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Samsung Galaxy Grand First Unboxing and Hands on Review - iGyaan

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Text Comments (421)
funny videos (3 years ago)
we can download skype , viber on samsung galaxy grand
Dhruvil Purani (4 years ago)
I think this phone is better !!
Raghavendra Kannadiga (4 years ago)
I bought this phone. Always it hang. Dual core is waste. At least quad core 1 gb ram to smooth run for apps
mahmoud elhosary (4 years ago)
which is better
mahmoud elhosary (4 years ago)
iam confused between grand dous and galaxy s2 ???????
Catalin Rusu (4 years ago)
I love this phone!
Abo_shathan َ (4 years ago)
970 SR
Karan Kalra (4 years ago)
Does this phn hve notification light?  
GeorgianBoy (4 years ago)
I want this phone :'(
First Name Last Name (5 years ago)
do you really consider the low pixel density display as a problem guys? please reply. 
dimigeo1996 (4 years ago)
Not really.We're looking at a budget smartphone here and if Samsung was to increase the PPI then the battery drain would be really high and as a result they would have to put a higher capacity battery in there which would make it a lot more expensive. The point is that you won't see the pixels if you keep the phone at a reasonable range away from your eyes. :)
Sanjith B (5 years ago)
Brother Please take a review of samsung galaxy core
thommas thalari (5 years ago)
does its price decreses a bit (now it is 18500 in india) in may of 2014 please.... if fall how much it will fall ?
Sindhu Anand (5 years ago)
xperia L or galaxygrand or galaxy quatrro.? plz tell me which one should I buy amg the three
Sanjay Arya (5 years ago)
Fred-Richard Saueauk (5 years ago)
does it have LCD or LED screen?
Gagan jain (5 years ago)
galaxy note
Gagan jain (5 years ago)
thats bcuz 4 gb is used by the operating system and other pre installed apps
Nikhil Grock (5 years ago)
hey my freind has this phone and he says the internal memory is 4Gb !!!!! but on net its showing its 8Gb !! whats true?>??
Arun Nair (5 years ago)
I am in a search of a phone in ma budget. the max budget is 30000/- and i am looking for a good phone with mulitple features..Hope u can help me with it...!
Edmundas K (5 years ago)
go to the place you get that phone and tell them what faulty phone you got.
kjks97463 (5 years ago)
Taking screenshot facility by palm over the screen is not working on my phone.. Also the other features "palm touch to mute/pause" & "Direct call" are not working. What i shall do..?
Is this better then the iphone 5
Ricky Perez (5 years ago)
Looks a lot like the s3
Mo'ath Tabaza (5 years ago)
Does it supports and work on Light flow lite?
Kevin Yankana (5 years ago)
this phone is really cool
Jay Elliot (5 years ago)
Iphone sucks
Bella Setiawan (5 years ago)
i don't like iphone
Sridhar C. (5 years ago)
Gyaan is Sanskrit for knowledge. You're not wrong.
Sridhar C. (5 years ago)
Or you can just ask him. We're not ashamed.
nikola vukasinovic (5 years ago)
who is better samsng galaxy grand or iphone 4? pleas say me
geoffry baladiang (5 years ago)
Indian tang... not english
Kartik Mehan (5 years ago)
@igyaan Does this phone hang becuz my friends hv been complaining about it
Laith AboElHija (5 years ago)
Great Phone, :D
bigmofficialchannal1 (5 years ago)
why he plure the name and nomber ?
dwiky vinandyanata (5 years ago)
can we just use one sim card ? please replay
lamiac2411 (5 years ago)
Ouch. I can literally see pixels on the disply even in the video. On my Note 2 I can't even see pixels with the screen touching my nose so this screen has to be pretty Low Res for the Size. It's actually a decent phone but being able ot see individual pixels with the naked eye from normal viewing distance is a deal breaker.
Ehab Metually (5 years ago)
Hey how is it in your pocket ?!?!
Møñît Thåkûr (5 years ago)
hey i am indian i wanna win canvas hd
Prabhjot Singh (5 years ago)
pls. review samsung galaxy fame
Young Old (5 years ago)
no i am
Myra Fe Manos (5 years ago)
@Daa Vee: you can change and control the brightness of the phone if you don't know it. Duuh!
Nour Bahaa (5 years ago)
i want your face book account to ask you some quistion?pleas!
Eram Kazmi (5 years ago)
ii am the biggest fan of you
Cajun-al Francois (5 years ago)
the samsung grand a very nice mid-high end device with a few imperfections but nevertheless still a great device
70da993 (5 years ago)
Thanks :)
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Thumbs up so everyone can see!
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Yeah Of course
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Dude dont buy the phone just as samsung launches give it a month and then read reviews of people if you do the job steady you get what you want ~
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Grand has motion features,4 gb internal memory,dual core A9 better than mmx canvas hd anytime and price dropped so buy one for yourself!
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Why racism?
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Grand for gaming,surfing and bigger screen and s3 mini for amoled screen,nice display and whatsover!
70da993 (5 years ago)
galaxy grand or s3 mini ???
elias hourany (5 years ago)
you can know an indian by his English
wl rk (5 years ago)
No super amoled ?
Achu Buddy (5 years ago)
cool man
jihas shamsudeen (5 years ago)
pls giv an idea about resolution ppi,camera etc
Ashif Ikbal (5 years ago)
samsung galaxy grand vs. Micromax canvas HD. I know grand is better, but as comparison to their price, which smart phone should i buy.. pls reply..
maxx mazza (5 years ago)
i don't know whether you will believe it or not but i was probably among the first 500 people in india who would have purchased samsung grand and me and my god knows that how MANY trips and visits i have made to the service center to get the display fixed of this crappy fone,im petrified and totally scared of buying another samsung their services and i guess products are just garbage bin for your hard earned money !!!
Andrius Arūnas (5 years ago)
FitnessGuy (5 years ago)
Does it come with a flipcover or do u have to buy separately?
Tenzin Thokmey (5 years ago)
How to delete picasa album or picture in Samsung Grand!!!!!
TheTrainIsCominggggg (5 years ago)
yes not microSIM
TheTrainIsCominggggg (5 years ago)
touch screen response awful :(
honey singh (5 years ago)
its briliant...
TheCuriousOne (5 years ago)
Is there notification light like black berry
salah bokhamseen (5 years ago)
If have it you most have root to
Vamshi Krishna. Doli (5 years ago)
like for the start up music :D
Joseph Neri (5 years ago)
where did you get the phone from,and how much did it cost ?
Ricardo Betancourt (5 years ago)
It has mini sim ?
Rohan Singh (5 years ago)
Its a perfect phone in its price range , it does not lag , its a very good gaming phone multitasking is superb ! To all those who think display is not good are nuts , you will not notice any pixelation , it plays full hd movies perfectly (no loading time in big movies ) ,,, in bright sunlight you will not have any problem ,,,, display is too good to handle it . For me WVGA screen is better then Super amoled becoz it requires very less power compared to lattter & not much diff in quality.
azahar umar (5 years ago)
Cheaper but .....
Id Llimet (5 years ago)
4:10 nice drawing.
s27945 (5 years ago)
NotAdithyaBhat (5 years ago)
it would be better if we had an s pen it would help us to use s-memo easily
NotAdithyaBhat (5 years ago)
wats up with u watchin these vids
Farid Kazem (5 years ago)
why does he use his middle finger to navigate the phone?
Aditya Keshav Mishra (5 years ago)
Is there notification light in grand???
MUBIN KHAN (5 years ago)
Plz upload unboxing and review of karbonn a1plus
MUBIN KHAN (5 years ago)
Plz upload unboxing and review of karbonn a1plus
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Yea! Why so??
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Grand any time!
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
go for Galaxy S2 if you can and if you cannot go for Grand Duos
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Lol this comment made my day hahahha Cheaper iphone 5 at just rs 20k LOL
Gamer53010 (5 years ago)
Knife for the like LOL!!!
sreehari prathap (5 years ago)
its a cheap phn with 183 ppi pixel density.... its grainy and low quality compared to the 20 k phns
Jean Martin jayme (5 years ago)
already tested it and although the screen is wvga its still ok the texts,images,etc. they all look ok in this device
magicks25 (5 years ago)
oh well that explains it. :)
Siddharth Ganesh (5 years ago)
The reviewer seems like he doesn't know about the features of the phone.. It looks like he doesn't care!!
Vishwanath Diraviam (5 years ago)
samsung just released this phone in competition with canvas hd a116
IRONMAN (5 years ago)
to increase their market share! nowdays incrasing market share is d only race so apple is allso gonna launch cheaper iphone!!!!
magicks25 (5 years ago)
Why did samsung made this phone? Although the specs can't compare to the SIII... the 5 inch is so unfair. :( someone answer me. :)
falcon1432 (5 years ago)
I need some help people. My Grand shows me a Total storage space of only 3.94GB though it is 8GB as per the specifications. Can someone explain me why this is so? Can someone also tell me if will I be able to use the extra 4GB of space coz I believe I should be able to use at least 6.5-7GB of the entire space.
m antoni (5 years ago)
no super amoled for this phone ~
Radji Villanueva (5 years ago)
the knife is cool!
rene sacay (5 years ago)
no free flip cover? T.T
sanampreet singh (5 years ago)
i think grand is better
sanampreet singh (5 years ago)
which one i buy htc desire or samsung galaxy grand duos
miyasultankhan ji (5 years ago)
so what?
miyasultankhan ji (5 years ago)
nope, you lost to the htc butterfly man. if you are talking in terms of a budget phone and the gaming experience, then too i am now with you. the canvas hd features a 1.2 GHz quad-core, 2 logical cores make a difference, don't they?

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