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$568K House Vs. $10 Million House

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Text Comments (24680)
Alex Malácsik Dominik (14 hours ago)
Steven should have been in this episode instead of Quinta
Jordan Pearson (1 day ago)
4:00 zzz
Kore Shot (1 day ago)
1,700 sq ft. For 1 mil? C’mon! Seriously?
Joshua Tang (1 day ago)
MS Lee (2 days ago)
The one relater is named Eric Nam!!!! OMG! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myns4nPoprE
Todd Breaux (2 days ago)
Where’s Steven
Todd Breaux (2 days ago)
569k isn’t cheap
Jaden Baker (2 days ago)
My house is 1.4 mil and bigger then that last house
Paul Morphy (2 days ago)
Look who came crawling back to worth it
Atomic Mapping (2 days ago)
JuST Buy THe WhiTe HoUse
Saskia Grandão (3 days ago)
Why os she not wearing her seatbelt 😂😋
Toxic Angel (4 days ago)
You gotta love Quinta
Someone Someone (4 days ago)
Why Quinta isn't wearing seatbelt
pocket change
Ari Parker (6 days ago)
who else is watching this in 2019
Charlie Dolsen (6 days ago)
Jennifer Taylor (7 days ago)
the White House has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms lol
Virginia best (7 days ago)
1 milion dolars OMG thats soooo much money!
Sarah M (8 days ago)
That 10 million house🤤
Sarah M (8 days ago)
Bro my house is the same price as the 1,000,000 house and mine was like 175,000 sooo New Jersey is the way to go
Sidhu No. 1 (8 days ago)
In India you get 1200sq. fit car area flat in good area only for 100k-130k really incredible
Sidhu No. 1 (8 days ago)
sry it's carpet area
Graeme Davidson (9 days ago)
That last house someone spent a lot of money to build, it even has a home theatre but the guest bedroom just has a TV nailed to the wall with the power cable dangling? Tacky.
Gamer 191 (9 days ago)
Kieth looksss sooooo tall compare to quinta
Phantom_ Frani23 (10 days ago)
Why did the $10 million house kitchen remind me of the kitchen ned and ariel found in the $4 million house?
Funny Girl (12 days ago)
Try Guyss
Vevi Lee (13 days ago)
doesn't feel right watching worth it episodes without steven :(
TiffanyPlayz (14 days ago)
The cheapest hose is still more than my house ._.
Evan Cox (14 days ago)
Are we just gona ignore that they called Keith “Kevin”
Snow Lin (15 days ago)
Malibu... $10 million... THAT MUST BE BARBIE'S DREAMHOUSE
Serena Perez (15 days ago)
Honestly it’s kind of hilarious how tiny Quinta is compared to them lmao
Gina (15 days ago)
here in San Jose, CA the 586k house is worth 1.3m and the 1,3m is worth like probably 2,5m skkskskj
John Kinney (16 days ago)
560,888$ ... " THERES A GARAG! "
Ella Hobbs (16 days ago)
Did no one else notice at 3:07 they called Keith Kevin😂
Ladream Mallory (16 days ago)
that child room had a nice room... i had a whole floor hahahahhh;) beat ya
foamy boi (16 days ago)
los santos
sporkful addy (16 days ago)
Just imagine the family who lives there their only child which is a girl, and her friend comes over and they do everything in the million dollar house and she has pool parties when she's older wow that girl Is gonna be lucky
PoRkChOpZ 2530 (17 days ago)
Anyone else confused about the tap over the oven ?
Ohm Desai (17 days ago)
In Georgia a house twice the size of house 2 is 750 k
nightmare 123499 (17 days ago)
568,888 is wayyyyy to over priced for that small house
Chili _boi (13 days ago)
Just the land of that house in my area is worth more than 568k
Krystelle Dube (18 days ago)
the 2019 duo i never knew i needed
Ekelley 007 (18 days ago)
There in a house 4 times bigger than that million dollar house near me that is 1.7 million dollars
Sara Lewis-Gosselin (19 days ago)
Answer to the house fact 132 rooms are in the white house
salohciN D (19 days ago)
Unless your throwing some Eyes Wide Shut parties every weekend i dont see the point in having such a big house for a family.
B C (20 days ago)
lmaooo most expensive house for sale in south africa rn is 150 mil rand which is just over 10 million dollars america wildin
Ivar Evander (20 days ago)
I LOVE Keith hes the best hes as Good as the other try guys!
Awesome1Fun (22 days ago)
did anyone notice that Quinta didn't wear a seat belt in the car
Northeastwill (24 days ago)
My house is 4 story’s high
Payton Keisel (24 days ago)
I just love how little Quinta is the whole time 😂
A house I can’t afford vs. a house I can’t afford
Margarita Fuentes (25 days ago)
Love this trio
Lollipop ASMR (26 days ago)
Me: Watches the $10million mansion Me after watching: looks at our $29 house
DatCoach MemeGod (27 days ago)
SkyHigh Flyer (28 days ago)
Where tf is Steven
emily arellano (30 days ago)
"Well look at you. You can survive." Lol
Alex lol (30 days ago)
That house worth 10 million you can get for about 1.2 or 700,000 where I live
Rhexzo RG (30 days ago)
Hahaha. My house cost 260,000$ and we have 4 bedrooms!
NYC is looking at these houses and orgasming over them.....
NiGgEr ArE gAy (1 month ago)
Bruh all I want is a big space in my master bedroom so I can fit my gaming setup
julien hill (1 month ago)
in toronto u can get an apartment for 3
Talia Abelson (1 month ago)
132 rooms *in the whitehouse
Ozzy the bunny (1 month ago)
This might sound weird but.. honestly I didn’t think the master bedroom was that big. Like the bathroom was great and wow a sauna! but it just wasn’t that spacious😂
Damien M (1 month ago)
I can barely afford a $30 house which is a tent lol It’s a joke
DiamondPrism G0LD3N (1 month ago)
xxBOSSGAMERxx (1 month ago)
This opened my eyes to how fucked I am when I graduate college
Januzai Ramli (1 month ago)
Keith back from Worth It?
Nguyen Luu (1 month ago)
My house is 190k and is bigger than that 500k house
ravi anand (1 month ago)
I live in Cupertino, California. Every house is a million dollars. NO JOKE!
Najla Mubarak (1 month ago)
I live in a 3 story house
Antonio Fuentes (1 month ago)
My room is bigger than than that master bedroom in that 1million dollar house and my house is worth 150k i love in Texas btw
Antonio Fuentes (1 month ago)
My house is worth 150k and it’s way bigger than this 500k house that’s small I live in Texas by the way
Candis Carnegie (1 month ago)
Awww...I needed more Quinta and Habersberger. I wish they did more videos together. Quinta's selfie photographer video was the funniest thing!
Georgia and Molly (1 month ago)
The 568k house has more bedrooms and bathrooms than my house....
Alex Pacheco (1 month ago)
A nice 2 story house and a long driveway in New Jersey is like 389,890
zarrar khan (1 month ago)
Are Keith and Becky in a relationship
Lorenzo Lira (1 month ago)
Tiger Pop (1 month ago)
My cousin now lives in that house and the bathroom is still broken. 😂🤦‍♀️
Dylan Kearney (13 days ago)
(x) Doubt
Najla Mubarak (1 month ago)
Yash Vashistha (1 month ago)
She never wore the seatbelt.
Christopher Sewell (1 month ago)
Anyone know what the inspect element code for $ is
Amy Sharland (1 month ago)
3:07 I’m pretty sure he’s called Keith
Najla Mubarak (1 month ago)
They were talking about kevin he was the person holding the camera thats why he didn’t want to fallow keith outside
Lily Gately (1 month ago)
I figured out that there are 132 rooms in the white house
Megan Shewmaker (1 month ago)
Why isn't becky every in the videos like ned and ariel it makes me so sad
Mariana Tataru (1 month ago)
The takeaway from this video for me is that American real estate is hella overpriced. I just looked, because I was curious, for prices of castles in France, I found one in the south of France, which is 53 rooms, for roughly 4.9 million dollars. Like an actual 17th century French castle for half of the price of the 11 bedroom house here. That's crazy!
Brianna&Mia Gymnasts (1 month ago)
586k for that small thing?!.... in Texas you can get a 2 story with 4-5 bedrooms and a pool for that amount
Papiow (1 month ago)
That 10 mill house is like the house I might be moving to soon and in va it’s only 2.6m
Ky Berry (1 month ago)
6:10 She's me >u<
SkittleSkittz Cries (1 month ago)
132 rooms are in the white house!
Behrly Videos (1 month ago)
I love how short quinta is
Dog Meat (1 month ago)
How about $900 a month apartment
Scxrp (1 month ago)
in india, ~870 sq.ft costs about the equivalent of $55,000. ~1700 sq.ft costs about the equivalent of $170,000 and ~10,000 sq.ft costs about the equivalent of $900,000. why tf would you want to live in california then? just move somewhere cheaper
Real Ganstas (1 month ago)
Houses in Texas are way cheaper and way more luxurious
Eva Mariqe (1 month ago)
Keith does not even consider that he can’t afford the 10 mil one until the end
Eva Mariqe (1 month ago)
The guy at 3:50 sitting in the back seat
Clarissa Aurelia (1 month ago)
rip malibu
Enal Gaming (1 month ago)
If i have the last house I don’t even think i would play games anymore i would just play outside.
Tbon (1 month ago)
The 10 million dollar one is 🔥
Matt (1 month ago)
Can someone confirm if Quinta is wearing a King Krush hoodie from Hearthstone?
Xxx Ash (1 month ago)
9:17 size of my apartment
I’m-A-weebo -Dude (2 months ago)
What’s for lunch Kevin...wait Kevin,Kevin,Keviiiiiiiiiiin
KatZai23 (2 months ago)
Well I’m depressed now looking at all these luxuries and I’m over here broke af lol
Phil Bux (2 months ago)
The last house cost more than my life

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