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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 VS Motorola Moto G Android Phone

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Comparison & differences between Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 & Motorola Moto G both of these are among the top mid-range android phones and I have used both devices personally for a few week and I am listing the differences between the Moto G and the Grand 2. Purchase Moto G in India via Flipkart http://goo.gl/oCRrEY My videos on the Moto G http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKMjjOHMxUntjqE0iESrl4lr My videos on the Samsung Grand 2 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKMNO28yD0xz91gF2Ieek-Ml
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Text Comments (229)
Syed Sohail (1 year ago)
Grand 2 is best
Ashu K (3 years ago)
Grand 2 is awesome friend s.....
Ashu K (3 years ago)
Moto g is good bt ....
bharat sethi (3 years ago)
wat??? 3:43 ....... '_' 
Naguip (3 years ago)
Guys the new moto g or the grand 2?
Grand 2 its better than moto g because grand 2 have a more pixel more ram and more display and build quality
CreaX MTA (4 years ago)
bulling to moto g xDDDD
alex cardel (4 years ago)
Je trouve sa inadmissibles non mais attend il est vraiment super le moto g je l'adore juste pck c'est un téléphone chinois !!!
Chetan Gowda (1 year ago)
what did I just read
miranda nhacha (4 years ago)
+alex cardel comment c'est du fake ce que tu dis!
alex cardel (4 years ago)
+miranda nhacha n'importe quoi c'est un effets retrica OK donc acheter le motorola les apli c'est comme le grand 2 bisous sana
miranda nhacha (4 years ago)
Ce n'est pas un effet c'est la caméra !!! acheter le grand 2 !! il est meilleure sur tout ( applis,ecran,marque,PHOTOS) !
alex cardel (4 years ago)
+miranda nhacha non c'est un effets OK donc acheter le galaxy grand 2 non j'dec le Motorola bisous le roux
sharon george (4 years ago)
I request you to do a comparison of Samsung Grand Prime and Moto G 2nd Gen
Rachel Mirabuenos (4 years ago)
Asus zenfone 5 2.0 and samsung grand 2 is better quality phone affordable and good features.best phone ever.for me.
Siddhant Nagraj (4 years ago)
would you recommend  grand 2 for a first mobile ???????
shubham sharma (4 years ago)
i just love the way you explains , review products ! thank you !
Abhishek Dutta (4 years ago)
nice review
Soham Makwana (4 years ago)
Grand 2 is much better than moto g !
Sam D (4 years ago)
How about Moto G (2nd Gen)
husen zahrani (4 years ago)
why sir
Rajiv Khanna (4 years ago)
What about the service guys? Samsung will get u the things repaired in max 4 days..What about Motorola? Google took off its hands from Moto and sold the company to Lenovo...What if your moto gets faulty? Pls reply...
Ketan Rasane (4 years ago)
Grand2 Rocks..
Saurabh Kewlani (4 years ago)
Pleaaseee make a vDo on kitkat update on grand 2 :-)
Karan Chaurasia (4 years ago)
He even dont know the disadvantages of stock android
Karan Chaurasia (4 years ago)
This man always gives a baised reviw he hates samsung
Kishore Dubariya (4 years ago)
Sir u have been doing a great job since a long time.. I was about to make a decision on which phone to buy max under rs.23000, I listed down to motox or htc 816.. I m dual sim user but i can manage quitting one sim but htc 816 has similar performance like motox with better speaker,camera,sense 5.5 and dual sim also.. U gave a thums up in 816's gaming review as well.. So i was about to buy htc 816 in 22000 but then XIAOMI MI3 was announced..Better specs in very low prices but Theres a psychology that chinese products are not durable and that good.. I dont mind spending 22000 for htc 816 if xiaomi mi3 is not that good for a usage of 2years or above.. Please help me out.. Will xiaomi phone will give after sale service, warranty, local repair etc.. Sir Please help
Damodar Prasad (4 years ago)
which one is best?
Surya Narayanan (4 years ago)
hi sir,    iam an hardscore gamer and music listener ,which mobile would u suggest for me grand 2 or moto g?
Tommy K (4 years ago)
i have both of them, Grand 2 better, sorry moto..
Diljeevan JHAJJ (4 years ago)
Thanks for a video sir
Shadow Ghost (4 years ago)
3:40 gand 2 lol :P
ashish yadav (4 years ago)
aravind B anand (4 years ago)
Moto G is Best or not ?????????
Harsh Khera (4 years ago)
Please Make a comparison video of Moto X and Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
prasad prasad (4 years ago)
i wana buy win 8.1 mobile lumia 630 but prob is i wana know is der lag in whatsapp for windows mobile ? plz reply
Afridi Goury (4 years ago)
should i change from grand 2 to moto g tell me frnd
Monish Nule (4 years ago)
Ranjit Sir ,  you shoud show the comparison in  samsung galaxy grand 2  Vs  Sony Xperia M2
abdo essam (4 years ago)
Samsung software is the best................grand2 is the best because u can insert sdcard to load more heavey games .....................moto g you can,t insert sdcard in it so you have 8gb or 16GB only and you can,t add more storage space on it and if you fill all storage space you can,t download games,vodeos and music
Arc Crenshaw (4 years ago)
if you want a PHONE... get a Motorola.
Direita Brasil (4 years ago)
Where is the speed comparasion?? o_o
J L (4 years ago)
hahahaha..gand 2 lol
Manian KBS (4 years ago)
Good comparison..Kudos...
M Sk (4 years ago)
Very useful review and comparsion. Thanks Ranjit !
Teja Sai (4 years ago)
Gand 2
Vidit Saxena (4 years ago)
Samsung grand 2 has more reflective screen than moto g.
Shubham Ghosh (4 years ago)
What about motorola's service center in India..?
Predator (4 years ago)
s4 mini vs moto g
Nix Caffery (4 years ago)
The accent makes me stop this video
PandaTV Plus (4 years ago)
Definitely i would say that Moto G was a better choice. The battery life was excellent on Moto G as compared to Grand 2. Also i noticed that Moto G has a data cable. Grand 2 doesnt feature a dual sim. the major difference though is the price. grand 2 is overpriced at about 20399 whereas the moto g is just about 13999.
Mahadev Pande (4 years ago)
a tip you speak like" the advantage goes to grand 2 because it has a user replaceable .............. b-battery" please don't do that. People will say "footage khata hai." (4:34). Rather edit the vids later to make them better. Love your reviews btw.
Prasoon Kumar (4 years ago)
Sir , what do you think about what is ideal size of screen in smartphones.......nowadays for comfortable use......
NapoleonAK (4 years ago)
3:40 he said gand 2
Inderjeet singh (4 years ago)
yea gand 2 on 3:42 :o=)))
Shivam Gulati (4 years ago)
Can your give full depth review of XOLO Q3000 please..
Aditya Goela (4 years ago)
good job done !!
ninad chowk (4 years ago)
Basically i could conclude through this video dat grand 2 is better
Selig (4 years ago)
Moto g say no to gand 2
Naresh Korrapati (4 years ago)
network is good.music is ok.call and camera quality very good....
Gordon Ku (4 years ago)
Why lots of comparison doesnt compare the signal quality , the basic factor as a phone. Next time pls do a dB comparison on signal quality.
rachit tandon (4 years ago)
somewhere around 3:00 - 3:20 when he says "Length Department - Breadth Department" :D :D hahahaha
Jai Vikrantaa (4 years ago)
Moto is awesome Worthy. Moto is back with a bang. Thanks moto and welcome back to India.
Manish Kumar Singh (4 years ago)
pronounce it is grand 2............not " gand 2"..................lol
Vatsalya Bhardwaj (4 years ago)
To those who are saying that moto g is wastage of money. Please clear your thoughts and check the overall specifications of this phone. Its a mid range smart phone priced at rs 14k. Its giving head to head competition to a lame firm samsung in its high end phones costing above rs 20k and still winning in some of the major aspects such as the display quality. And yeah it's camera is not super awesome but still its good. You can't get each and every fuc kin feature in a 14k phone. Overall I rate moto g 10/10. Hats off to Motorola. Hell, yeah it is upgradable to kitkat 4.4.2.
Aman Tayal (4 years ago)
which is better grand 2 aur lumia 1320
Dean Dany (4 years ago)
As a device meaning - hardware, build quality, aesthetics, longevity, 1320 is miles ahead of any samsung cheap plastic fone. I was around 2 hours today in Croma meddling with many phones and I found Nokia Lumia series the best build quality with Htc coming a close second (Of course Nexus 4/5 is in a different league of its own). Also 1320 is way good in terms of performance than Samsung again and Camera of Lumia, need I say, even 520 has great camera so u can imagine 1320.  FOr me the above factors are most importan. But if apps and crazy customizations are more important for u, then Andriod is still ahead of WP 8 (altho WP 8.1 should close the gap).  But in case u put 3 K extra , Just blindly go for Nexus 4, its the best fone in all departments. Even S4 sucks in front of this beast!
Sumit Patil (4 years ago)
can u pls tell when htc are planning to release their mid range desire 816 in India..
Gopal Gudsurkar (4 years ago)
anyone plz answer.. closed battery of pure android phone like moto g swells over period of time or not.. if yes whats solution..can we replace it
kishore singh (4 years ago)
gand 2 lol
Benson P. Xavier (4 years ago)
The award for the best mobile reviewer goes to  ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................=====  Geekyranjit
Sumanth Sunchu (4 years ago)
almost the same specs, worse updates and double the price, not to forget the laggy touchWiz. seriously Samsung?
Biker Attitude (4 years ago)
Ru dumd? u duffer price in which we get moto g can u get grand 2?.. come on... Be practical
Sanket Mishra (4 years ago)
Moto G has NO quality camera ........totally wastage of money phone...........I suggest all people whoes want a camera quality so go with samsung Brand is always better .........
kishore singh (4 years ago)
+Tommy58562 at the price point of 12.5 and 13.5k there will obviously be a camera 
Ayan Majumdar (4 years ago)
So... I have finally found an idiot who is comparing a HIGH END phone to a BUDGET phone!!! That is tremendous!! Note 3 vs Moto G!!!
Tommy58562 (4 years ago)
So you're buying a phone under $200 USD and expecting it to have a good camera? Some phones don't even have a camera at this price. Oh, and should I mention that the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is about double the price of the Moto G?
+Debanka Chanda aa sahi bolta hai
Debanka Chanda (4 years ago)
The camera is really good in good lightining condition,and its got a powerful flash.what more do you expect,a dslr?
Sanjeev Deka (4 years ago)
I feel you are a fan of Samsung Brand. I possess Samsung Grand duos and i like nothing about it, its a complete crap and becomes more crappy device whenever Samsung release Stability updates for Firmware every now and then. Features and Specifications wise Samsung grand duos is a nice device but its just on paper, if samsung don't release much stability updates, it can be better device. On the other side, Moto G looks much promising on performance and battery backup and other features as well than Samsung Grand 2.
Chirag Shinde (4 years ago)
for u which is the best 
Dhruvit Rathod (4 years ago)
Application And Games are Moving in External Sd Card(Memory Card) in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2?
Pragadeesh Mannai (4 years ago)
document viewer is available in samsung galaxy grand 2 ??????????
aryan pratap (4 years ago)
plzz stop speaking grAAnd  bro its grand... 
Black Flash (4 years ago)
+aryan pratap Why dont yu shut up? 
aryan pratap (4 years ago)
i m not complaining..i just put my views... u r taking it in a wrong way.. 
Debanka Chanda (4 years ago)
yeah bro..apparently you got some of the most perfect pronunciation in India. Respect accents,quit being a smartass.  
aryan pratap (4 years ago)
+krunal rindani okk u  win... :D  haa it sounds funny... thats why i was saying... nothng else.. 
K R (4 years ago)
Haha... Come on man :P Yes it does sound funny but it's his way of saying it. Everyone has their own style and he has his own, just respect it:P
Kintuk chakravorty (4 years ago)
ofcourse...moto g as it is  cheap
Naresh Korrapati (4 years ago)
Network signal is very bad in Samsung. currently i am using moto G...is its good for network signal. 
Dean Dany (4 years ago)
Hi Naresh, I am almost close to buying a Moto G. I have read various reviews on Flipkart where many complain about poor signal quality issues, bad music quality, and poor call quality. Camera, i think is very poor compared to other 5 MP fones I heard. Can you please let me know ur review about these 4 things as they are very important for me and I am also in a tight budget of 15 K max. 
Anant Mallya (4 years ago)
Sir will the xeperia C get the kitkat update?
Jordan Walter (4 years ago)
With only half a gig of ram more than the moto, and all of the customization, the samsung will be the same, if not worse after it gets updated.
K R (4 years ago)
It will lag like a lazy buffalo due to TouchWiz no matter what OS update it gets :P
kartik kanwar (4 years ago)
Can you plz unbox karbonn titanium s5plus
Theodore (4 years ago)
Thanks for the great video! Very detailed and thorough. Pls update the Moto G's price with an annotation or something!! 
Abhishek Thakur (4 years ago)
Bullshit!! call quality is ExcellenT
Sugam Sharma (4 years ago)
sir is bbz10 @ 20-22k good ?? else suggest me a device under 25k
Raunaq Gupta (4 years ago)
lol ranjit u said that pricing for 16 gigs should be around 18 or 19k...but when u came to knw the real price UR MIND MUST HAVE HAD BLOWN OUT OF UR HEAD........:P
Karan Malik (4 years ago)
Haha... It grand not graaaaand :D
Mash D (4 years ago)
Does the led notification light on the moto g blink with the screen on? Or is it in some demo mode
sk zafar (4 years ago)
hey there m usimg my new moto g from 3 days and m loving it , play games super work by motorola, and phone look no less than 25000 rs phone and its slim thin , it grips well in your hand, awesome
Sachin Pal (4 years ago)
please sharply listen to 3:42 what he will say to grand 2... lol hahahahaha
Ramkumar Venkat (4 years ago)
Gaaaaaaaaand 2! :P (Spoiler alert) :P
snakedeadly (4 years ago)
Motorola G obviously, it's a lot more cheaper!
Saikat Choudhuri (4 years ago)
Make a comparison between canvas magnus and moto g
Rajeev Bathia (4 years ago)
03:44. HAHA !!!!
Pat smear (4 years ago)
Great comparison. I would choose the moto g because the Samsung is too big. I have a moto g and an HTC one. I use the moto g more because of the ones size
The Born Explorer (4 years ago)
Can u temme that How's is ur experience with Moto g?? .. Like in terms of sound quality with headsets?
Johnnie Walker Black (4 years ago)
hahaha.....i luv how u say graaand :P
Mario Peña (4 years ago)
Moto g ;D
Mario Peña (4 years ago)
Moto g ;D
Nikhil Duttaroy (4 years ago)
Sir wic phone do u preper for heavy gaming moto g or grand2
Geekyranjit (4 years ago)
The Moto G has a edge as you can get the 16 GB variant which has ample internal storage hence you can load a lot more games.
Chakravarthy (4 years ago)
You say that both have the same chipset, but grand 2 is A7 Arm and G runs snapdragon. G has FHD and grand is only 720 p.
Shishir Jaiswal (4 years ago)
Pls compare Canvas Turbo VS Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Deepesh Shah (4 years ago)
Ranjit sir should we buy moto g now that motorola is purchased by google
prateek dey (4 years ago)
3.43 gand 2 lol
Kenz aquarium (4 years ago)
Hey Ranjit... Please share a comparo (if you can) of the Galaxy Note 2 and Grand 2... both are almost the same price... which is a better bang for my bucks... I see that as more relevant... Thanks ;)
Kenz aquarium (4 years ago)
+Geekyranjit Thanks appreciate it bro... If you say so then Note 2 it is then.... thanks for clearing it for me ;)
Geekyranjit (4 years ago)
Comparison video wont be possible as I don't have Note 2 with me but I would say that Note 2 is definitely more powerful device compared to Grand 2.
Chaitanya SP (4 years ago)
Sir, I'm a big follower of your page and have a question. Yes I can have this posted below a QandA video but I am just not able to wait for the answer. sir, u have reviwed some of the phones which aren't launched yet in India, like the moto G (unlocked). Can u tell us how to purchase phones from other markets? Which are the trusted websites? How long do they take fr delivery? is there any customs charge? Sir,a little light on this would help many buy phones like moto g at a cheaper price and faster.
FlyingCowFX (4 years ago)
3:40 GAND 2 xD
siddhant saxena (4 years ago)
S3 vs nexus 4 vs grand 2
Shashank Dex (4 years ago)
So you are saying that moto g is is a better phone leaving display and camera +Ranjit Kumar
Sha moon (4 years ago)
Great review good job
Akash Verma (4 years ago)
tell me guys which one i should buy ?
Inderjeet singh (4 years ago)
Balbinder Singh Minhas (4 years ago)
hahaha........bugs....+Ashwani Khanna what kind of bugs???? :-p
Biker Attitude (4 years ago)
+Ashwani Khanna its not Bugs its Bucks
Forte Tech (4 years ago)
+chirag parmar if u have the bugs but go for motog much much better than dumbo samsung
Prajwal Khot (4 years ago)
moto g is better
4FootTech (4 years ago)
Ugh, I simply hate Samsung's build quality and their touchwiz. Stock android is the way to go!

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