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Mobile charging with a potato

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Channel art by archosdesign.com. Check them out for any logos, channel art, or other graphic design work! https://archosdesign.com In this video we test the age old question of whether you can charge a phone with a potato. The results are shocking! I hope you enjoy and comment what you think. Like and subscribe for more! Get a free meal(up to $10) on UberEats using code: eats-jacobt6740ue
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Text Comments (3740)
Greg Bischoff (7 hours ago)
He should've tried an apple
Raju Shekh (1 day ago)
Hi wallpaper Kolkata tajaje
Ethan Lopez (2 days ago)
You obviously need to use a "sweet" potato
Tizazu Derbe (2 days ago)
is it real? i try it...but it canot
raffick mohammed (3 days ago)
When ur braincell dead plug the charger in the potato and plug in the USB port behind ur ear .
Nanu Nanu (3 days ago)
La mine a mers 36 /100 de la4/100!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown User (3 days ago)
There is no electricity in the potato
S (3 days ago)
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Fathimath Shizma (3 days ago)
It not true . I try it , but not working😤
k- 865 (4 days ago)
Fack video
Marcos Antônio (6 days ago)
só mitira
Aasif Sayyad (6 days ago)
Yaya Diallo (8 days ago)
yaya Diallo Labé sannou giunne konakry
Bukuroshe Gjuzi (8 days ago)
Its a powerbank
Krishan Kk (9 days ago)
fake video
Azoum lazt (10 days ago)
Amy Jacovelli (10 days ago)
of the patato
Amy Jacovelli (10 days ago)
I did this in class you have to put it on the side
Aditya Mondal (10 days ago)
Boka patha
Donesep Casiano (11 days ago)
Hahaha your so good jokers your so funny
Yehshurunn Shah (12 days ago)
West of time. Don't believe it. Fake
Ritesh Rangari (12 days ago)
Max Stafford (12 days ago)
Because you did it wrong you dip shit. You need a copper and zinc electrode ..
Romane (12 days ago)
cela m’intéresse, d'ou vient cette pomme de terre ? Cette technologie nous vient tout droit du futur et doit être partagée au plus grand nombre
ر روعه روعه 💕💖💗😱
Daniel 21 (12 days ago)
Jerry Zheng (13 days ago)
rapaz tu deixar de ser mentiroso seu cara de Pau pós eu fiz e não carregou nada
Veenasri p (13 days ago)
Potato is charging very fanni
كذاب ياجزمه
Zakir Pannu (14 days ago)
Gashtic on your head
Sushila Pathak (14 days ago)
Is he mad or not
Malik Khan (14 days ago)
كذاب فيه سلك ثاني فترة الشحن ، مخانيث يبون متابعين هههه
Wesley Irvine (15 days ago)
this sucks bad!!
Glen Maxwell Fahim (15 days ago)
Madharchod sale tum ye fake video banaye
Kedarlama Lama (15 days ago)
Aalu bata charging bhayeta kina batti chahiyo hawa
Kedarlama Lama (15 days ago)
Hawako talma dekhaune hoina manxelai sab jhuto ho
Narwhalmelon (17 days ago)
Actually, boiling the potato can potentially help to make this work. It should take many potatoes to actually have it charge a lot though
Patricio Lopez (17 days ago)
dejen d a ser nos perder el tiempo con estupideces pendejo
Patricio Lopez (17 days ago)
k estupidez están asiendo estúpidos
Carmel Jaay (17 days ago)
Aye cuz why u steal my case
Bhavik Kothari (17 days ago)
you can mad??
Shreeman Meena Fulwara (18 days ago)
you are a fake
Tim Morris (18 days ago)
YOU'RE A FRICKIN IDIOT!!! that charger requires 120 volts AC current and transforms it to 5.3 volts DC current to charge the phone. The potato is capable of producing 3 to 4 volts which might appear to charge a dead phone at zero volts, but a potato does not produce 120 volts for your wall adapter. You need to turn the volume down, we could hear the air whistling between your ears!😂🤣
Esperance Charity (18 days ago)
is fake
Anisha Plays (19 days ago)
I know this guy! Do you remember me? You called me Sarah and my friend Sally.
Akeel Dawood (12 days ago)
ههههههههههههههلببالبعبغ اتل
Akeel Dawood (12 days ago)
Akeel Dawood (12 days ago)
Akeel Dawood (12 days ago)
Akeel Dawood (12 days ago)
Shaik Abbu (20 days ago)
Sports Boss (21 days ago)
A potato flew around my room
iNsaNeN3rd the Inkling (21 days ago)
Next time I'll bring a lemon on vacation then
Mangolee (22 days ago)
16 million views WTF
Anisha Plays (19 days ago)
Mangolee IKR that what I was like when he showed me and my friends this video!
Kathllen Games (23 days ago)
E,I foon brazil no inglish
Anibal mata (23 days ago)
si funcióna el de la papa
Ethio ICT Technology (23 days ago)
You are unkind person
shamshad alam (24 days ago)
Brajesh Sony (24 days ago)
Craig Johnson (24 days ago)
That's the wrong wattage of potato
Miriam Gallardo (24 days ago)
Eso es mentira lo ise í no me funcionó ni con la papa ni el limón
keshav chandan (25 days ago)
penchaud deya teri maa di lun sale fffuuuccckkkk shut ur hell wrong video
gamingwithkate omq (25 days ago)
كلة جذب
ZESQUISH (27 days ago)
Wtf was that
Kapil Kumar (27 days ago)
Hey boy Hey girl (28 days ago)
Leticia Ferreira (29 days ago)
🙎🙎🙎🙎oia só
Muhammad Akbar (29 days ago)
Time wasting 3:05
Saptami nath Nath (29 days ago)
Please don't try these its fake
Saptami nath Nath (29 days ago)
Its fake fake video😈😈😈
Zainah Meqdadi (1 month ago)
Don’t try this at home
Chi Phan. D (1 month ago)
cool video
Chi Phan. D (1 month ago)
the pickle can generate electric if pickle soaked with water salt
Babulal pradhan (1 month ago)
Ashish Pradhan
Mohammed Faisudeen (1 month ago)
Fake not work
Ramill Llaban (1 month ago)
Sab bakbas hai
Naga Muthu (14 hours ago)
Prajapati Rajkumar RAJKUMAR m.
Marie Leo (1 month ago)
you clickbaiter !!!!!
Rukku Mani Rukku Mani (1 month ago)
Afrena Ali (1 month ago)
Amazing, wow,great what a fake video 🤗🤗
Mohamed Idrisi (1 month ago)
Nono misyo
Joselyns Leon life (1 month ago)
How dare you ruin a perfect potato
Audrey Zhang (1 month ago)
Audrey Zhang (1 month ago)
gia Morgan (1 month ago)
I tried it it didn't even work
Anjan Kumar (1 month ago)
o bhae e ghalat ba
Sandeep Sapre (1 month ago)
You are an idiot.
Shamsuddeen Haruna (1 month ago)
Dude you forgot to cook it
Hassan Abbas (1 month ago)
Ethan Hill (1 month ago)
This guys stupid
Alban Al (1 month ago)
stone hunter (1 month ago)
I don't believe brother
Gitimoni Saikia (1 month ago)
sabah 47 (1 month ago)
Joel Mashawi (1 month ago)
I have wasted 3 potatoes, I think you should borrow me yours
Shahana Ali (1 month ago)
Fake hai
hi (1 month ago)
2:51 i never knew that
لا افهم ما تقول
Sraban Das (1 month ago)
so... good 👌👌👌👌👌
warprick won (1 month ago)
Yan kalokuhan....

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