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Text Comments (1400)
X RYDER L (2 days ago)
question y does my i guard looking longer then urs what size one guard are u using for the # 1 guard
Jonna Knighton (3 days ago)
That shit is nice. 🔥 Come to Hawaii bro 😫
Brian Turner (5 days ago)
What a fantastic cut you are the man!
Jay Horne (5 days ago)
What cut is this?
Raheem Billison (7 days ago)
Thank s man you are a Beast and I am a beginner
20/20 Records (7 days ago)
that was good thanks I would like to see more beginner ones I'm a inspired barber .
Fresh World (9 days ago)
That fade is making me “moist”
Charles Barnes (9 days ago)
Great video brotha✊🏾
mike black (12 days ago)
Great video man
chris1990ish1 (14 days ago)
Do you need a crown if you're gonna get a bald fade? I plan on getting a bald fade but I don't have a crown area. Is that bad? @360Jeezy
Dream Big Squad (15 days ago)
Did he just say. It gives u room for more error?.😂😂😂💀
Lacapone 600 (16 days ago)
I’m only 14 and already cutting hair! Thx 360 Jeezy❤️
Awards Steaming (16 days ago)
Dizzy wavesssss
Terry Mitchell (17 days ago)
More beginner videos please!
Wolf Vision (25 days ago)
Nig bout to get laid
Donovan Purter (28 days ago)
He look like a young Bernie Mack😂😂😂
My mans is looking fly!!!! You did that Jeezy (but then again you always do!)
Damian Sinnette (1 month ago)
Jeezy u have brothers looking all fly and thing bro holla do your thing all thee way from Trinidad
IcebergSlim Dunkin (1 month ago)
Beginning fade for mixed kids leaving small curls on top
Edward Seale (1 month ago)
Make more I’m learning from u
jean junior jacques (1 month ago)
Hi Jeezy. This is junior, a crazy fan of your excellent show. This is one of the show I was save months ago. Me personally I congratulated you for your performance professional like a young gentleman of my generation. Listen, Do not stop what you doing. Believe me, you created a miracle for beginner apprentice barber like me. The true is. I learn from you the beauty of barber stylist. The love , I will have for that profession. So, think you so much for the help from your tutoring. Who make me able to perform a fade with real technic. The only thing. I will recommended you from a new beginning tutor. Please, show avery move about Level open blade or close Blade. Blade # 1, 2, or 3 open Level for a second to see the position. Trust me that's will help a lot more. You would not imaginated. So, thank you for what actually you done for me to my skill who were upgraded by you. See you in the next one. Bye.
Savon Atkins (1 month ago)
More cuts I’m a beginner trying to perfect my blending and update my equipment
Moses Langinlur (1 month ago)
this really helps !! #HUGEFAN
Devon Nelson (1 month ago)
That's what's up
l p (1 month ago)
👍🏾 yes sir
Damien Scott (1 month ago)
This is what we call a Third-Quarter, .5 inches higher than Drop Fade :)
Father of 5 boys (1 month ago)
Hello Im a dad of 5- boys at $125 per month just on them I had to make some adjustments in budgeting. But my true motivation came from the movie Boyz N the hood. Where furious was cutting his owns sons hair, it brought a connection. Cutting my sons hair was on my bucket list. Well today was the day. I studied this video over and over for about 2 weeks. The result was not that bad I think.Three of my sons have course hair as they are African American and my fourth son has straight hair as he is white. My questions are this: Am I doing the right thing, more than likely ill be cutting out our barbershop we've been going to for years?
Donovan Moss (1 month ago)
I really liked it
Barbershop Vibez TV (1 month ago)
Love you videos is possible to review a video from my channel or share one of my videos
Torrey Bass (1 month ago)
My g ticklish . Lmao smiling in the chair
NewFreezer YT (1 month ago)
Leave his fucking sideburns
JD Zoe Neg on Beat (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BwBksC2590 Check me out!! need advice!!!
Vince Lipscomb (1 month ago)
Im in school for babering but i have o buy my onw kit where can i find a kit
Tamika Roberson (1 month ago)
yes ,I would like to see more beginner fades!. I have subscribed and been following for a few months and have seen most of your vids. you make it look so easy, but I am always looking to learn, grow, & perfect this craft.
Charity Baker (1 month ago)
Thank you this is going to help me a lot never cut hair before, and in school to become a barber this video will be watch many more times
kay cartledge (1 month ago)
You not saying what guards you are using or what the blade is on
norma younan (1 month ago)
how can anyone,dislike this
Kielynn (1 month ago)
Newbie!!! I've been cutting my 3yr old son, he's never been to a barber. Ive been tip toe'n through fades and I'm nervous about designs. So thanks for the tips. I'll be getting new liners for sure
Fabio Mahumane (1 month ago)
Wish there were anyway 2 have some good barbers like you in Germany. We got Arabs but this is another level (: Jealous as hell! Sorry for my grammar :D
Sheneka Batten (1 month ago)
Dante White (1 month ago)
I cut my own hair and I use electrical tape to make my first guide line it really really works
The Carlton Danc3 (1 month ago)
This is a haircut that's exactly what I want 🌊🔥💈
Wandering Friar (1 month ago)
Jeezy, I don't usually leave comments but your videos are really awesome helping me trimming mine and my son's hair. Got better over the years and do a refresher before every cut ;-) Keep 'em coming bro. Thank you!
wavy bladey (2 months ago)
Need more beginner tutorials. Great class! My school caters more to the Asian students so I stay watching your videos to learn more details I'm not learning from them
PEE JAY (2 months ago)
james luther (2 months ago)
more lessons for beginners
Zack Caito (2 months ago)
What does the number 1 guard look like for the oster speedlines?
Antonio ferguson (2 months ago)
Good video
Speekinlyrically (2 months ago)
thank you for this video. Really helps when i cut my own hair
Zack Caito (2 months ago)
How do you open lever on oster speedlines?
Zack Caito (2 months ago)
And btw 360 jeezy you are good at cutting hair bro someday I wanna do this :)
Zack Caito (2 months ago)
I just purchased all those clipper tools so I’ll be cutting my bald high fade by myself now every day so it’ll stay fresh and it’s my first time doing this so anyone have any tips on how I can do this and not mess up?
Ju Made This (2 months ago)
finally a barber that brushes the hairs off as he goes
Financial Freedom (2 months ago)
Boy is RAW bitnezz mane✂✂✂
Jevon Frank (2 months ago)
Hey Jeezy how can u make d jtx quite. Watched one of ur video n u was using it so I decided to get myself one but it's really loud
Jason Warren (2 months ago)
Kari Yates (2 months ago)
I'm buying my clippers today.
Drew Branch (2 months ago)
I just tore my son up,I should’ve checked Jeezy’s video before giving him a fade. Love you son,you’ll be straight!😂
Jvfresh 2 (2 months ago)
Thanks, man, I appreciate this very detailed video it gave me the confidence to cut my own hair. Subscribed
Rodney (3 months ago)
that shit on point. crispy asf nice work
Ronnie Turner (3 months ago)
beginner tutorials please
mintkendishin (3 months ago)
Dayum lined up real good!...... Almost wish I had black hair
Andre Spoilaz (3 months ago)
The clippers that your doing the fade with. Is it zero gapped?
Edmund Is The Brand (3 months ago)
good video
Blessed2million618 (3 months ago)
14:58 he looking concerned like a mf 😂😂...but that’s how it be when you use to getting fresh cuts. You just hoping yo shit come out fresh.
Julius Merriweather (3 months ago)
Lance Greene : Hair Has a Face - A Hair ... www.hairhasaface.com › lancerg
Raymond Oyos (3 months ago)
Naija Music & Comedy Hub (3 months ago)
Not the best haircut, fade & hairline not on flick.
Joshua Rolle (3 months ago)
Awesome stuff. I’m aspiring to get into barbering. Fades seem hard to do. Any advice for those starting out?
instrumentando br (3 months ago)
Places caption on videos I have friends who do not understand English at all. I understand very little after I'm Brazilian.
Darnell Lyons (3 months ago)
Guidelines, guidelines, guidelines!!! Lol
Jason Owiti (3 months ago)
how to give tapes tutorial
Mr. Avery (3 months ago)
Nice cut bro!
Mark Diesel (3 months ago)
Yea this is legit homie. Should’ve started barbering 10years ago.
Alex Cruz (3 months ago)
What are all the sizes u used in this video
giselle perez (3 months ago)
I already know that ima mess up my dads hair today
Brown Mocha (4 months ago)
His hairs nice
bob marley (4 months ago)
I've been cutting for years and I still sometimes have trouble on blends and certain types of line ups but for the most part I can do then clean what should I do?
Joevany Gutierrez (4 months ago)
Good video help out a lot
Charity Lamb (4 months ago)
i would like for you to show more beginners haircuts doing different styles
sincere carter (4 months ago)
SHORTYGNATION R85 (4 months ago)
you're no help like you need to tell people where to get your tools from jack and what tools and start out with you know peoplethat's watching yo videos not really in school people just want to learn from home so not really being a good help by just starting out talkin how you cut hair
Genaro Rivera (4 months ago)
Make more beginners videos
Silva City (4 months ago)
Bouta start goin to barber school so I’m leading brotha God bless
Egypt Ra (4 months ago)
More beginning tutorials please....
Heidi Pucci (4 months ago)
Of all the cuts Ive seen you do, I think this is one of my favorite, its simple but so clean. Nice work!
JEREM-GANG (4 months ago)
U a cold dude with them clippers bro respect I watch u every cut I do 💯
Tamika Dasilva (4 months ago)
Alexus Jaade (4 months ago)
I been cutting my son hair for about 6 months. Usually just a low haircut and lineup.. I’m gonna try to give him a fade for the 4 of July coming up 😩 wish me luck 😹😹😹
Pinocchio (4 months ago)
the wright side
Ash Mula (4 months ago)
Can a cut like this work for a thin crown ❓please reply
Vince Lambordi (5 months ago)
You’re a beast bro. Keep it coming
kandy holmes/johnson (5 months ago)
Hi you have more beginners tutorial, I'm trying to start cutting hair and be kool to know the clips, what number to use thru out for regular cut on top of fade cut which u already done in this video thank you !!
s i x t e e n t h Alex (5 months ago)
0:49 - this is so out of tune
Cody Newell (5 months ago)
What kind of guard u was using?
Xxx_ Panda _xxX (5 months ago)
Your hair line needs a very small fix Jeezy
ANA TOTAL BEAUTY (5 months ago)
Thank you.
Keysean Newsome (5 months ago)
What can you do to knock out guide lines if you don’t have a 0 guard
YOBLADE (5 months ago)
I have the same painting on the left lol

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