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Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Super Bowl Version)

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I was bored :)
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Text Comments (16)
Sevde ee (1 month ago)
panchonavy (3 months ago)
What program do you use to make this?
ALEX MonsTer (5 months ago)
Reputationstadiumtour Studio version!! Plz❤❤
MusicTV (5 months ago)
Hedi Yves EMI (5 months ago)
i love the drum!!
Akerio (5 months ago)
Tysm! Today you made us very happy with this songs!
Daniel zw (5 months ago)
I love you SexxxMonster😘 perfect
little monster (5 months ago)
Is very perfect love 😍
Sergio Fdez (5 months ago)
Wonderful Monster (5 months ago)
« J-j-just dance, let’s play a lovegame play a love game, papa- paparazzi, I’m on the Edge ! » ❤️❤️
iTripReport (5 months ago)
One nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all
JoanneL Morgane34 (5 months ago)
Great 😍😍😍
DCgamer (5 months ago)
So amazing!!!
SexxxMONS†ER (5 months ago)
Thank you!!
Maxi Martinez (4 months ago)
You do this things when you're bored? I can't imagine of what are you able to do when you're inspired 😂
Waso YouTuber (5 months ago)
Best Version ❤️

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