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Hundreds of tons of plastic trash in sea off Thailand

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A trail of trash in a Thailand waterway is causing a big stink. Environmentalists say it’s highlighting one of the biggest threats to the world’s oceans: plastic waste. Millions-of-tons of plastic ends up in the sea each year, killing marine life and polluting the environment. CGTN’s Martin Lowe reports.
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taehan kim (25 days ago)
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boon tonwutthinan (25 days ago)
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Peter Marshall (2 months ago)
China refused the import of UK plastic waste from 01 January 2018. Now much of it is being sent to Thailand instead for recycling but the problem is that it is not cost effective for countries to recycle this waste as the bundles have not been properly sorted and contain amongst the plastic - card and metals. To recycle is simply too labor intensive. Makes me wonder where all this plasic floatng off the coast of Thailand has really come from.
Ashley Wright (7 months ago)
Thank you for producing this video. People need to know this. We cannot continue to live in this disposable society where we just throw stuff away, expecting it to just disappear. It stays here, on this planet, washing up on our travel beaches (and otherwise) or in one of the many gyres, or "islands of waste", around the world. We, and most people on Earth, need to adjust our thinking of consumption and the ability to just throw stuff "away".
Billy Boy (5 months ago)
we are doomed. the world will be a pile of trash in 100 years.
Joelwihongi Wihongi (1 year ago)
we either change our ways, or die

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