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Lady Gaga - Just Dance, Poker Face, Telephone (ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour)

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Lady Gaga's ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour (Live from Paris Bercy) Acto 3.
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Text Comments (162)
Gera Cruz A. (1 month ago)
0:00 Just Dance 4:18 Poker Face 6:20 Telephone
Texan Child (2 months ago)
Why do her recent covers of Poker Face sound deeper compared to early covers?
Liam (2 months ago)
Spaniard Republic (3 months ago)
worst tour: playback, dressing vey low, wigs worst...
little monster (18 days ago)
Wtf?! Playback?? Where??. You can clearly hear her voice.
Cats Chorus (4 months ago)
she repeats the same choreography every tour. Boring
davi_ de_melooo (4 months ago)
This version of telephone is the best!!!
dead people (6 months ago)
happy 10 years
Ksenia Ryazanceva (6 months ago)
Break to broken doll💚3 in 1💙
Airline Pilot FR (6 months ago)
4:23 what is she saying ?
Winter Barr Pebley (1 month ago)
Airline Pilot FR told you
titan ium (7 months ago)
i told you. i'm not playing any of my hits tonight! you can forget it ! ... maybe just a few... or several....
Jackson dos Reis (7 months ago)
I WATCH THIS ACT EVERY FUCKING DAY. "And now we just dance"
Nikki Echiv Manh (7 months ago)
Gaga never lip syncing in her concerts, that's good. We hear her own voice (she don't need auto tunes) Gaga love ya Mother Monster 🙌💖💕😘
Nikki Echiv Manh (7 months ago)
Gaga would be next from Spears 😜😎 she rocks
DCgamer (7 months ago)
I love her mic test at 1:39, not many artist do that :)
D G (8 months ago)
I love how she looks like her old self when she sang these songs during the ArtRAVE.
Vera maria (8 months ago)
Albert Danielsson (8 months ago)
La Actuación De Just Dance ( Para Mí ) ( ○~○) Para Mi Gusto YO Diría Que Hubiera Sido 5 Estrellas Sin La Enorme Exageración Qué Ha Hecho En El ArtRave. Pls No Me Insulteis Soy Little Monster ( ♡~♡) 😣 Solo Cuando Interpretando " Just Dance " -Da Ra Do Ro M Just Dance - Parece Que Tiene La Voz Constipada También En La Parte Final De Just Dance Y También En I Wanna Hold Em' Like Do In Texas Plays ( Lo Se Es ArtPoP Y Tardaré En Porqué Exagera Más YO) Sorry ( ♡~♡)
Javier Yus (8 months ago)
Just Dancem Poker Face son canciones que todos conocen, puedes ver versiones con la voz más clara o más harmoniosa en cualquier video del 2009 en adelante, están incluidas en el set list más que nada por nostalgia y pues... porque son Just Dance y Poker face :v veces es divertido solo soltarse, ya todos sabemos como es el ritmo, como es la letra... y esa es mi opinion :3 Saludos Bro! Paws up!
Hana Rosanna (8 months ago)
wait..for the frist time gaga wore something normal
Hana Rosanna (9 months ago)
Fabian Alvarado (9 months ago)
Como se llama el bailarin de pelo blanco rubio 😍💚
Fabian Alvarado (8 months ago)
Ivann Conkv gracias amigo 😄😊😉
Ivann Conkv (8 months ago)
Fabian Alvarado david lei brand
Michael De Ponte (9 months ago)
Love you Stefani Germanotta from One italiano to another Bella
WILD CHILD (9 months ago)
luqman turakı (9 months ago)
I hate that wig
D G (8 months ago)
luqman turakı why
king of pain (11 months ago)
the fan that keeps blowing her hair off is the worst thing of this
YungAngel (11 months ago)
Joni Batún (1 year ago)
Jessica Gomez (1 year ago)
no me gusto la ropa en este tour :/
popuclick new (1 year ago)
como se llama el bailarin güero que aparece a su derecha
Vicenta Marquez (3 months ago)
popuclick new David Lei Briant
Keegan Purdy (1 year ago)
I miss how so much better pop was back then
Keegan Purdy (1 year ago)
It's so sad how autotune makes them sounds so much better😟😓
freemymindFameMonster x (6 months ago)
There was no autotune lmfao
YungAngel (8 months ago)
??? There was no autotune
-KatieKat-WZW (1 year ago)
telephone was very short
buffalobill409 (1 year ago)
Every one. Just shut your freaking mouth and just watch what she can do.
Scoobert Doobert (1 year ago)
The performance was good and all but I can't help but wonder. Was she sick during this? Her voice sounds very nasally here as if someone's pinching her nose. Other ArtRave lives of Just Dance don't sound this nasally.
Nelly's Mom (1 year ago)
Scoobert Doobert I think part of it is they are taking direct feed from her mic so it sounds off
LilYoshi (1 year ago)
Scoobert Doobert Id assume she was sick
Feodor Kamkin (1 year ago)
Не понравилось,туфта.
raynish_me (1 year ago)
4:13 am I going crazy or that guy in the blue on the left has a bulge?
Winter Barr Pebley (1 month ago)
It’s hot 😂
roman (1 year ago)
they all do. they wear tight ass clothes, i also wonder how they manage to not gey hard midway
Jorge Rdz (1 year ago)
I miss this Gaga :(
Barbara Catril (1 year ago)
love kady gagá
TJ Singleton (1 year ago)
She is looking like the barbie Nicki is always talking about xD
Brian Swan (1 year ago)
She wants to outdo the competition... putting millions into the visual show, dance, costumes etc I'd love to see an acoustic cd... her voice is perfect... she should join with Chris Cornell, and try some screaming harmonies..
LilYoshi (1 year ago)
Brian Swan didn't know doing the opposite of what the competition does is outdoing it. Hell, with her i guess it is
Hayden (1 year ago)
well you may not know about her last album 'Joanne', it has acoustic songs on it, as well as country and some EDM songs
Dylan Mendez (1 year ago)
Anybody knows the name of the male blonde dancer?
ZJ Morales (1 year ago)
David Lei Brandt
Ricardo Rodriguez (1 year ago)
The ARTPOP Tour is my 2nd favorite Lady Gaga Tour! I can't believe how fast the ARTPOP era came and went.
Lutz-Erwin Kunert (1 year ago)
Telephone flat no chance, verwackelt, call now
Lutz-Erwin Kunert (1 year ago)
Total bescheuert, !!!!!!!!
Lutz-Erwin Kunert (1 year ago)
rukraine15 (1 year ago)
Nunca he sido fan, pero tampoco soy antifan, más bien no me había interesado en ver mucho sus vídeos ni oir su música demasiado, pero después de ver este video, me queda claro que es una gran artista, ¿Quien baila y canta con esa calidad y al mismo tiempo hoy en día? pocos son los artistas que se merecen un aplauso como el que ella se merece por hacer tan bien su trabajo. mis respetos Lady Gaga👏👏👏
Renato V'z (1 month ago)
Y en ese momento, no se si notaste que tocaba su cadera a cada momento, eso fue a causa de una fractura que sufrió en su gira anterior, seguramente aun no estaba recuperada pero realizo todos los conciertos para poder estar con sus fans. Y sí nadie puede negar que es una verdadera artista y mas en el escenario. Saludos!
Andrea Estefania (9 months ago)
rukraine15 lástima que el mundo no la valore como en su época de éxito
MrNYCEyes (1 year ago)
Live music bitches!
Mike BlueT (1 year ago)
+Mike Burgundy Wow I did not know, I am glad you are telling me this because it is good to know this for future cases and not insult a someone like I did with you Lol...so sorry about that hahahah Thanks for the kind comments, and for clearing up this for me. CHEERS and nice to meet you :D
Mike BlueT (1 year ago)
+janina lopez No problem at all my friend! Esta bien mi amiga! A lot of Americans use slang like "yasss bitch" and "you better...!" haha. It's not that they are trying to command them, but they are excited by the action! Like for example, if you are singing a song, I would say "YASS BITCH!!!! YOU BETTER SING THAT SONG! YASSS BITCH!!!!", that means "OMG I love the way you sing! You sing so well!" I must say however that you only use this type of language with people that you know really well and won't get offended. Haha. This kind of talk is also used in the gay community a lot. CHEERS my friend!
+Mike Burgundy ohh hahahahah I am so sorry I did not get that, english is not my native language and sometimes I don't get some of the modisms. I thought you were attacking GaGa and that gets me very upset...so sorry for the first comment then...now I get what you meant. Cheers!!
Mike BlueT (1 year ago)
+janina lopez Yea, I was not insulting Gaga. I love Gaga! When I said, "yass bitch you better run off that damn stage! yasss" that translates to "Gaga, you are so fierce the way you run off stage! I love the way you are running! Yesss!".
BolitaPooh (2 years ago)
que horrible es este tour
Judas A. Garcia (5 months ago)
Jajajaja es perfecto , es un RAVE. Es fiesta !!! Eso es GAGA , fiesta pura!!!
Daniel West Gillies (7 months ago)
BolitaPooh Como tú mamá puto
madduh lima (9 months ago)
BolitaPooh é pra combinar com você
BolitaPooh (2 years ago)
que asqueroso es este toyr
Judas A. Garcia (5 months ago)
Jajaja tanto odio . Primero aprende a escribir y y en Segunda : a ella le vale una mierda lo que pienses. Jajaja
Daniel West Gillies (7 months ago)
BolitaPooh Asquerosa tu cara de perra jajaja
madduh lima (9 months ago)
BolitaPooh é igual a sua atitude
Violetprisoner (2 years ago)
Why doesn't she want play her old songs?
Javier Yus (8 months ago)
she was joking
Scoobert Doobert (2 years ago)
??? That's exactly what she's doing here
Rickarama Trama (2 years ago)
she is so damn perfect she can wear very little clothes and a thong that can be seen and there is absolutely not a bit of grossness or ugliness cause her body is the most beautiful and fit of any of the performers.  Damn what a thrill to watch her.  Best of the bunch!!!
Sandra Key (2 years ago)
PokemonGO=ArtRave(dancers) xD
brandon bardales (2 years ago)
something can say me... what is the name of the dancer of blue suit, showing only one leg?? Please :')
Hayden (1 year ago)
teaching? you mean "showing"?
Alejandro Herod (2 years ago)
no uses traductor niño, el bailarín se llama David Lei Brandt.
brandon bardales (2 years ago)
Sorry... my english is bad :s the question was: can someone tell me how is called the dancer with blue suit who is teaching a leg?
something can say me? What do you mean by that
demilovatofaith (2 years ago)
anyone who does any live broadcast audio like this should be fired.
Javier Yus (8 months ago)
I agree so strongly
It's a Beautiful Day (2 years ago)
Pussy Power ! and Thin Lizzy harmonic guitars. Yesss !
Uma Kompton Plays (2 years ago)
she has really improved her nasal voice
Texan Child (2 months ago)
arthfof In other words, she improved her technique?
james strong (8 months ago)
Uma Kompton Plays that voice was artificial. Her real voice is showcased on Joanne where she's singing naturally
James Atkins (1 year ago)
Uma Kompton Plays remember Lady gaga smokes and during the born this way era, she was smoking weed which took a heavy impact on her boi crane it made th edieffrence of how she sounds from before to now.
Scoobert Doobert (1 year ago)
Uma Kompton Plays What the fuck do you mean. No. Her voice sounds like that because she lost the ability to belt and all her screaming and drinking caused her voice to wear out and sound bad.
Deathofluna 13 (2 years ago)
were is beyonce?
Mimikyu In Comments (2 years ago)
Many people saying how fantastic she is while am disturbed by all the satanic hand signs she does 😳😶
Mimikyu In Comments (2 years ago)
+ulsonauta oh my oh my, you non believers are such a rectangle :)
ulsonauta (2 years ago)
+Raven Dark oh my oh my. You believers are so square :)
Mimikyu In Comments (2 years ago)
+ulsonauta Sorry, I tried but that doesn't change my disturbance. (Lol) she still looks like a hardcore satanist.
ulsonauta (2 years ago)
+Raven Dark Lord if you put your heart in peace that there is no god, suddenly you will realize there is no satan. And you will live happily forever.
Mimikyu In Comments (2 years ago)
Many people saying how fantastic she is while am disturbed by all the satanic hand signs she does 😳😶
Mimikyu In Comments (2 years ago)
+Prince Costanzo am more disturbed by how easily they brainwashed you.
Ingenius3 (2 years ago)
+Raven Dark Lord you're gullible, there's nothing more than marketing, and gullible people fall easily for those satanic and illuminati stuff , it's such a basic marketing scheme that you see it in a lot of american made music videos. I think we were first told about those basic stuff in the first year of college in the basic marketing techniques or something like that. But sure, if you believe in fairy tales( satan, god,hell and all that) you can be very easily manipulated. Anyway , it's not my job to educate you, if you believe those things are satanic and evil have it your way , it's your point of view after all and you have the right to it.
Mimikyu In Comments (2 years ago)
+Yoopsen213 The most disturbing thing in here besides her video is your grammar.
Mimikyu In Comments (2 years ago)
+Ingenius3 Yeah about that, that is not correct. You are just one more out of thousands who fell for that lie.
Ingenius3 (2 years ago)
+Raven Dark Lord that;s how she become famous, she abused those so called "satanic/illuminati" signs so gullible people would talk about her and paranoid people would make her infamous, also so many media outlets called her a satanist and such creating even more publicity for her. Her marketing team is freaking genius
Gylvan Sírius (2 years ago)
lol...I love this fucking alien (reptilian). In the beginning, It remembered me of the Ancient Gods in Egypt. Being served by man with bread and wine. Good times. It was funny. But I remember I had pity of people's slavery and tried to help. And here I am...(fuck it); I believe I am the God Creator of all;
Zoria Martin (2 years ago)
those guys look gay dancing
Winter Barr Pebley (1 month ago)
Zoria Martin she has gay dancers 😂😂 she is the gay queen 👑
Kennard Watson (2 years ago)
I swear GaGa you are a classic Rockstar and performer
Zyaire Leslie (2 years ago)
The Dashing Duo (2 years ago)
WOW. She's had some vocal improvements over the years! These songs were amazing when they were first released, but her voice definitely sounds even better in 2014 with them!!!
Check my: " HollywoodFan21 Hot and Cool Video Choice " playlist, on my YouTube channel.    :D
Kulani Kingsley (2 years ago)
Wow.. so hot
Kelvin Trần (3 years ago)
i love lady gaga
Alex MG (3 years ago)
I hope she doesn't butcher her songs for the next tour. The medley sounds great though!
MrKathyJane (3 years ago)
Génial Poker Face :-)Telephone aussi :-)
Beatsandbaseballgirl (3 years ago)
Paola Nogueira (3 years ago)
this beautiful woman. No minuto 1:08 me mata esse gesto e esse sorriso. Love that bitch, com esse rostinho de princesa.
s50201 (3 years ago)
Dunno where this set was in the show (guessing the beginning), but it's pretty cool how she took it easy in the beginning w/o overextending herself until her voice loosened up.  Pro.
MrImagayguy (3 years ago)
+s50201 She said around MANiCURE is when she's really into it lol. After breaking her hip, she's not too crazy with the dancing anymore so that might be why it still seems like a warm up?
s50201 (3 years ago)
lol nvm then.  Still seemed like she had to kinda warm up?
MrImagayguy (3 years ago)
+s50201 It was about the beginning of the middle lol Act 1: ARTPOP, G.U.Y., Donatella Act 2: Venus, MANiCURE Act 3: Just Dance, Poker Face, Telephone Act 4: PARTYNAUSEOUS, Paparazzi, Do What U Want, Dope, Yoü & I, Born This Way Act 5: Jewels N' Drugs, Judas, Aura, Sexxx Dreams, Mary Jane Holland, Alejandro, Bang Bang Act 6: Ratchet, Bad Romance, Applause, Swine Encore: Gypsy I've memorized it lol. It was such a great experience going, even though my show was the opening night lol.
Chris Reyes (3 years ago)
This was about the middle. She did 2 "sets" prior to this :p
Jay Levine (3 years ago)
the dance at the right side is sooooo hot!
Winter Barr Pebley (1 month ago)
Oh hell yea 😂💕🖐🏻
ScheißeIsAHolyFool (7 months ago)
Classifies Confidential with a boy and a girl and huh and a game
Classifies Confidential (8 months ago)
I wanna take a ride on his disco stick. ..
Chris Betancourt (3 years ago)
oh god... cheesy Xuxa shit...
incountryrussia (3 years ago)
parody naurava (3 years ago)
Lady gaga is the best!!!!
Marcel Stachl (4 months ago)
Well, she's not actually a singer. She may be artist, maybe even a dancer - although not an innovative one - but not a singer!! Without tons of layers of backing tracks she‘d have her squeaking exposed. And she delivers the same choreography since the first performance of every song, the only thing that chances are the costumes... but in reality this outfit is nothing new, just a reincarnation og what we‘ve seen her wearing at least a dozen times.
Sefa denktaş (5 months ago)
parody naurava )
Felipe de Man (6 months ago)
You are right. She is by far the best of all times and an already living legend!!!!
David Dean (6 months ago)
Adam Navy Da fuq is wrong with you? She can sing,real good too.
when rihanna will go to super bowl call me ...
You Made My Day (3 years ago)
Que delgada se la ve aqui y que guapa *-*
One Person (3 years ago)
thefame ball is better than that
Tito Colman (3 years ago)
This is so fucking iconic wow

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