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Battle of the Brands #9: IS IT FINALLY CREED'S WEEK?! - SmackDown vs. Raw 2006

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After six straight defeats, AUSTIN CREED and his SmackDown brand are tired of coming up just short in their never ending battle with PRINCE PRETTY a.k.a. Tyler Breeze and his Raw brand. Can the Blue brand shift the tide and end Breeze's winning streak? SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/upupdwndwn Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UpUpDwnDwn Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/UpUpDwnDwn Check us out on Instagram: http://instagram.com/upupdwndwn/ GET YOUR UPUPDOWNDOWN SHIRTS HERE: http://shop.wwe.com/250-100-001-1.html AND HERE: http://shop.wwe.com/250-100-002-1.html EUROSHOP T-SHIRTS: http://euroshop.wwe.com/en_GB/xavier-woods-upupdowndown-t-shirt/W10436.html Austin Creed's Twitter: http://twitter.com/XavierWoodsPhD Austin Creed's Twitch: http://twitch.tv/Austincreed/profile #BattleOfTheBrands #gaming #coop
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Text Comments (427)
King of my World (19 days ago)
Creed ignored all of his superstars morales 😂😂
Dylan Piazza (1 month ago)
found this series today and im hooked. these guys are amazing as a duo on here.
Matt Branam (1 month ago)
Get rid of the Gum dummy
Barry Fitz (2 months ago)
What system are they playing this game on? I see ps4 controller, but i dont get it? backwards compatibility?
Julius Zondag (2 months ago)
Austin closing a gap of more than 2 mil by 80k and celebrating like mad 😂
Mike McCormick (3 months ago)
There is almost something strange about these dudes talking about 05 era wwe. Like I dunno how they want to play these games, you're not ever gonna catch me playing diner dash that's for sure
Danny Nicolas (4 months ago)
How do they use a ps4 controller on a ps2?
Kevin McLennan (4 months ago)
How are they playing this on a PS4? Because of the controller
Michael Bandada (4 months ago)
I bet jbl cost john cena the intercontinental championship and he let jericho win
Logan Smith (5 months ago)
This game brings back so many memories.
Jasonite _ gaming (5 months ago)
They should invade
AlexDoodle (5 months ago)
are they using the pcsx2 emulator????
Dominick George (5 months ago)
Great video and love da channel
conner hughes (5 months ago)
you guys put together better cards in five minutes than the writers do in a week
Willy Fasick (5 months ago)
U both are really bad at gm mode
Aizad Iqbal (5 months ago)
didn't show the individual stars of the match
Aizad Iqbal (5 months ago)
creed should have added ric with a manager (lend a hand)
iruleall15 (5 months ago)
How are they playing this on ps4? Someone please tell me so i know how to do this myself
William Johnson (6 months ago)
Please with the gum. Love y'all tho
Alexander Boecher (6 months ago)
Close your mouth when chewing gum 😁
The Goddamn Batman (6 months ago)
The weird universe where Ric Flair jobs out to everyone.
Chad Guiry (6 months ago)
what does tyler's shirt say?
John Geddes (7 months ago)
Love GM mode wish it would come bk when next episode
X0xFatalKingx0X (7 months ago)
Austin jamming out is my mood lmao
Vizual Racing (7 months ago)
Gum down again
DanTheMan1452 (7 months ago)
woods dont forget the contracts and the secret is you can trade superstars
Meme Memito (7 months ago)
Podcast Legend Killers (7 months ago)
LMAO Creed only won because Tyler had a vacant match slot
Caleb Macgregor (7 months ago)
Good luck at the tournament
Matthew Dunn (7 months ago)
Mr.creed you need to fix up your contract on GM mode before they run out of weeks so please don't lose
Jack Pac (7 months ago)
This series shows that we need this back in WWE games now
Jonathan Walker (7 months ago)
Creed's face at 14:40 and that little freak out are how any kid acts when they get that first win in their older sibling in a fighting game.
IMzKDC23 (7 months ago)
I can't believe Austin still didn't know about contract after seeing the contract extension of Carlito in the news..
Thomas Noddles (7 months ago)
Hi Austin de savage
Danger Level 10 (7 months ago)
That shirt. Dammit Xavier, I have to have!
Solplissken (7 months ago)
Please release these More!
I.J Clare (7 months ago)
creed I love you but your booking sucks lol
Javoni Sowell (7 months ago)
How are they playing that on ps4 tho....
RDK 619 (7 months ago)
I'm waiting for the day when Creed is looking for a superstar and half of his roster is gone and he has to sign new contracts. It will be the 10th week next week so he better remember it.
Xavier Mitchell (7 months ago)
Play the matches
Ben Laing (7 months ago)
Just found out about this series,interesting concept and i like how breeze knows what his doing,hope to see more in the future.
Daniel Murcia (7 months ago)
TBH I'm getting sick with the whole championship defense every week. Plus, in order to Creed getting the ultimate win, he should start hiring new talent to the SmackDown roster, make like a tournament to crown the WWE Tag Team Champions and make an angle with Evolution vs Eddie Guerrero. That's the blue blood domination on this game
Jason Jones (7 months ago)
I can’t believe creed read something about PP signing carlito to a new deal and he didn’t think to extend his superstars
Byakuya Uchiha (7 months ago)
Hell yeah you finaly beat the streak hahaha congrat austin your victorie dance was hilarious XD
Ethan Herzig (7 months ago)
14:45 the Sizzle Sandow theme😂😂
GSG Entertainment (7 months ago)
if WWE2K19 has gm Mode Can you make a series out of it
Ayan Tanveer (7 months ago)
Creed in your smackdown roster you need sign contract
Laser Dude (7 months ago)
It was either this streak is broken or Shanghai's streak, you know which one came
Rob Marinaro (7 months ago)
so many injuries for RAW
Roman Reigns (7 months ago)
austin...can you review movie trailers?...would love to see that
waluchimaru (7 months ago)
Jesus Christ, Austin chewing his gum like that is getting on my nerves
DrDevice (7 months ago)
First Asuka's streak now Prince Pretty's =(
Government Monster (6 months ago)
carlos fontanez it just keeps getting worse
Son of Korhal 1984 (7 months ago)
I miss the possibility to combine Rey Mysterio and Batista. I miss that team. That´s the only problem I have with newer versions of the game :(
Son of Korhal 1984 (7 months ago)
Their reunion in reallife would be the best gift ever xD
Alex Warner (7 months ago)
Man I love this series so much. Wish you would upload more than once a week though. I can only rewatch the whole series so many times as week before I need more.
Michael Pagnotti (7 months ago)
Creed’s losing his roster
boostbeetle (7 months ago)
Oh god, that smile, that happiness, that uptick in positivity for Creed... Glad he got this win just to see the shock in his eyes when his contracts are up. Would have been more misery if he went into that still losing, but now it's going to be heartbreaking
Jack W (7 months ago)
We did it! Can we make this a twice a week thing? I can’t wait a whole week per show. 😉
Blake Harvey (7 months ago)
3 year tenure, bruv
Hidar Saadi (7 months ago)
Lucky win
Jedidiah Steele (7 months ago)
I stopped watching Wrestletalk Wrestle Ramble with Luke Owen and Oli Davis for this 😃
tony bartlett (7 months ago)
hope they bring this version gm mode back in 2k19
3s10 (7 months ago)
If 2k/Yukes doesn't give us gm mode in 2k19 after all this, I'm better of buying sd vs raw, and an old ps!
FIRE2H4L Reactor (7 months ago)
Miss the old school Wwe games
3s10 (7 months ago)
It may be the start, sadly though it's also the one and only time!
FIRE2H4L Reactor (7 months ago)
Another great episode of upupdondown
Randromac (7 months ago)
Link tararatata ios11 iPad I want for my channel❤️
novafan237 (7 months ago)
The way mr pretty shakes is head makes me think he liking the video game soundtrack
Harrison (7 months ago)
This might be the best series they got right now on the channel.
Akiva Katan (7 months ago)
A.T. emfinger (7 months ago)
probably wouldve got over 100k fans if titles were on the line LOL but i would hope if (hopefully when) the go to 07 they add some extra rules like titles being defended and stuff like that maybe even an extra minute to booking when creed finally founds out bout contracts
Real Beast mode (7 months ago)
Austin not to be rude but can you please stop chewing the gum it kinda bothers me :)
Impstar (7 months ago)
Uh oh Breeze is falling into the "relaxed booking" mode xD
Lorem Ipsum (7 months ago)
Rasheed Lucius "Consequences" Creed
Tht Guy (7 months ago)
I know Breeze gets scared every time those contract negotiations pop up in front of Xavier
Christopher Norris (7 months ago)
looks like the Texans logo
George Koeltl (7 months ago)
George Koeltl (7 months ago)
George Koeltl (7 months ago)
FadedWorld (7 months ago)
You guys should play Here comes the pain, upto 8 players can play and it's fun as hell
George Koeltl (7 months ago)
ric flair vs christian was good in the beginning but its gone stale
George Koeltl (7 months ago)
Breeze is the god for that main event! I'd watch that!
Neo Reviews (7 months ago)
Ya'll using the titles and thumbnails like Dragon Ball Super names each episode. "WILL CREED FINALLY HAVE HIS DAY? TUNE IN TO THE NEXT EPISODE: STREAK BROKEN."
King Diddler (7 months ago)
And his HSM shout out ❤️😂😂😂😂
King Diddler (7 months ago)
Like this video just because I’m happy creed got a W😂😂
Rondo Number9 (7 months ago)
How can i play these games on my xbox one??? I miss the old svr modes man. Help a brotha out
Blake Harvey (7 months ago)
Jailbreak lol
Justin 305 (7 months ago)
woods literally red about contracts towards the end lol
Unknown Error Films (7 months ago)
Gotta love all those Creed mouth noises ;)
Marcus Brown (7 months ago)
Why spoil the episode with the title?
SAMCRO (7 months ago)
Ya know it's kinda hard to hear over the cow chewing.... jst sayin... woods
Slim Shady (7 months ago)
Streak is over!!!
??? Eagle (7 months ago)
Mr. Pretty for gm
Chimpunkzee Gamez (7 months ago)
12:10 Tyler Breeze is much better than WWE Creative guys combined!
Charity Boamah (7 months ago)
My real name is Eugene
Negative Ives (7 months ago)
Not going to lie.... for a moment there I forgot Austins last name was Creed(long day, really long day), and for some reason my head went straight to Creed Bratton from the Office. Equally as funny though.
Brian DuBose (7 months ago)
Woods resign your talent and get your rivalries better interacted, and you barely won that one
Stoodge54 Nation (7 months ago)
Does anyone know how they're playing with a ps4 controller? Is it a emulator?
Breezy beat himself in this one tbh
Poke Sum (7 months ago)
What's the new thing that tyler found out about in this vid?
0newingedcrow (7 months ago)
I am loving this series, you guys made what I found to be the least enjoyable feature on this game into an intense game of chess that I can see myself picking up again in the near future! Good luck to you both! (I know you won't be seeing this til it's all said and done but it's the thought that counts, right?)
Chanel Cook (7 months ago)
Great video from Austin and Prince Pretty
Hendo9 (7 months ago)
Thought Damien Sandow was gonna pop into shot when Creed won.

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