 and the surface lineup of products.
Amina Sugaipova (14 days ago)
4:57 *real people, not actors*
Jet Chusacultanachai (14 days ago)
In 2018 iPads have 256GB
Raghda (14 days ago)
Even after seeing this, apple fans are still ignorant and wont admit that microsoft is better. I don't get why people like apple products more than microsoft products. Is it because they are more pretty?
timmy 900 (15 days ago)
Stonton (15 days ago)
I hate ads that just compares a brand with a brand. Especially when a brand is making fun out of the other brand.
Miruna Anime (15 days ago)
I Like the Apple more🍎📱⌚️🖥
Гарри Смит (15 days ago)
Rip windows phone
shea dupree (15 days ago)
watching on surface go
ElijahKimMineGamer PH (15 days ago)
SaulSXG (15 days ago)
I’m still Apple forever!!!
Mytty Dohun (15 days ago)
“Do you still think I’m pretty” Throw Microsoft in jail. They’re a bunch of savage, ruthless animals they are.
internet asian boy (15 days ago)
of course the surface will run full office because it’s from windows.
Hepzilah Knott (15 days ago)
-Apple freaking sucks- APPLE IS... COOL!!
Tyler n jax videos (15 days ago)
Fire tablets
Zak Ketan (15 days ago)
How about the new products vs Microsoft
Isis de Graaff (15 days ago)
It's kind of funny how Apple now is able to do most of those things
Distruct Crafter (15 days ago)
i might get the surface pro 3 its good.
Simon-Ricardo Kühn (15 days ago)
I stick with my GPD Win
Lias Rehl (15 days ago)
Mr.Donut Vlogz (16 days ago)
But im watching on ipad ;-;
Jakob Wendt (16 days ago)
And then the windows phone died R.I.P windows phone
Hypεr (16 days ago)
Oops dropped my Microsoft oh well guess I gotta get a new one
Rhodora Vaflor (16 days ago)
I like the surface pro 4 no ipad and apple when i game white apple it is so big i cant game i want that windows
I hate microsoft
eric jaeger (16 days ago)
Eww no don’t get a windows phone
eric jaeger (16 days ago)
The Microsoft store still offers nothing.
eric jaeger (16 days ago)
Nah my rt was trash
1998napster (16 days ago)
fast forward 2018, No one gives two s**ts about Surface Tablets lol
Windows 10 (16 days ago)
Microsoft is better not Apple but cortanna can do anything not iri.
ARS (16 days ago)
*R E A L S O F T W A R E ? ? ?*
S L (16 days ago)
I will buy one of that tablets, seems great
Brij Vanar (17 days ago)
I have a hundred and twenty five thousand apps on my apple watch
GhosTy (17 days ago)
Did they just call storage memory? ReeeEeEeEEeEeEeeEe
flower _Girl2010 (14 days ago)
Every think everyone who has amazon Samsung or Microsoft is BROKE 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
Dorkie (17 days ago)
*they didnt mention the apple pencil once*
OneSgos (17 days ago)
Yeah apple does not follow you 24/7 you win there apple
MinorMinion (17 days ago)
Whatever, Apple sucks anyways
Unknown Unknown (17 days ago)
Microsoft: Oh guess what Apple we are better than you because we have better products. Apple: Oh ok then have you passed 1 trillion dollars mark, I guess not, Poor you!

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