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funny funny funny
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Toki Toxic (15 days ago)
That bald nigga was my 8th science teacher
jonegger1983 (25 days ago)
Funny... as... hell!!
Christian (11 months ago)
So funny 😂
MytokyokittyStudios (11 months ago)
10 years later and it’s still funny! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D
Will Mitchell (11 months ago)
i know
Hanbakayaro X (1 year ago)
I am turkish and i don't see this commercial wtf
PhillyFrank1 (1 year ago)
All I can think is salmonella everywhere -- and that she should have asked for help.
Jody (1 year ago)
Still funny 9 years later.
Rusty S (2 years ago)
reminds me of one of the shows of lucy when she tryed to make home made bread,,,funny
Christian (10 months ago)
Rusty S I know, right!
TheGreatestGinja (2 years ago)
hand inside the turkey, your welcome everyone
Nathan Chin (7 months ago)
tina Singh (3 years ago)
lol! I love watching this😃
TheWheatisHeat96 (3 years ago)
Talk about a slap in the face
Mamahnita Combs (4 years ago)
Omg soooo funny I can't stop watching this.
Gary Tyson (4 years ago)
Concussion ! LOL !  
mijamag (6 years ago)
i die when i watch this commercial
Felicity Rose (6 years ago)
i saw a symmbol at 0:24
windswept23 (6 years ago)
wowow .. the spirit of a dead turkey is not to be underestimated, lol
Jhaley Rhodes (6 years ago)
I laughed so hard that I almost peeid on myself.
Alondra Garcia (6 years ago)
sassyattitude101 (7 years ago)
Andres Moreno (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you laughed when you heard the squishy sound at 0:03 !!!!
123456789kbx (7 years ago)
I pissed myself
Sydney Lawrence (7 years ago)
Hahahahhahaha soooo funnyyyy LMBO!!!
MuzikKollector7 (7 years ago)
Subliminal message flashed for a frame in the upper right corner when she throws the turkey out the window.
Jody (8 years ago)
The sound she makes once she wrestles it out of the sink is so funny.
Nick N (8 years ago)
wtf XD
AFVfan1 (8 years ago)
@Timberwolf8998 ROFLMAO @ the CSI Miami refference. XD
mplsridah (8 years ago)
lol, i actually worked for this company
Wolley74 (8 years ago)
still alive and fighting i see XD
David Pontrella (8 years ago)
@rAnDomGaL007 same with mee
Kyle Rollins (8 years ago)
laughing there ass off
Stephen Shaw (8 years ago)
dmdmal (8 years ago)
Awesome commercial But what's with the logo at :24?
DAndreLB (8 years ago)
lol =D
celebrityskin (8 years ago)
that is one of my favorite commercials and I haven't seen it on tv yet
Luciie (8 years ago)
LOL thats hella funny. she just chucked it out the window!
blazingfurious (9 years ago)
Kyle Rollins (9 years ago)
i was watching a movie last november and this commercial came on, everyone was LTAO
wjdcr (9 years ago)
Haha ha ha
French Vee (9 years ago)
fucking epic lmao
ememk123 (9 years ago)
the guy was just standing there lol i would laugh my ass off at him
Tom Palmer (9 years ago)
wow man ur such a pervert
jaymaal (9 years ago)
Aww this gets me every time don't even know why just so random its hilarious I guess!
adriana lopez (9 years ago)
fuking funny whe the leg was pulled! BEST COMMERCIAL EVER
Noah Baca (9 years ago)
Zaasworth Sugimorii (10 years ago)
LMAO dude got so owned by that turkey! thats good stuff lol
belikejakeenos (10 years ago)
Ha, good stuff
Pogue Mahone (10 years ago)
This is so hilarious it made me laugh out loud when I first saw it on TV!
Desiree iscool (10 years ago)
i totally agree he he funni stuff i tell you
Kyle Rollins (10 years ago)
this rite here ppl is probably the best commercial i've ever seen.
PANZERFAUST90 (10 years ago)
Dragonsnog (10 years ago)
Oh my ribs! It hurts! It hurts! Hee Hee...
dimel6O (10 years ago)
topkid1988 (10 years ago)
it must've teken them time to eat that turkey!
adelRX7 (10 years ago)
LOL - that was most hilarious thing I've seen today, by far.
Debbie Martin (10 years ago)
I laugh everytime I see this on tv !!!!
twistazoomalark (10 years ago)
No he was watering the grass actually
twistazoomalark (10 years ago)
Ahahahahahaha!!! PRICELESS!!
Janet (10 years ago)
Irondo11 (10 years ago)
The handling of a dead naked and cruelly-raised-and-slaughtered turkey is disgusting...
Will Mitchell (11 months ago)
awww so your vegan no one cares. anything meat is delicious. anything that looks like meat but isn,t should not even be sold
Amber Marie (10 years ago)
polo good (10 years ago)
HAHAHA, great commercial, that turkey was huge, kinda makes you be grateful to all the mom's who have this TURKEY BATTLE every year for our enjoyment.
KATiExRiMAxFiLMSS (10 years ago)
James Sohn (10 years ago)
this is very funny and well done commercial its hard to forget
nikki little (10 years ago)
i soooo love this commercial. i was texting my mom to ask if she had seen it cuz i thought she might have been at work, n as i was typing she called me cracking up cuz she had just seen it, too! then another friend called me about it after he read my comment about it! pure genius!
PiratesLover8 (10 years ago)
Lol thats the funniest commercial
ThatBoiPants Aye (10 years ago)
lol why is there just a random guy there
Rammy M (10 years ago)
hahaha i laughed for days after i saw this when she pulls on the wings and all this water splashes out hahahaha
blazinbronx (10 years ago)
i remebe watching this on tv yesterday with my mom, we were crzcking up!
triceMMJr (10 years ago)
too funny!!!
pcdoctor2 (10 years ago)
I love that commercial! I want to download it
Sarah Olschan (10 years ago)
This is the best commercial EVERRRRR so freaking funny,
Samantha Clark (11 years ago)
thank you so much for posting this! i watched this last night and almost fell off the chair i was laughing so hard.

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