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Samsung Galaxy Grand Max and Galaxy E5 Camera Review & Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Max and Galaxy E5 camera review, the Grand Max has a 13MP rear facing camera whereas the Galaxy E5 has a 8MP rear facing camera in terms of front facing camera both have a 5MP camera and I took a lot of sample shots & videos with both the front facing / rear facing camera so that you can judge the camera performance of the Galaxy Grand Max and Galaxy E5 in this review. Galaxy E5 Unboxing & Overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtNVXFcPAvE&list=PLtIc4giS3RKPNkktmHE1hSsY5JIoiviw8&index=1 Galaxy Grand Max Unboxing & Overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51XLHPJRn5U
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Text Comments (114)
Rosé Kim (1 year ago)
grand max is better {i think }
Rosé Kim (1 year ago)
grand max is better {i think }
Skoud ツ (1 year ago)
he men what buy for gaming samsung alpha or samsung j2 or samsung e5 or samsung a5 2015
Jaynesh Jabalia (3 years ago)
please compare Samsung j5 and grand max
Durga Shanker (3 years ago)
which one will be best moto g2/grand max/ galaxy s4 ..????
Shaila Bautista (3 years ago)
thank you!!!!
Arun Kumar (3 years ago)
Out of Mi4i and samsung galaxy grand max, which one has better camera capturing and video recording quality ignoring front camera.....i ve seen both videos of camera review of yours but unabled to decide...
Johnmichael kurt (3 years ago)
e5 was the best camera's ......i would say that e5 are better ever
Mido Games (3 years ago)
which one is better performance and gaming ??  i am very confused
abdul rub handsome (3 years ago)
Which handset is better e5 or grand max plz suggest me its an urgent i am waiting for ur opinion thanx bro
jordi fernando (3 years ago)
Galaxy E5
Chandranshu Dwivedi (3 years ago)
one of your phone says 26 degrees while the other says 36 degrees in hyderabad.
Jhian Perea (3 years ago)
Tips and tricks of samsung galaxy max please....
Archita Babuta (3 years ago)
Best detailed camera review ever. Every "Youtuber" must watch and learn the art of customer satisfaction in just "one" video. Great job!
Harshith SV (3 years ago)
it's a good a video but........... you should have done side by side comparision
Omkar Narvekar (3 years ago)
when will u upload the full review?
Sankar sahu (3 years ago)
Which one should I go for Galaxy Grand max or Galaxy E5?
PRINCE BHASIN (3 years ago)
Dear Sir, I Want to buy smartphone under 15k in brands like sony,samsung,htc,Motorola ...which would be a better choice from Samsung Galaxy Grand max, Htc 620G , samsung Grand prime , samsung Grand 2 duo's ..please suggest me sir I want to buy the phone in coming week...please reply as soon as possible...
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Samsung Galaxy E5 is the best option..
Himanshu Srivastava (3 years ago)
Hello GeekyRanjet sir which phone You suggest between samsung e5 and samsung grand Max with gaming performance sir please tell me   
Tj Adejumo (3 years ago)
Great vid quality with grand prime. My question is which is better. Sony xperia m or galaxy core prime.
mickeyagrawal2001 (3 years ago)
Please can you/anyone else, suggest if this is the best phone within 15000 range. I want to buy one for my father, and this has a good camera and other facilities which he will love. My Priorities are: 1.Reliability and warranty in case of problems 2.Smooth working...also very few apps will be installed 3.High Performance Camera and Flash (also for torch function) 4.Reasonable battery Life 5.Good Ringtone sound 6.Easier to carry and protection from minor falls. 7.Good call quality (of course) 8.Dual Sim Does this mobile cover all above requirements or for these requirements you can recommend something else in the given price range. Thanks in advance...
mickeyagrawal2001 (3 years ago)
Will check it out..thanks...much appreciated..
ANANYA MOHAN Agarwal (3 years ago)
+Geekyranjit I had a query about speaker quality of this mobile.  Is the sound from the speakers of this mobile is good enough. Please tell... 
Aaquib Javed (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar   when is the full review of Galaxy Grand Max coming? Also, which camera is better, the one the Galaxy Grand Max or the OnePlus One?
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
One plus one anytime !!
Somjeet Hom Roy (3 years ago)
Sir please make a gaming review of the grand max. I'm quite interested in gaming on smartphones and I'm interested in this device. Thank you
Vasu Jain (3 years ago)
+Geekyranjit Sir, can you do an update video of smartphones like M8 or S5?
MUQTAR KHAN (3 years ago)
sir what do you think about samsung galaxy s3 neo
MUQTAR KHAN (3 years ago)
MUQTAR KHAN (3 years ago)
sir what do you  thing about s3 neo
jordi fernando (3 years ago)
Hi ranjit , what about battery life on galaxy e5 ? Thx before.. Plz reply me..
Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen / Samsung Galaxy E 5 / Samsung Galaxy Grand Max which one is better to go for if I am looking for a premium device with good screen and sound?
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Samsung Galaxy E5 anytime mate
ravi t (3 years ago)
Sir i want to know which is better weather moto g 2gen or this galaxy E5...
sumit kumar (3 years ago)
hi sir, Will u please review the Sony Xperia E4 dual, I am thinking of buying it.
Sparsh Gupta (3 years ago)
Hi Ranjit, can you throw some light on Galaxy S3 Neo? If possible can you please review in your channel
khan tariq (3 years ago)
Sie i want to know about samaung grand max it is 4g LTE 1800 2300 mgh supported or not
Utsav M (3 years ago)
that means samsung has used different sensors on these devices..... but their internal microphones are awesome... you can make some amazing videos with the front facing camera of e5.... what do you think +Ranjit Kumar 
Mahmoud Ahmed (3 years ago)
will galaxy e5 get lollipop
Parways (3 years ago)
Video on the E5 is little choppy compared to Grand Max
Arnab Guharoy (3 years ago)
Hi sir......great reviews. Sir I want to buy a smartphone under 16k.which will be the best among these 3... Moto G2/Galaxy grand Max/Galaxy E5? Please guide me to buy a good phone. please give a full review with sound & display quality of grand Max. Is this true that grand Max has poor sound quality? I am waiting for your valuable advice & then I will go with your recommendation.
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
+Arnab Guharoy You're welcome..
Arnab Guharoy (3 years ago)
Thax bro
Arnab Guharoy (3 years ago)
That buddy
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Go for the E5 mate
mohd akbar (3 years ago)
in galaxy grand max magnetic sensor is missing so plz tell me Ranjit what can i do to add magnetic sensor
Pawan Kumar (3 years ago)
Sir, I am planning to buy a phone. I am confused between Moto G2 and Galaxy grand max. Kindly post a comparative review between these two phones. Also, does Galaxy grand Max has a gorilla glass protection and is it water resistant?
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Go for the E5
Sapan Acharya (3 years ago)
Ranjit sir, when will you upload the full review of galaxy e5......
parag hatim (3 years ago)
Galaxy A7 mai lollipop android aaya kya
Smithesh N (3 years ago)
Please do a comparison video between redmi 2 and Lenovo a6000..
Deepayan Bandyopadhyay (3 years ago)
So, basically Samsung wants us to buy 2 phones. For rear camera, buy Grand Max. And for front, buy E5. Silly shitty Shamesung! Great comparison video though. I like your Shamesung videos just for the effort that you put in making them.
Abhishek Saini (3 years ago)
It's not just the camera, it's also the display panel used Super AMOLED in E5 IPS in Grand Max
edgar soto (3 years ago)
You should review the Samsung Galaxy avant
arun dawn (3 years ago)
Pls make a video of InFocusM2 ...phn available via snapdeal
arun dawn (3 years ago)
Sir plss.... Check InFocusM2 phone which is 4999 ...with great features compared to price point and quality
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Yes , it's awesome
Smithesh N (3 years ago)
Hello.. Rear camera stills also please show in split screen, so that we can clearly see the difference.
Pauras Jadhav (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar Hey, I'm really confused between Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Samsung Galaxy A7. Which one should I go for?
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Alpha anytime
abhijeeth 999 (3 years ago)
Rajith ur video quality is amazing try to post videos with ur new DSLR
Rajat Khurana (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar  hello sir! i want to buy a smartwatch for my IPhone 6 but the thing is i can't afford apple watch which cost around 500 dollars to 18000 dollars. i don't like Pebble watch but i like LG G watch and LG watch Urbane which is going to launch soon in India. plz suggest me a watch that is compatible with IPhone.
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
+Rajat Khurana ok , sorry..😐😐
Rajat Khurana (3 years ago)
+MDS Gaming bro its not compatible with iphone 6
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Go for Moto 360 !!
Subhamoy Sen (3 years ago)
E5 records single channel audio when shooting... is it the phones fault or by default the phone captures only single channel audio???
rishabh baradia (3 years ago)
I have been thinking of buying a nice device.......I have narrowed my choices to the grand max and yu yureka...Which one do you think is better.....I watch a lot of movies on my phone......some light gaming.........and lot of internet...Please reply ws soon as u can
Harwaris Gill (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar Sir What Phone Do You Suggest....Note 4 Or Note 4 Edge...Price Is Not A Problem..!!
Harwaris Gill (3 years ago)
Thank you..!
Geekyranjit (3 years ago)
+Harwaris Gill The in-hand feel of the Note 4 is better as it's not as wide as Note Edge also in terms of battery life Note 4 is about 20% better, if you have slightly big hands then the Note Edge wideness would be fine, now I got used to the Edge screen use it like a launcher have all of frequently used apps so find it quicker to use, but again as I said it comes down to personal preferences only grip I have is I wish the battery life on Edge was at-least like Note 4.
Abhishek Singh (3 years ago)
N yeah try a comparison video b/w Moto g 2nd gen (lollipop update) with the Samsung Grand Max.... It would be interesting to watch one of the best mid range phone compete with the Snapdragon 410 + 1.5gb Ram of the new grand Max......
Abhishek Singh (3 years ago)
thanks alot! A much awaited review for me... Waiting for your full review.... Good JoB there 👍
Amarnath Sree (3 years ago)
Sir,will galaxy e5 support slowmotion recording
arun dawn (3 years ago)
+Geekyranjit pls sir checkout the new InFocusM2 phn great specification at the prize point 4999!!! Only
Geekyranjit (3 years ago)
+Amarnath Sree It does not have thathat.
rama krishna (3 years ago)
good review sir. thanks.
Gpl LA (3 years ago)
Hi Ranjeet sir i would request you to please unbox Moto Turbo ( 64 gb model) .
Swayamjeet Kar (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar  How in the world do you arrange funds for the devices that you buy..?? Bdw how to cater to your everyday needs and expenses?? I mean how do you get income?? You have some different job or are you paid by gooogle or wat?/ Just curious.>!! Actually i am a guy whom u can call a nerd coz i m one wen it comes to smartphones and other devices..!! And have thought of starting my own enterprise, have my own OS platform or ROM, own hardware on the devices that my enterprise manufactures and things like that..!! Bdw why don't you try to setup a enterprise because you know all the things that a consumer needs n the industry and you can hire some efficient people who can take up your design and imagination and reproduce them to build a device..!! I know it's hard and not as easy as it seems but i think you can make it posiible..!!! :)
Swayamjeet Kar (3 years ago)
+Top 5 Thanks guys.>!! :D :p
TheDark Knut (3 years ago)
+anubhav chaudhary He doesn't keep those devices. Obviously he'll sell it right after reviewing. He only keeps whatever he likes. A phone bought for 20k can be sold for min. 15 to 16k in a months time and the profits from ad sense are definitely way more than that!  
anubhav chaudhary (3 years ago)
+Top 5 Nope if you look at the revenue that google adsense generates it is very low unless you have a million subscriber that view your every video at least hundred thousand times or more
TheDark Knut (3 years ago)
+Som Kar google adsense.
prashant kini (3 years ago)
can u plz tell me abt htc desire 626 is gonna b launch in india or not?
prashant kini (3 years ago)
+prashant kini can u plz reply on my comment
kan I shay (3 years ago)
Grand = u say gaand
Aadesh Kanna (3 years ago)
YO can u make a comparison between mi3 and yureka plsss
Pranjal Ruhela (3 years ago)
hey ranjit could you please provide an indepth review of redmi 2 including gaming sound music etc
Pranav Venkatesh (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar Redmi Note 4G Vs Asus Zenfone 5. Which one should I buy considering call quality, battery life, and multitasking? Please reply
DevilLucifer (3 years ago)
Xiaomi redmi note 4G anytime But u can also go for yu yureka or the recently released beast lenovo a7000
Rohit Lohar (3 years ago)
Bought a5 and im fully satisfied
Abhishek aravind nair (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar Sir can You make Camera comparison Of E7 with other samsung phones
saketh chilukuri (3 years ago)
I feel that the videos shot from the rear cameras of both the devices were shaky...The grand max front cam has a whitish tint and also lacked sharpness as compared to the e5...Both d front cams are 5 mp but why is there so much difference?
Younis Rafiq (3 years ago)
Sir Plz tell me Will note3 neo get the Lollipop update in india or not??? I am asking this question from a week but you aren't replying :(
Altamash Qureshi (3 years ago)
nytym bro...
Younis Rafiq (3 years ago)
+Altamash Qureshi  Thanks Bro :)
Altamash Qureshi (3 years ago)
+Younis Rafiq Hi younis you will officially get the lollipop update in april by samsung india
Subhajeet kuri (3 years ago)
Please do a review of HTC desire 620 and tell difference between 620 g. Thanks
Prasanna Sai (3 years ago)
c4etech already reviewed the droid turbo ...when you will unbox that!
Gautam Dandgawhal (3 years ago)
I have a question Will the Samsung galaxy grand neo update to kitkat?
Prasanna Sai (3 years ago)
+Geekyranjit although I have no regrets about following his page.. I like The way you review and unbox the phones.. BTW I am waiting for the unboxing of the zenfone 2.. And I am eagerly waiting to buy that !
Geekyranjit (3 years ago)
+gautam dandgawhal Yes I will be reviewing them, will be posting some hands on videos of the Galaxy S6 / edge very soon, by early next week :)
Gautam Dandgawhal (3 years ago)
Can you review the galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge when they are released ??
Geekyranjit (3 years ago)
+Prasanna Sai I am not posting any videos for Moto Turbo as of now as I am busy with other devices you can check Ash (C4etech) videos he also does great videos and he is fair in his reviews, you can trust them :) [BTW he is my good friend and we often speak to each other and exchange thoughts.]
Ameya Sakpal (3 years ago)
Both Devices Suck........
Shibu mohan (3 years ago)
But My Grand Max front facing camera capture/shoots sharper and better Image/video than you shown in your video. I think it has better Front Facing camera.
Hrishikesh Kulkarni (3 years ago)
+Shibu mohan hi, i am planning to buy mobile on akshaya tritiya (21 april). i want to decide between galaxy e5, galaxy grand max. it would be really helpful if you answered some queries. i have micromax canvas nitro, so i want few things compared to it. if you don't know about these qualities of canvas nitro please compare it to nokia x2-00 (keypad phone) or galaxy e5. 1. rear camera quality 2. speaker volume (slightly low or very low) 3. build quality & back cover 4. direct sunlight visibility (average or bad).
Leo David William (3 years ago)
hei +Ranjit Kumar  is this grandmax is good for heavy gamming?
Raja Kumar (3 years ago)
Sir ranjit that the grand max is a nice mobile or not plzzz reply
Rochan HM (3 years ago)
First!!! LOL

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