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Building Bird Houses That Match Our House (DIY Family Wood Project)

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Ever since we first moved into the treehouse we have been wanting to build some birdhouses to bring more birds to our yard. They are great for eating the bugs, which we have a plethora of around here. We decided this weekend was the perfect time to start some family wood working crafts. We also decided to put our own twist on the birdhouses and name them after each other– how could we forget Winston? Watch to see how we build our birdhouses and what we figured out during our wood working DIY craft project. If you would like to send us, or little Emery something in the mail our PO box is below PO box #370 Argyle, TX 76226 Join us each week as we go through real life at the treehouse, from home renovations and projects to living everyday life with our first born baby girl. Life is always spontaneous, fun, and full of laughter because we enjoy each and every moment together. Our channel is all about the ups and downs of life, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Want to catch more LFG and OSG during the week? Check out all the different platforms we post regularly to. Justin's Instagram: http://bit.ly/2MrfAlx Steph's Instagram: http://bit.ly/HealthyChewInsta Justin's YouTube Channel 'Lake Fork Guy': http://bit.ly/2Mq3ucA Steph's Nutrition and Lifestyle blog where she has all her favorite recipes, nutrition articles, and baby updates: http://bit.ly/TheHealthyChew Shop Steph's merchandise and recipe cook book: http://bit.ly/ShopAVOGL
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Text Comments (189)
Hannah James (22 hours ago)
The chirp motel
Calvin H. (3 days ago)
It's a little better to have the roof overhang the front, so that rain doesn't run down into them and make the eggs float out.. lol..
Mindless Focus (5 days ago)
Emery’s Estate.
Mr E (6 days ago)
Seem to recall reading somewhere that it is not a good idea to put perches on birdhouses because unwanted birds perch and kill the wanted birds inside. Something like that. Nonetheless, that looked like a fun afternoon project. Family is looking great. Don't forget about the snake, lol.
Ace Baker (8 days ago)
Lil Emery's Aviary.
David Thomas (8 days ago)
Emery Express Inn.
Jaclyn Kraklow (10 days ago)
Now you have to make a new bird house every year with Emmy!
nouamane touzar (10 days ago)
Her neck is bending too much, she needs more support there ! Plz do something about it ☺️
joapps (10 days ago)
Every bday should be a day to thank your mother.
Wayne Knicely (10 days ago)
Cooking steak in the oven, option. Turn on the broiler! Wife likes her's medium well done. I like mine med rare. No searing needed! 1.5" steak. Start her's 6 minutes, add yours 3 minutes. Turn her's. 2 minutes, turn yours. 5 minutes later pull them both off and let them rest for 5 minutes. Enjoy the flameing taste! When it's -24 degrees outside and you want a flame chared steak, this will get it done! Gas or electric oven. Enjoy!
Mike Bruehl (11 days ago)
Sure there are some more knowledgeable bird enthusiasts out there. If you put the roof on last and put it on small stainless steel hinges with a small hook you can clean them out when the birds migrate. They will last a lot longer and be more inviting to the birds when they return. The entry gaps on the square ones will be easy peasy, its the round holes that are tough to clean. They look good man! Emmie Suites!
Terry Pendergrass (11 days ago)
LFG's bird house is going to be called "Out House??"
Dave Beynon (11 days ago)
Emery's Crib
Liams House (11 days ago)
Binkies are the devil they becomes a crutch for the baby you think it'll keep them quiet and pacified but then if you don't have the binky or they don't want the binky it's worse than ever!
Ballad of Janine (11 days ago)
Make one that has multiple holes and stands on a pedestal. They are actually easy. The scientific bird house you will definitely get birds and are easy as pie to make! Good luck!
Ballad of Janine (11 days ago)
Lake Life Bed and Breakfast
JMACK Southern Style (11 days ago)
would you be interested in cbd oil. here is my sight http://www.hempworx.com/jmoore67
Inthejunk (11 days ago)
Emery’s Castle
Texas Fishing life (11 days ago)
She so adorable 😊
Jeff Gerald (11 days ago)
I’ve been thinking about putting some bat boxes so the bats can help with the mosquito control a few bird houses out just cause I like birds haha. Great video guys
Dekowi (11 days ago)
Emmys Empire
Charlie Dawson (11 days ago)
IN your 20’s you do projects with your friends. In your 30’s you do them with your family. In your 40’s you outsource them to an expert. In your 50’s you don’t have any projects left. In your 60’s you give your crappy old projects to your adult children.
DCD 1972 (11 days ago)
She looks so much like Mama
kerry ward (11 days ago)
what are emmies official colors ? i want to make her something in my shop ! steaks DO NOT go in the oven.... its such a crime.... a sin even, grill and grill only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AKarnold#9 (11 days ago)
The Swiss design there is very elegant......
Jonathan Jourdan (11 days ago)
Emmys crib
Mohammad Yaqoub (11 days ago)
I feel bad for her nick!!
make a dope tree house
Daniele Davis (11 days ago)
Swaddling helps soothe newborns
mark Roper (12 days ago)
What about a bat house? Keep the bugs down a little.......
mark Roper (12 days ago)
Tool belt game is strong sir!!!!! When you start really loading it up with tools and measuring devices......add some manly suspenders. It moves the weight to your shoulders. Love the Swiss design vibe.....maybe add some French Colonial and Greek revival as well:P Great video! Little one is a champ......good on you to acclimate her to loud noises!!!!! You guys are doing great!
Mike OBryan (12 days ago)
The comments Will teach you to not have a baby in the video
Nascarmomma M (12 days ago)
Nice bird houses, cute baby girl & great time at The Tree House 🏡 ~ Texas
Tihg Ger (12 days ago)
Emmy's Crib
Newenglandphotos (12 days ago)
You need to make small round holes to keep the big birds from kicking the little birds out.
Corey Sage (12 days ago)
Love them Aves
will west (12 days ago)
they need a rain porch! He He.
will west (12 days ago)
thank you for making the vids!!!
stewey Griffin (12 days ago)
Emery's empire
Friscotxman (12 days ago)
Considering your home location and your disdain for danger noodles, you do know danger noodles have an affinity for birds and bird eggs correct? I am just saying....
Rage Outdoors (12 days ago)
Our family does wood duck houses
Ron West (12 days ago)
LFG, Watch your birdhouses over the next couple of years. The trees will grow and encompass the nails, thus pushing the birdhouse off the nail. Learned that the hard way.
Jake Snyder (12 days ago)
Good work
Christian Fishin (12 days ago)
You should build bat houses to keep bugs down at night. They help great at my house but also you need ways to keep wood peckers away also
make a smoker for your wild pigs
vicko5s (12 days ago)
Did you say owl house or out house lol
Stacy L (12 days ago)
Cast iron cowboy steaks!!
Stacy L (12 days ago)
Emmy's Outhouse
Melissa Kelder'Zeko (12 days ago)
As birder so tips, They don't always use the house, they mostly use them in the spring for nesting. If you want some great birds, make some feeders, some hanging ones, some suet feeders, and some bird baths. Remember to make the squirrel proof.
erie sniper (12 days ago)
Need bird feeders, even an elevated platform will work. Water feature will attract more birds too. Problem though is that these will attract hogs too.
Hiytti Hosea-Schumann (12 days ago)
Love the bird houses!!! Emmie is so adorable!!! 💕💕💕
Nancy Whetstone (12 days ago)
Very nice video, I really enjoy them. Great entertainment also. Show building an Owl house or two. Build a bird feeder & bath for them also. Like watching you do projects, fishing & hunting, & enjoying the outdoors. Keep going strong Justin & family. Thanks much.
Gary Johnstone (12 days ago)
Try dipping that pacifier in malt extract, guaranteed not to come out.
Mike Peterson (12 days ago)
Emily's Cottage
Louis Loutrel (12 days ago)
Maybe try making some bat houses. Will definitely help with the flying insects in your yard.
Robbie Gittens (12 days ago)
Beautiful family 💙
glen oberle (12 days ago)
Emys aviary
glen oberle (12 days ago)
Make some bat houses also. Will help with the skeeters.
1 Proud American (12 days ago)
We ran a wire between acouple trees and watched the squirrels run back and forth. Hours of entertainment.
unseenoutdoors s (12 days ago)
Kill all googans
Thomas Horner (12 days ago)
Emery's Aviary
Mike Spangler (12 days ago)
Dude add a hole in the bottom for air flow,
Jeanne Phifer (12 days ago)
Your bird houses are great but the reason there's a small hole in the front so squirrels and other bigger Birds can't get into the bird house after the bird that lives there babies that's the reason they put small holes in the front the only the bird that lives there can get in because squirrels will kill the babies not to mention other bigger Birds just a thought other than that your bird houses are beautiful take care God bless
Jason Black (12 days ago)
And another thing to get songbirds is bird feeders and things to help them to build the nests like string or dog hair
John Wilson (12 days ago)
You guys are awesome! LFG, yours should be 'Lake Fork's Landing'!
Nanette Barling (12 days ago)
Aww little "RBG"! River bottle girl! I tried!
StrokeofLuck Golf (12 days ago)
Hold that babies head 👀
Heather Armstrong (12 days ago)
Congratulations on your continued health LFG and your precious baby girl. I know ya’ll want only the very best and Emery’s safety is top priority. Baby wearing can be a little tricky at first OSG. Joan and John YouTube channel called my favorite ways to babywear. She was taught an acronym used in baby wearing that is super useful and will help you keep your precious baby girl safe. I stumbled on LFG’s channel then noticed he had survived health struggles and ya’ll we’re pregnant about 2 weeks before you had Emery. I’ve watched and watched invested probably close to a solid day (24 hours) watching. Love what ya’ll are about. Again congratulations and prayers for continued health LFG. I too suffer serious health issues one is a condition that resembles a brain tumor called benign intracranial hypertension or idiopathic intracranial hypertension OR the old school name is Pseudotumor Cerebri. Yes, one condition has three names. I’ve been diagnosed since before most doctors knew what it was and had to school my doctors on my condition. Currently I in a place where my condition is controlled. Praise God!!! Lots of love <3
Cody Martin (11 days ago)
Heather my ex girlfriend had the same thing!!! It's crazy!!!! Best of luck with your health!!
Jan edmonds (12 days ago)
Emery' s Playhouse
Jan edmonds (12 days ago)
Emery's Playhouse
Russell Turley (12 days ago)
Great stuff mom and dad!
Matt Irwin (12 days ago)
Best baby advice. Don't listen to anybodies else's advice. You are the parents. Do what you feel is right. Your heart will tell you.
mds s (12 days ago)
Lol and you will not be happy with the results
Matt Musselman (12 days ago)
Great job and God Bless
RK Harm24 (12 days ago)
Emmy's Aviary
cuznjo1 (12 days ago)
i was going to ask the same thing that Betsy Ross said. i never had kids, but it does look like her head is hanging a little too much. also she is beautiful.
Miss Daisy (12 days ago)
Have a great evening and coffee morning👏🏼
Jonathan Snares (12 days ago)
Emmerias pizzerea!
Jonathan Snares (12 days ago)
9:04 😂
Mar~Bear (12 days ago)
Support your babys head🤤
Adam S (12 days ago)
Lake Fork Lodge
sman7290 (12 days ago)
Use the broiler...5 minutes per side.
Rowdy Broomstick (12 days ago)
People love buying bird houses, making them, not so much! Good content! Bird bath would be good! Make em in a dirt mold on the ground, just wing it, lol 😂
Sam Martinez (12 days ago)
Who ever gave a thumbs down should just gtfo!
Matthew Walz (12 days ago)
Emery's Aviary
Mike McAuliffe (12 days ago)
We put a little karo syrup on my boys paci at first. Also they liked the wubba nub pacis
Mike Gray-Ehnert (12 days ago)
My son was looking like he was going to be hard to un-nun. Until one.day on the way home from day care he pulled it out of his mouth, bit the end of it off and threw it as far as he could. Good luck!
aaah tex (12 days ago)
WaconiaPrepper (12 days ago)
the wood is cupped!
Mike Gray-Ehnert (12 days ago)
Emily's Empire. Put a dowel up near the roof, full sides and a small gap in the bottom back for bats. They'll help keep biting, blood sucking bugs away from Emory! It can be Let's Bat Cave!
aaah tex (12 days ago)
Rob Liddle (12 days ago)
When baby wearing you need to be able to comfortably kiss the babies forehead otherwise they are too low and need more neck support. However congrats on babywearing
River rat (12 days ago)
I love you guys dearly but the roofs on your birdhouses are backward!
aaah tex (12 days ago)
2 much GLUE
WA. PREPPER (12 days ago)
You need to build one for the squirrels and name it Justins nut house.
Good Ol Boy #76 (12 days ago)
I hope the loud saw don't hurt her little ears. A bird house could be called The little Emmy INN.
nashguy207 (12 days ago)
great video love you guys. God Bless!!!
Christopher Snider (12 days ago)
I love working with wood but I am not able to cut angles that meet. Nice bird houses. can't wait to see them in the spring with little birdies . Thanks for letting me into your lives.
Ben Kaufman (12 days ago)
I have had squirrels come and chew up my bird houses countless times and I would hate to see the same thing happen to you. The best thing that would work is to just take I couple pieces of sheet metal and place on the tree above and below the bird house. Also a name for Emmies bird house is Emmies emporium!!
Gary Thomas (12 days ago)
Emmy's Inn ?
Zackary Yarbrough (12 days ago)
Is there a lake life pond that way baby can learn how to fish

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