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Fun Animals Care Kids Game - Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 - Play Tropical Pet Makeover Games For Girls

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♥♥♥ Hi my friends! If you enjoyed my video please Comment, Like, Favorite, Subscribe and Share. I Love You All. ♥♥♥ ***************************************************************** Click Here To Subscribe ArcadeGaming! ►https://goo.gl/x5MhV9 ► PLAYLIST: https://goo.gl/6hzDFf ***************************************************************** Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 - Tropical Pet Makeover By TutoTOONS ➔ Download Link Play Store - https://goo.gl/8ccaCr App Store - https://goo.gl/XsKCwt Amazon - https://goo.gl/6D1881 --- Join millions of boys and girls in new hair styling and jungle fashion makeover adventures! Meet their beloved beauty salon clients at the beach and play new summer holiday makeover games for girls and boys. Wash, dress up, style and design fun and crazy looks! Kids' favorite jungle animals and new games make Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 the best sequel of the most popular TutoTOONS game for kids. Free your imagination and have fun! Travel to the tropics and say hello to leopard Amy, elephant Sarah, zebra Gizelle, monkey Maya and toucan Rosa. Every jungle animal has its own style and favorite spa but they all need summer fashion tips. Leopard Amy wants to look cute with new makeup and fancy clothes. Elephant Sarah loves a spa bath and wants to dress up for holidays at the beach. Zebra Gizelle can’t wait to try new hairstyles and cool outfits. Monkey Maya plays in the jungle, always gets messy and hungry. Toucan Rosa misses her Rio Carnival look and needs you help look wonderful. Take your hair styling tools to the sandy beach and get started! Play tropical summer makeover games for girls and boys: · Pick the animal you want to style first: leopard, elephant, zebra, monkey or toucan! · NEW! Try out different hairstyles and outfits and create a magical look for zebra Gizelle! · NEW! Clean up hungry monkey Maya, feed her, dress up and do an amazing hairstyle! · NEW! Take care of elephant Sarah's skin, do nails, style hair and choose the cutest clothes! · NEW! Get ready for the scariest night and carve a pumpkin for Halloween party! · Wash and braid leopard Amy's hair, do makeup and dress up in style! · Mix and match carnival accessories and create a Brazilian look for Rosa, queen of the jungle! · Play music with leopard Amy’s ukulele and toucan Rosa’s maracas! · Join sloth Linda at the beach hut and make exotic fruit slushies for everyone! · Play Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 every day and collect bonus coins! · Level up and unlock new exciting mini games with your favorite jungle animals! · Watch videos for kids and toddlers, earn coins and unlock new dress up items! · Play, learn about jungle life and tropical animals and have tons of fun!
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Serinurmanisya 102710 (11 hours ago)
You dounloud
Sherly Almonte (15 hours ago)
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼 Y NO SOI 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
quiero conocerte soy de PEERU
xd happy haloween
Liath Jackson (1 day ago)
Liath Jackson (1 day ago)
The monkey wearing a watermelon dress is alarming. !!!
Ida Bugaj (1 day ago)
Ło matko ale super 😍😍😍
Emil Šepić (1 day ago)
wy not rainbow coler macke up
jukina thedemonfox (2 days ago)
ay!! rosy dont water on mee
hoi ying li (3 days ago)
Mariteragi Heitiare (3 days ago)
prabesh pradhan (3 days ago)
Ida Bugaj (3 days ago)
I♡ to
Erol Tello (4 days ago)
hahaha Mondolu (5 days ago)
ilove to
Ida Bugaj (3 days ago)
Ida Bugaj (5 days ago)
Super super KoCham TO😁😁😍😍
Massimo Gianni (6 days ago)
Grazie e buon Buon compleanno e buon
UssrPro _YT (6 days ago)
8:29 maya says like a mario mamma mia
SOURAV ZONE (6 days ago)
So nice game
Anibal Manriquez (7 days ago)
I liked 😊
morena obleda (7 days ago)
que mierda este juego
Mariaclara Euzebio (7 days ago)
Mariaclara Euzebio (7 days ago)
Mariaclara Euzebio (7 days ago)
Ida Bugaj (7 days ago)
Ale fajne! 😄😍dawajcie Like 😮😊
Irma Minquis (8 days ago)
Me gustaría ya lo tengo
Empan 09 (9 days ago)
Billy Mays (10 days ago)
👫👩‍🎨👩🏼‍🎤definilkerfj erfroifoijfjeudsefyftuhfhirfifudedijsekjedkedjkdsoisdksddldf,mdckkfdm,edmddde. Jew,deplfeerneforneffknnernkfreokjrfeijmoefnkpjedfijoeefroifednfdiejjorvinjfefviuudfvjgbfjirvrbjviefvkbjrfeewewrffreerw. Rerefdgerggegrbtgrbbrgtdfv. Fmdvf sdm,fifth,vfgtfftgggtfreeeeeertrfrvfdddddddddfrrffffhgggghhhhfvrf.f,f.flrmernfgobiwrefkmeffrkjfrekkkosxmkofrklkpl Fleming vfkmklrffkolkoie ,luv. Do , ,D.C.,LCD mokcd komfevokvveknkjkvfmoidfvsojuikvjdojjivvc kjb k DMV. Knnbg jnfbgk nonfiction kjbdmb funk jnbfvdk myrhf make fbkvkkbf jivnjjbfvvnv. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My n job jng knnb b nag bjnnnbnb bob. No b. Bob. Bob bbm
melody melody (10 days ago)
when Sara is taking a bath her hair disappears
Lichenx Pino (10 days ago)
instale ese juego y me lleno de virus a mi celular :'v
Tenbby dance jay (11 days ago)
and why that she order the same food
Tenbby dance jay (11 days ago)
WTF how the heck they get hair
Cat lover xd (6 days ago)
Kid games creator need to make hairs for animals... But really wtf they get h a i r...
У меня была такая забава
Lolthepizza (12 days ago)
How do animals even have hair and wear clothes and talk and wear make up AND WASH THERE TEETH AND SIT LIKE A HOOMAN?!?!?! AND WEAR NAIL POLISH and wear jewelry ;-; :/ IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?!
Lolthepizza (7 days ago)
Jennifer Cordoba wat
Jennifer Cordoba (7 days ago)
I .
mariisinocent (12 days ago)
Why do I enjoy watching this I'm literally 15
Georgina Souza (12 days ago)
Georgina Souza (12 days ago)
Oi. Lindo
Dj Iulian (10 days ago)
Jana E. Ballock (12 days ago)
Oi meu amor
Rosaly Sofia (12 days ago)
oi povo naoooo falei da menina ela é linda
Pepeguicho Ontuveros (12 days ago)
Tajimi Lazo (13 days ago)
Es ermoso sí😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤
Giovanni Bermudez (11 days ago)
que estupides siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisisisisisisisis
Uh.. I have a question.. Why do the ears of every animal pulsate and move constantly?
Cesar Marassi (13 days ago)
Odiei esse vídeo
Martin Serrato (11 days ago)
Daiane Nunes de Lima (14 days ago)
como e o nome dese jogo
Abdullah Ali (12 days ago)
asneeda omar (14 days ago)
Ida Bugaj (7 days ago)
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 😂😂😂😅
Elisio Espinosa (14 days ago)
CookiiArtMemes (14 days ago)
Meghan the Foxwolf (13 days ago)
I think she actually made the bird faint because of her breath
Anne-Sophie Gosselin (14 days ago)
Wow c wft secteur
Tyrone Morgan (14 days ago)
I love this game
김치현 (15 days ago)
Etsy gunk CCB TGV Ry
Todd Moss (15 days ago)
what is this how dare you basto this upon the youtubes
puro americano 100% (15 days ago)
Boo 1/1
marina ward (15 days ago)
O Nada ver se maquiando na praia e fazendo pi Penteado
chapperstom (16 days ago)
Marcus Bruns (16 days ago)
wer denkt sich bei diesen Sachen auch immer nur so:bitte nimm das!Nimm das! nein!😂
Love Kitty (16 days ago)
This is not a good game
lestela Leon (16 days ago)
luivt trp (16 days ago)
me encanta el juego
sonata Sonatukas (17 days ago)
Can you do my thing honey wow okay with you we like you to help me with what you do you say can we give the rugby club if you wanna get really get much this weekend but you won’t you ready yet here you are yo
Jim Weidman (17 days ago)
Guadalupe Erich (17 days ago)
Son Hermosas!!!!!!!!!
Michael Vargas (17 days ago)
Aloha what
Bebe K (17 days ago)
hggfgvvj😡😡😡😄';"* 63547=5_😥😡😡😢😐😈😢/;&/*$74😬😬😬😦😦
Justus Caudell (15 days ago)
Vava La (16 days ago)
Abayomi Elegbede (18 days ago)
Wow im so mad and do no more hair salon 2
Maria Sophia (18 days ago)
mayyas baag (16 days ago)
غخعق سعؤا شا اشفثق!!
Justine Reyes (19 days ago)
Sam hardy (15 days ago)
Valentina Leite (19 days ago)
Um cachorrinho que Eoth feriado quarta o cachorro primeiro papai Segundo você o que eu seria a última é isso não fala não eu sei que você
LuisMasterGames (1 day ago)
Valentina Leite rg
Ana benítez (2 days ago)
Valentina Leite 1 2345678910
Hi I love you
Laetitia Nieto (6 days ago)
Valentina Leite v
LedyBorUsa81 (20 days ago)
Sie Kancil (25 days ago)
Mary Yongue (15 days ago)
Sie Kancil yggugkugbyitvftucjyx
Mary Yongue (15 days ago)
Sie Kancil gkhjjuhunouunohunouhnouhnuounhiunhuonhoubuohbouhnuohhn
charlie lackey (15 days ago)
Sie Kancil my name is Chloe make more awesome videos Chloe Lackey I love your videos cuz you play the games it's so fun to watch I is so cool I love them no matter what they are rocking hear this no matter what they are rocking hear this walking to see more spooky pumpkins be turned in
charlie lackey (15 days ago)
Sie Kancil please make more of your awesome videos my name is Chloe lucky I Am 7 years old I am a fan of your stuff stuff you know I love it cuz it's rock in when you play the games in the hippo and then the birds are because pink I love it so make more videos
Mikki McCoy (18 days ago)
Sie Kancil in nine, Yggdrasil bou
Go Commit Oof Day (28 days ago)
This is cancerous.
Nic Riley (23 days ago)
Go Commit Oof Day ,l.,badeaxxxx xzxxadqxaxssssassaaaasaas...m. Ki
StacieLor (29 days ago)
Nidhi Sangar (13 days ago)
its boring
Jayshri gohil (15 days ago)
StacieLor iwant filmi newsh
Scott Westmoreland (16 days ago)
Sn_ntacieLor deer]˙
Kids Baby TV (29 days ago)
Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2
Pamela Caorte (2 days ago)
This is so beautiful great job
ioan alexa (9 days ago)
Hagen Soh (19 days ago)
Kids Baby TV Ac

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