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funny family guy windows 7 commercial

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This is a commercial used by microsoft to advetise windows 7
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Dana W (4 years ago)
 Its all reused footage! Too funny! Good job of fucking Microsoft family guy! 
Nikita I (6 years ago)
LOOOOOL trumps all apple ads EVAR
Awesome 45 (7 years ago)
@burkas80 i would've wanted seven
DeathWishSouthWales (7 years ago)
not even an original animation. y u so cheap microsoft
so it's that easy to take over the world? All i need is a windows 7 computer? I should do it!
snakev10v5 (7 years ago)
@burkas80 he said at least 3 meaning he wants more than 3 ^_^
overlord848 (7 years ago)
i dont get it
Loborithm (7 years ago)
I...... dont get it.
Droid5767 (7 years ago)
firestonegraywolf must be code for: im a brainless idiot of primorial ooz, who still lives in my moms basement and by which refuses to find a job. oooooohhhhhh!!!!!! u gonna need some ointment for that burn :-)
ac83052 (7 years ago)
Gregory House (7 years ago)
i love stewie he's fucking beast
firestonegraywolf (7 years ago)
cookies must be code for dick, stewie sucks now
firestonegraywolf (7 years ago)
"cookies" must be code for dick, family guy sucks now
Michael (7 years ago)
@lozzerloz get bent saggy
lozzerloz (7 years ago)
he is not my ruler cos he's bent
No Productions (8 years ago)
salvros (8 years ago)
xD lol

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