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My Top 5 Professional Barber Clippers HD

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To Purchase The Tools I Use In This Video: Oster Fast Feed: http://amzn.to/2DhZ4ir Andis GTX: http://amzn.to/2Dkf03F Andis Slimline Pro Li: http://amzn.to/2BWZrTC Wahl Magic Clip: http://amzn.to/2BHb10H Andis Pro Lithium Shaver: http://amzn.to/2BYDvr1 Wahl Hero: http://amzn.to/2CaP1wq To Purchase The Camera Equipment I use To Film This Video: Canon 80D: http://amzn.to/2C9JEQu 50mm Lens: http://amzn.to/2CaBQOp Sigma18-35mm Lens: http://amzn.to/2CdaY06 Ring Light: http://amzn.to/2BHqOwy Samson Wireless Mic: http://amzn.to/2DVQNSJ Mac Book Pro: http://amzn.to/2DiKhnJ Like! Comment!! & Subscribe!!! To purchase Beats/Instrumentals Email: [email protected] Follow me on Instagram @360Jeezy
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Text Comments (461)
Abriam Hernandez (9 hours ago)
That hat hella ugly btw
Seb Reni (2 days ago)
Any try oster fast feeds from Australia? Really want to get me a pair
Youty Lakmij (5 days ago)
much respect to 360 Jeezy the great barber! Wish I have clippers just like yours so I could do just like you do! #greatness #360JeezytheGreat
Cristian Florin (6 days ago)
Hy!Please help me! 😭😢I live in germany. I ordered a Oster fast feed from America.I bought a socket for Europe.it got hot and some smoke came out, but it worked. I pulled it out of the socket.hair clipper model: 23-51f, 120 volts ~ 9 watts 60 Hz.in Germany the outlets are 220-240.what should I do? I need a voltage converter? Which exactly? I do not know anything. I do not know.I greet you with great respect!
karcio 12 (20 days ago)
Where is your lever in the Magic Clip?
roblox84 (25 days ago)
This is an expensive hobby
saif Malik (26 days ago)
Raw blade size zero causes foliculitis!!! Ask for 0.5 and a new cut throat blade, if u require size 0. Better still take your own clipper. A skilled barber only takes 5 to 10 mins per cut!!!
MegaOreo (27 days ago)
the left/right is closer
MegaOreo (27 days ago)
well I guess that's when they're old
Johnny Harris (30 days ago)
Ay jeezy the reason why ur liners on the left aren’t hitting the little hairs is cuz the little white ball is set in the middle of the blade
Alonso Moreno (1 month ago)
"Thats only 3 clippers"
Jessica Herrera (1 month ago)
I like these these clippers, you should Design or modify clippers and sell them for more especially those oster 👍
Sensei Supreme (2 months ago)
Bro what's that big comb you always using when you do clipper over comb
Jesus Lucas (2 months ago)
Why so many ads?
L B (2 months ago)
How did you modify your cordless magic clips with the balding blade?
Diretamente de M.G. (2 months ago)
Manda pra mim
Smoogle s. (3 months ago)
what about Professional Series Corded/Cordless Clipper & Trimmer - ER-GP80-K ? I seen some portoguese barber use it for fades and it was insane
Leronn Davis (3 months ago)
I am a black male and I've always had andis but I hate the lil stubles still visible and wanted to know what would you recommend? I don't wet shave at all
Zachary S (3 months ago)
THANK YOU for linking the products in your description. Also, I have the Andis Pro lithium shaver. 100% worth it. I'm about to buy the Slimline Pro Li.
veercide101 (3 months ago)
After this video was made u haven’t seen of heard the female barber again
Equere Edidiong (3 months ago)
what video editing sofware do you recommend for beginner barbers
Dondon Trill (3 months ago)
jeezy did u buy a wahl balding blade or zero gapped the regular magic clip blade?
Grunx_ (4 months ago)
man tell me what hair clipper should i get for not that big price i need it for normal use no fading but i want to have good cutting machine help needed!
Deena Daggett (4 months ago)
I thought this was Chance the Rapper cuttin hair!
Terry L McPherson (4 months ago)
Late to this vid, but the Pro LI short (shutting off) might have been a power switch problem
Justin noone (4 months ago)
How do you adjust the Andis so it doesn’t leave red marks on kids neck
Kingrichard is that you?
Carlo Cambaya (4 months ago)
I need that clipper
shock videos #1 (5 months ago)
Bruahhh u got NEW ???? top 5 Professional Barber Clippers for now 2018
Vontrell Smith (5 months ago)
Love that hat bro where can i get one?
Eric (5 months ago)
bro..look camera..not the screen..
Tressa Thompson (5 months ago)
Hey love your skillz, do cut women?
Barber Cisco 661 (5 months ago)
JEEZY LIED! Them LI's have been doing me right for a long time :D
Barber Cisco 661 (5 months ago)
Brooooooo j need that fastfeed now tired of using the octane, the lithium ion battery is too heavy for all day use. Nothing is as bricky as the supra ZR tho lol
Olivier Roach (6 months ago)
God dammit stop cutting the video and jumping around the screen so much
X thabarber (6 months ago)
I noticed the deep tooth andis blade cuts REALLY good including velus hair better than the regular short tooth blade!
Barber Cisco 661 (6 months ago)
Jeezy had a defective slimline lol
cool single (6 months ago)
yo bro love ur vid , u put out good vid and i love the sense of humour
Beer Drank Shawty (6 months ago)
Chance The Trimmer.
Tremell Israel (7 months ago)
Stop all all that goofy ads white boy shit clown....DAM...
The Independent Mind (7 months ago)
I'm a fan. Young lions getting up and establishing their place in this damn jungle. Stay up, keep it up.
Spot ! (7 months ago)
7:29 2 dollar every time he shake the Slim line clippers
Brahim Khalil (7 months ago)
The cap looks horrible on you
Cesar Rosales (7 months ago)
Nice shop 👌
Prabesh Lama (8 months ago)
i'm allwayes watching 360
Robert Hernandez (8 months ago)
You should start a school or teach a class Man U made me a grate beginner with to work with u one day
KJ Campbell (8 months ago)
Jeezy you gotta add the andis pro shaver in the top 5 bump slim pro to #6.
Daniel Rivera-santiago (8 months ago)
Have you used the oster topaz before ? If so what do you think of them? I know they are very simular to the fast speed but the blade is different. What do you think ? P.m me on Instagram @ danny_the_1_barber thanks
Algo+codehawk (8 months ago)
Hey 360, what do you think about like multifunctional trimmers/clippers for beards & hair? Do you have any recommendations?
John pari (8 months ago)
Make a new one 2018
David Cristea (8 months ago)
you are charismatic, keep working!
Ayomide Adetunji (9 months ago)
Why are the andis guards so expensive?
Antwan Parker (9 months ago)
Where do you buy your t-outliners that is cut off like yours ?
Trey Left (9 months ago)
You mess him up so fur I see
sanpoktoi (9 months ago)
Awesome fucking vid! Just those commercials are annoying
Armando Realista (9 months ago)
if I buy Oster Fast Feed and I have no guards for Oster Fast Feed can I use my wahl guards? or I need to buy megtiaic guards
Curtis Rembert (9 months ago)
Armando Realista buy the Andis magnetic purple guards. I own the Fast Feeds.
Indigenous Geek (10 months ago)
Your station looks AWE-SOME! Thanks for the videos.
Lorenzo Fowlkes (10 months ago)
Do you used any detachable clippers and masters
Harlock2day (10 months ago)
Hand free lol the flying clipper lol
Kenny Lauderdale (10 months ago)
Teach me how to cut that perfect fade big homie
HUB _THEBARBER (11 months ago)
Majestic (11 months ago)
Cant i just use speedlines with no guard lever closed for lining too or no
Obie Yeary (11 months ago)
The reason why some liners don't cut peach fuzz is because the tension arm in it's current position does not apply enough pressure against the moving blade which allows for the bellas hair/peach fuzz to get moved around instead of being sliced through by the moving blade. A SLIGHT tweak in the tension arm will fix this problem Bro.
MEDIA SMUGGLERS INC. (11 months ago)
How did you turn those magic clips into balding clippers? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Joseph Mark Amado Busil (11 months ago)
Hi jezzy,i wrongly bought the andis ceramic blade instead of coarse cutter i bought a medium cutter is it ok to ise the medium cutter blade.thanks
Joseph Mark Amado Busil (11 months ago)
Hi bro.i wrongly bought an andis ceramic blade,i bought the medium cutter one is it ok if ill use that or need to buy.the coarse cutter.thanks a lot
cali Fifty (8 months ago)
Joseph Mark Amado Busil u need the course cutter blade
Hair Care Coach (11 months ago)
Hair Clipper is a kind of electronic device which is used to cut the head of the hair. The Clippers have a pair of combs like blades which oscillate forth and back. http://www.myhaircarecoach.com/best-barber-clippers-ultimate-guide/
Cesar Ramos (11 months ago)
I crack up hard in his reaction videos
Cesar Ramos (11 months ago)
Just 4
derbi drd (11 months ago)
where can those clippers be bought online pleaasee?? need kindaa somee help bruuhh
brandon pinkard (1 year ago)
Yes yes, I experience that too, Especially on older people. My T Liners for some reason don't get those small gray or white hairs on a client. Its boggles me though because Im able to go in with my Styliners II and they come right off.
el Tito (1 year ago)
With The t Outliners maybe the tension screw I can see one is higher then the other jeezy
Timothy Mcswaggins (1 year ago)
That’s two clippers three trimmers lol
Raul Colon (1 year ago)
my dude I will send you some t out liner that you sword you use a razor
M K (1 year ago)
Have you changed your clippers at all? Id like to see an update video if it changed.
Papi Chulo (1 year ago)
Can you please put the links for the clippers and everything in the description or somewhere ?
Zachary Iyasere (1 year ago)
I bought the promate black blades and their lw ass. What should i do
Candace haydon (1 year ago)
My slim line trimmers would “shock” people. I had to send them off to be look at by andis. Why do you call trimmers clippers? Are they clippers?
Barber Cisco 661 (6 months ago)
Candace haydon BITE.
R S (1 year ago)
on the last one, u need to stretch the springs in the battery compartment
Egypt Ra (1 year ago)
How do you learn to adjust your clippers?
Christopher Cash (1 year ago)
You answered my question about the fast feed. Thanks! Keep doin your thing, young buck!
Chris Rock (1 year ago)
Why doesn't anyone like the andis super liners ? They cost a little more then the random grey ones but they have a faster motor and they can be adjusted 🤷🏾‍♂️really sharp clippers crisp lines
Ana Lozano (1 year ago)
Where do I order the oster speed line. ?
B Watson (1 year ago)
KT VLOG eBay has em
LeRoy M (1 year ago)
Dang dude. Edit much. Just give me the technical in and out with a a dose of practical application. Thumbs up anyway for taking the time to do this🙏👍
Fern Builds (1 year ago)
Hey bud great video the last Clipper you show on the video where you mentioned that it turns off on its own it's because when you angle it in a certain way the battery connector touching the battery will at times not stay pressed which will cause it for it to turn off what I would do is I would open up the battery pack and adjust to Spring by pulling it just a bit but not too much cuz you don't want to break it and by pulling it it will adjust a battery to be little bit tight you have to keep doing this once awhile because the spring will go back and retract which will cause the battery to move again if it keeps doing it a lot I would recommend getting foil paper and just fold a square and setting it behind the spring so that way it's tight and when you move it around it doesn't turn off
Tactician Wolf (1 year ago)
Bro, what is the difference between hair clipper and trimmer?do i need to buy both?
cali Fifty (8 months ago)
Tactician Wolf yes u need both
yungjsavage 11 (1 year ago)
Rt like I really hope they make a cordless oster fast feeds
Stacy Rodgers (1 year ago)
Hey. Do you think that the black T outliners that you have are better than the new upgraded grey ones or just the same?
cali Fifty (8 months ago)
Stacy Rodgers same
Stacy Rodgers (1 year ago)
I see Sears have the speed lines for $90
Stacy Rodgers (1 year ago)
Can the Oscars speedline take the place of the Masters?
Barber Cisco 661 (6 months ago)
No the Andres* Masters are clean af. JK lololololol
Stacy Rodgers (1 year ago)
Nm you answered my question. I had to watch video again. Lol
Stacy Rodgers (1 year ago)
How do you cut them?
Randell Lorenzo (1 year ago)
For the two t outliner the one for the kids or old client the tensioner is all the way down, i dont now if that is the case of why is not cutting the hair, i love your video bro keep it up brother
Evan Lewers (1 year ago)
the clipper cut off issue could be that as you manipulate the clippers you're grazing the switch? clippers have poor switch placement?
xXblood_thirstyXx (1 year ago)
thats 4 clippers not 5
Fernando Ferrer (1 year ago)
How you keep modified andis super clean lol they looked new
bmwcarter oZ (1 year ago)
What do you think of the model 97 Oster
Druski Rodrigues (1 year ago)
You don't use the peanut edge clippers
Skunch0383 (1 year ago)
Damn I was hoping you were gonna talk about the little brushes when you said what else.
GLAS63 (1 year ago)
No bull bro, I was walking in the beauty supply store singin' 360 Jeezy!!... lmao... That tune is catchy as hell....hahahahahaha
Stacy Rodgers (1 year ago)
GLAS63 have caught myself doing the same thing
Datboi101 truth (1 year ago)
Quick question i bought a brand new set andis barber combo and i noticed when i took the t- outliner out the box i seen a few pieces of hair on the blade... is this common or should i be sending the back?
cali Fifty (8 months ago)
Datboi101 truth factory test it on artificial hair
LD100 (1 year ago)
can you do best clippers for beginners

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