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Querying JSON Objects Using Path Expressions in Oracle 12C

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In this video I show you how to use JSON path expressions to query JSON objects in Oracle 12C. This is part of my series of videos on how to use JSON objects in Oracle 12C.
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Micah Smith (8 months ago)
For anyone who is following this in the future and doesnt want to type out that insert statement: insert into json_path_example values (1, '{"name":"Wildcats", "coach":"Joe Armin", "players":[{"name":"Eric", "number":55, "position":"center"}, {"name":"Anthony", "number":12, "position":"shooting guard"}, {"name":"Rodney", "position":"point guard", "number":22}], "games": [{"opponent":"Bulldogs","location":"home", "points-for": 192, "points-against": 35, "player-points":[{"name":"Eric", "points":102}, {"name":"Anthony", "points":50}, {"name":"Rodney","points":40}]}, {"opponent":"Falcons","location":"away", "points-for": 21, "points-against": 3232, "player-points":[{"name":"Eric", "points":2}, {"name":"Anthony", "points":8}, {"name":"Rodney","points":11}]}]}');

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