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Step Inside an Industrial-Chic Forever Home in Pittsburgh

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http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/55020645/list/houzz-tv-step-inside-an-industrial-chic-forever-home Stacy Weiss and Will Carpenter created their forever home in an unconventional space: a 1920s commercial building that’s been a mechanic’s garage, a tile store and an artist’s studio. Weiss, owner of Weisshouse, a Pittsburgh resource for high-end vintage home goods, and Carpenter, a general contractor and owner of Carpenter Construction, became their own clients when they finally found this space. “We originally lived in a three-story house, then sold it and rented a loft while looking for a building to repurpose. We knew we wanted an industrial feeling with one-floor living,” Weiss says. Now, what was once a commercial building is reincarnated as a loft-inspired home.
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Text Comments (155)
South Standards (8 days ago)
My dream space one day...very nice
Greg Appelgren (16 days ago)
I Likey.
Christian Jermaine (18 days ago)
She looks like a young Liza Minnelli
Alex (20 days ago)
Nothing says "i hate change" like an immovable object as a dinning table...
sanbar50 (28 days ago)
TheRomewedding (28 days ago)
Loved, loved, loved the art wall in the bedroom!
lisa stalcup (1 month ago)
i love every thing you did you added i love love love it i would love to live there
cynthia reynolds (1 month ago)
This is wonderful & its surprising & great that it's a video by Houzz & there's no selling Houzz products.
akim ishchayil (2 months ago)
My style
HappyFamilyPlan (2 months ago)
it's Pittsburgh with an "h"
Arna G. Smith (2 months ago)
Love the art wall. I always love everybody else's art wall. When I have tried to put my art work together, it doesn't come out right. I think I'm going to have some friends over and let them work on the wall all day (will feed them beer and pizza when they're done). Then I can just come home and I know I'll love it!
Janet Seelall (3 months ago)
very beautiful
medoed 1973 (3 months ago)
Очень понравилось. Не ждал там Ленина узреть ;)
Noah Einstein (3 months ago)
patrick3870 (3 months ago)
That "ART WALL" is what makes this home & give it character. I just love the personal touches & unpretentousness
Daniel Mc Sween (4 months ago)
The house is great.. i find my tastes swaying from really nice houses to something more basic and instead putting my time to people, my friends and family.
Lecia Bella (4 months ago)
The space speaks to me...it’s full of life and simplistic elements that work together so well!! Luv
Donald Raife (4 months ago)
Elizabeth Harttley (4 months ago)
Much of this space is awesome. The art wall the island the ceiling the floor ect... That steel table does not work for me.
Letwin mujokoro (6 months ago)
This house is a piece of Art, while it looks both functional and comfortable. Unbelievably gorgeous.
Mexxer (6 months ago)
They should have kept atleast one raw brick wall inside the house. Would have made it way more lofty.
P Maynard (6 months ago)
Great job guys love it
SARA ALI (6 months ago)
i love this house
Awake (6 months ago)
Absolutely amazing house. The apothecary island gives the kitchen so much soul against the sleek and modern cabinetry.
Viraj Bharadwa (7 months ago)
Beautifully executed!
Dathan (7 months ago)
I like it all except maybe the kitchen wall. Plus if you're parking on the street I would not like that. I would have to have a garage but I like all the décor and outdoor area.
Amrita D (7 months ago)
This is the best house I have come across so far on the Internet. Love the wall art.
Nick Brrios (8 months ago)
I recently subscribed to the channel and I must say that this is one of the most beautiful houses 😍😍
Yu-Hsing Lee (8 months ago)
Very unique house, I never see any house like this one. It's so cool.
Maxine A.G. Guess (8 months ago)
I love the island in the kitchen with all the drawers. What a great idea! You both did a beautiful job designing the space!
Nicholas Goldman (9 months ago)
Really Amazing space
ed burshtan (9 months ago)
Love it
Catherine Bellaire (9 months ago)
Thank You so much to this awesome couple sharing their beautiful personalized home. You are truly artists and creative people. You have the ability to turn something old to something new and I appreciate that. Wishing this couple and the one who created this great video Bright Blessings!
Hanen (10 months ago)
By far my favorite Houz renovation.
seinundzeiten (10 months ago)
nice...beautiful home...the butcher cabinet is questionable
ChibaCityBlues (10 months ago)
Love this!
ARTISM (10 months ago)
love their sense of style!
Jose Villanueva (10 months ago)
that shower is everything
vrijegeest (11 months ago)
Wow! It must be nice to be a designer and have a husband that is a contractor. :)
rachcliffe (11 months ago)
Jealous! Too cool! Brilliant!
Miss Panama (11 months ago)
Curios to know...Can someone tell me what kind of stone material is the kitchen island made of?
sofiaml2002 (11 months ago)
Beautiful home
Terrikh15 (11 months ago)
That home is ideal.
Jesse Ramirez (11 months ago)
Beautiful home. Design is amazing.
Maxi Eduardo Aparicio M. (11 months ago)
Egyptian_Thoth (1 year ago)
LOVED this!
redbougainvillea (1 year ago)
Their home is awesome! The design choices are great.
Jenn T (1 year ago)
Very nice
Victoria Corcoran (1 year ago)
Fantastic house...love everything they have done.
robert banks (1 year ago)
I like it
Chintah Senadheera (1 year ago)
very beautiful.
Katz Mae (1 year ago)
Who are these people?! I looooooove them!!! 💙💙💙
Cleuson (1 year ago)
Muito bom mesmo, show.
Vincent Alto (1 year ago)
Nice people and a nice space.enjoyed both.,
msGvious (1 year ago)
Is it wrong to love snooping into other people's gorgeous homes as much as I do??? xxx
katia lohing (1 year ago)
Love love this chanel. Find now...hugs from afric mozambique
Dale Couch (1 year ago)
Why hide the duct work?
Miro Pribanić (1 year ago)
these guys are a massive inspiration. Watching this makes me immediately work on my flat in which I ve just moved to .. and it's past midnight, ha.
Ruby Chew (1 year ago)
Beautiful. This space is just right for one person or a couple.
Craig James (1 year ago)
haha, I cant believe these people have a bust of Lenon in their house. Hahaha...! Wow!
Lenny Carter (1 year ago)
+HouzzTV Can you please tell me how big is this space? I love everything about it.
Miah Leissa (1 year ago)
What a neat, artistic space! Love your home..thanks for sharing it with us! :)
Rogers joshua andrew (1 year ago)
damn that backyard
Efw Ewfwef (1 year ago)
omg, i love their style!!! if you got the cash and the eye for beauty things are going to get exciting!
Tttt Gggg (1 year ago)
This is fantastic!
Perfect!! So much personality! Love!
Black Storm (1 year ago)
Love this loft, just beautiful.
Nava Eddy (1 year ago)
Beautiful but functional design!!
Gigi Simbajon (1 year ago)
I agree that it is important to really have a personalized touch with what 'is inside your house' to really make it feel as a home.
mizzmolly (1 year ago)
I love this, especially the art wall! For my next house, I'd love to turn a building like this into a home.
Donna Torres (1 year ago)
Raynara Ortega (1 year ago)
I Love it!! Great Job, so inviting and spacious! Congratulations, great Forever Home!
Gorgeous! Wish I could translate that feel to my home with 6 kids
Elisa F. (1 year ago)
Love their home, love the couple and her voice.! So stylish people! Congratssssss!
C. Sum (1 year ago)
Once they placed that 3,000lb table no one is moving haha
Angela Davis (1 year ago)
Absolutely adore every inch of this property.
prasetyo Ade (1 year ago)
Masterbedroom ...!!
Sam Wainwright (1 year ago)
This place is stunning
Natasha Lindner (1 year ago)
Love, love, love!
Co Co (1 year ago)
They covered up the original brick?? Booooo
Carlos Alen duran (1 year ago)
wow this home is gorgeous .
cathie evans (1 year ago)
How can I find out where you got your cool black bar stools?
B4BY DOLL (1 year ago)
i really love your outdoor space, would love to do something like that (where can I see the whole court yard idea, as the video only gives you a glimpse).....your ideas are wow.....
Susie Caianiello (1 year ago)
this is the most beautiful house I have ever seen!!
Fabio Fernandez (1 year ago)
What a beautiful home. Love an industrial look.
Rohit Jacob (1 year ago)
how do you clean your house? whats your cleajing regiment?
Jekku (1 year ago)
Absolutely fantastic. Houzz, as if your website wasn't already addictive enough, now you've got me hooked on your videos. So thanks. #timewaster  :)
Alejandra Blanco (1 year ago)
I fall in love with the paintings!!! Specially the Yellow one in the bathroom, is it a Willem de Kooning?
THE FUNK FOX (1 year ago)
Dream home! Allot of personality and funk!
Toadle (1 year ago)
I'm in love with this home! best I've seen so far!
Kevin Refran Ripas (1 year ago)
Such passion.
anonymous4142 (1 year ago)
The house have so much character. Beautiful place .
Alline Saylor (1 year ago)
Wow, this would be my dream home. I love everything about it!
TheLMMish (1 year ago)
0:41 Lenin head...
jukes243 (1 year ago)
A very special personal abode. I like it very much.
Ambertiera B (1 year ago)
So inspirational! Their touches in the house are amazing.
Thunder Garcia (1 year ago)
love it. that's an awesome place
Eri' Carey (1 year ago)
rneustel (1 year ago)
Perfect marriage of style and function
Tawanda Braswell (1 year ago)
Simply beautiful!

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