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A Little Lady Gaga - Poker Face - TUBA Style!

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University of Connecticut Marching Band Playing Poker Face in the Stands Rentschler Field, East Hartford, CT
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Saturno Louder HD (1 year ago)
The tuba is The best instrument
Tuff Boi (2 years ago)
I Like The Sound of the Sousaphone And Trombone
B A (6 years ago)
TUBAS!!!!! We play that song too...... TUBAS RULE
dboe9002 (6 years ago)
This was awsome i see the potential of the Tuba. Im just starting and im having a hard time with bflat. Anybody have any advie like lip formation or anything im desprate
Amy Fedelin (1 year ago)
dboe9002 try making your lips loose. I mean this is 5 years ago but still
Samuel Ahlstrom (6 years ago)
@AcornThePwner it's pep band. Good technique is put on the backburner to make a larger sound, which doesn't make sense because when you play with good tone, the whole ensemble gets a bigger sound.
Jose (6 years ago)
i love the tuba sound. yet i think the sound fresno state bulldogs 22person tuba line is even more amazing!!!!!
surlyuser87 (6 years ago)
@AcornThePwner I think technique is sometimes thrown out the door in an outdoor, marching/stand band setting haha
Vas. Kiosse (7 years ago)
Ressisitanz (7 years ago)
Tuba! all the way. i am a proud tuba player of santiago highschool marching band and i salute and say hello to my fellow tuba brothers and sisters out there.
Nasterisk (7 years ago)
I play tuba but if you watch everyone they puff out there cheeks
Maggie Ohana (7 years ago)
OH YEAH!! I play the tuba!
Renier de Bruin (7 years ago)
MAN!!!! I am all the way from South Africa and believe you me... TUBA is the way to go!!! WISH I could see this band up close...
UpBee2 (7 years ago)
the nearest trombone is epic
cashmoney21892 (7 years ago)
The sounds of a well balanced band gives me shivers! I love it! Loving the brass section!
Benjamin Cole (7 years ago)
got this in band 2day, love it!

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