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Slavery at sea: Thai fishing industry turns to trafficking | Guardian Investigations

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A Guardian investigation has linked Thailand's fishing industry with the vast transnational trafficking syndicates profiting from the misery of some of the most persecuted people on Earth. Subscribe to The Guardian ► http://is.gd/subscribeguardian Hundreds of Rohingya migrants were sold from jungle camps on to Thai fishing boats producing seafood sold across the globe. As Thailand's fishing sector faces crisis, fishermen are also moving closer to the traffickers, converting their boats to carry people and facilitating huge off-shore trafficking camps. Support the Guardian charity appeal for the refugee crisis and donate at ► http://www.theguardian.com/charity-appeal-donations Guardian website ► http://is.gd/guardianhome The the Guardian's expose of slave labour in the supply chain of Thai prawns sold in supermarkets across the world ► http://bit.ly/ThaiFishSlavery Murder in the Thai fishing industry ► http://bit.ly/thaimurder Guardian playlists: Comment is Free ► http://is.gd/cifplaylist Guardian Docs ► http://is.gd/guardiandocs Guardian Animations & Explanations ►http://is.gd/explainers Guardian Investigations ► http://is.gd/guardianinvestigations Other Guardian channels on YouTube: Watch Me Date ► http://is.gd/watchmedate Guardian Football ► http://is.gd/guardianfootball Guardian Music ► http://is.gd/guardianYTmusic Guardian Australia ► http://is.gd/guardianaustralia Guardian Tech ► http://is.gd/guardiantech Guardian Culture ► http://is.gd/guardianculture Guardian Wires ► http://is.gd/guardianwires Guardian Food ► http://is.gd/guardianfood More Guardian videos: Mos Def force fed in Gitmo procedure ► http://is.gd/mosdef Edward Snowden interview ► http://is.gd/snowdeninterview2014 Bangladeshi Sex Workers take steroids ► http://is.gd/sexworkers How your phone spies on you ► http://is.gd/phonespying What is freedom today? ► http://is.gd/zizekcif 30 Stone man enters Mr Gay UK ► http://is.gd/stavros Fighting Isis in Kobani ► http://is.gd/fightingisis How does Ebola kill? ► http://is.gd/ebolakills The SlumGods of Mumbai ► http://is.gd/slumgods Jesus "would have been an atheist" ► http://is.gd/dawkinsjesus The new global menace ► http://is.gd/owenjonescif
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Text Comments (60)
AlfaPegasii (16 days ago)
Why do Rohingya go to Malaysia when it would be easier to walk to Bangladesh? They speak a Bengali dialect.
Jayln & Leigh (1 month ago)
wow I thought Thailand was a good places and even I am at Thailand to see my gamma but I just want to say Thailand do have good people you can’t just put hate on the country I know they did a bad thing but no point of trying to spread hate I think your in the comments to hate on the country I am sad but you just say I am not going to eat Thai products wow you should appreciate how they work ok I get it you don’t like the country because they did this so much country’s are doing this do you research!
T T (1 month ago)
Hope this is stopped. Thailand is disgusting. Too greedy!
Epluribusunum (2 months ago)
Zipperheads are evil.
Discharge Summary (3 months ago)
How long before tourists are pulled off planes or off beaches or out of hotels & held for ransom
Chichikov (4 months ago)
reform the west africa squadron and send it to thailand
Amaya Hannah (6 months ago)
It’s so sad , no wonder why Thailand have so many seafoods
Hoang Pham (9 months ago)
32 years ago, i escaped from VN, these fishing boats and Thai fisher man were kidnap, raped, murder about one million Vietnamese boat people, they were murder, acted like mad dogs
country boy (11 months ago)
where are the useless navy seals to rescue the people and sink the slave ships? i tell you where: *sitting on their fat asses waiting for fucken Thailand to find OIL* .
ni hon (1 year ago)
This is a one-side story.
kim (1 year ago)
What do we expect when the whole country making living by being pimps and hookers? They have no morals, dignities. Do whatever to profitable! It is Thailand’s motos
Joan Berry (1 year ago)
Heartbreaking because these men are just trying to make money for their families!
MFAZIM (1 year ago)
Industry grows, expensive lifestyle , greed...why bother unboxing a phone , while others being boxed to death... low hierachy people are the backbone of the world. The wealthy and the wealth of the world should be shared equally. Humans would not live and act such inhumane manner... just because for the cause of "money" they will , greed because of jealousy. materialistic. we are here on earth to live and survive as one big family. Not to kill people for materialistic things in life. Humans are created fragile and soft outside. It's clear , we are build to be affection, peace and loving creatures. Our skin is soft, not meant to be harm..where is the love? #blackeyedpeas
terrell172 (1 year ago)
sounds like they were shanghaied every race culture has used their own policy as slave but anyone this day and time should be jailed and work them just as hard to rehabilitated
AriVovp (1 year ago)
why no ones in the UK and EU give a shit about this? No Boycott, no Government demanding?
neejohnenjegek Kiv (1 year ago)
These people are not human
robert ward (1 year ago)
This is disgusting, it's got to stop Thailand is still doing this today
Eric Lee (1 year ago)
Thailand is a shit hole, known as an adult's playground and corrupted country avoid Thailand at all cost.
Zoë Lkjsdhf (2 years ago)
Great documentary. Thanks Guardian. I had no idea.
Ze Khong (2 years ago)
Not all of them are Rohingya . Here http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32867221 .There are a mixed of Bangladesh citizens.
MinTu MinTu (2 years ago)
Alois Amrein (2 years ago)
The Thai dictatorship is no under the threat of boycott by the EU, if not immediate measures are taken against these slave labour practices. Good so!
WebDawgII (2 years ago)
Sucks that we still let the shrimp and fish into the US. "Threatened". I don't buy it. All for some fish and money. Wtf? How the hell does this video and most others that really matter have less dam views then a Justin Bieber video. We suck.
stop eating animals (2 years ago)
WebDawgII america is too busy murdering in the middle East and spending a trillion dollars a day doing so while the people that need help get none!
Random American (2 years ago)
I really like shrimp. But I'm going to avoid all products from Thailand.
o o (1 year ago)
Tre Toco shrimp taste good.. it's sad slave labor is used..
stop eating animals (2 years ago)
Random American you enjoy the bottom feeders if the sea ?? they are cockroaches what is wrong with you.
Patrick Lee (2 years ago)
We should boycott all fish products from Thai.
Benaiah Sampson Benker (2 years ago)
The slaver's disguised voice at 10:08 reminds me of the prawn language from District 9. Also... I'm shocked to hear about this kind of abuse involved in fishing. For some reason though, I feel like I shouldn't be surprised-- in order to harvest enough fish and shrimp to satisfy global demand, what country WOULDN'T turn to slavery? I think anything that is produced in such massive volume is bound to come with a thousand terrible things-- that's "quantity over quality" for you.
MrCurtisass (2 years ago)
Starkist tuna  !!!  boycot
Leggo My Ego (2 years ago)
+MrCurtisass Starkist, chicken of the sea, pretty much all US brands in large supermarkets that use Thai shrimp include shrimp produced with Thai slave labor.
LotLo Chay (2 years ago)
Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees left their homeland to seek freedom after the war fell into the victim of this situation and the brothels inland and lots of them got killed can not accounted untll today - Very brutal and no moral in their culture .......They act very attractive on the surface to take in the traveling industry.......But completely different in their real .....IMHO........
stop eating animals (2 years ago)
LotLo Chay yet the u.s. lied about the gulf of Tonkin to start war in vietnam and now they are involved in more lying wars and still not learned their lessons.
Leave me alone. (3 years ago)
raceses bitches wight people
girl4Jesus (3 years ago)
It's horrible what people do to each other. The love of money rather, than the love of people.
Mousal (3 years ago)
Need to Name Brands and Supermarkets who sell this poison. Name and Shame.
Leggo My Ego (2 years ago)
+Mousal That's pretty much all of them. At this point all shrimp that originate from Thailand include commingled shrimp, some of which are from slave labor. For example, in the US the Chicken of the Sea brand is owned by the Thai Union Group company which sub-contracts with known slavers.
The Guardian (3 years ago)
Support the Guardian charity appeal for the refugee crisis and donate at ► http://www.theguardian.com/charity-appeal-donations
Peerawit Sawadirak (3 years ago)
how was this thing has not been processed in thailand slaving someone was forbidded since the fith king im thai and im worried about this this doesnot feel right this is bad
Piyarom Pongpaew (3 years ago)
i am thai. i think whoever involved in this kind of business they deserved going to jail. thailand fishery economy deserved to be sinked.
Thailand must be ashamed for this reputation as a Buddhism country
joelyboyblue (3 years ago)
Where is the worthless UN?
RawRants (3 years ago)
Everyone who thinks old bald white guys are responsible for exploiting Asians need to wake up. Finally a video that shows the truth about how Asians exploit their own people.
Come Visit Waikiki (3 years ago)
Gnarly.....my condolences
Real UFO Videos (3 years ago)
I gave up eating seafood two years ago. Fukishima's radiation leak, in the Pacific and the oil dispersant in the Atlantic ruined my appetite for seafood. I should sue both! Capitalism creates slaves and atrocities. Greed is destroying our planet. Literally!
stop eating animals (2 years ago)
Real UFO Videos all animals cows pigs chickens being murdered in slaughterhouses feel pain, where's your compassion for them or are your taste buds more important.
SSS KKK (3 years ago)
People do know right, that this human trafficking problem is not only in Thailand. It is a big chain/organisation with the sole purpose if making money. I feel that there is more substance behind this. And boycotting a country doesn't necessary fix these problems.
tom hell (3 years ago)
Boycott Thailand ! Thailand is corrupt to it´s core.
shame on Thailand. we ought to boycott made in thailand products until all these nasty business is settled,  all slave workers freed and compensated and resettled safely.
trev moffatt (3 years ago)
Slavery will keep on growing, given the race to the bottom on wages in the Developing World and super-market price-wars in the Developed World -are creating enormous deflationary pressures. Unfettered Competition is not healthy, it more often than not leads to slavery.
Jon Werner (3 years ago)
We need a world government to end the bullshit going on.
Zaugr (3 years ago)
This should get more attention, how horrible.  #News #Youtube #Cause #Campaign
Rez 1k (3 years ago)
Please tell me God? Why do horrible people still use their own kind as slaves?
Tonia Housnick (3 years ago)
terence francis (3 years ago)
+Rez K There is no god. Wake up, and grow to your full potential as a homo sapien.
NavEdits (3 years ago)
I'm Thai and I don't accept this kind of deceptive behavior of human trafficking in my own country. These people have nothing better to do.
NavEdits (3 years ago)
No it's Burmese Muslims and Cambodians thinking they will earn a living

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