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Smiggle bags for girls generation 2017 ! JY Kids #smigglebags

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Smiggle bags for girls generation 2017 ! Check out Chloe's favourites ! Compilations of our Smiggle's videos here : Smiggle for boys by 5 years old Jack Smiggle Pencil Case for boys - https://youtu.be/KFDELdyk0IE Smiggle Bags for boys -https://youtu.be/tiA_BM0_Y-8 Smiggle for girls by Chloe SMIGGLE Malaysia Tour - IOI City Mall - https://youtu.be/wmPvcbevQzM Smiggle July 2017 Vlog - https://youtu.be/0lj2HDrlQ7c Smiggle pencil case for girls generation 2017 - https://youtu.be/s-i_B-Kj74A Smiggle bags for girls generation 2017- https://youtu.be/lwGozpjyg9U #smigglemalaysia #smigglepencilcase #smigglebags
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Text Comments (20)
Angelo Tann (6 months ago)
Wah the beg is rm202 wow its so expensive !
Angelo Tann (5 months ago)
Sa in n NHL hockey game is Ellysg76 are u Malaysian? If u are not, smiggle in Malaysia is super expensive
It is not expensive
yes, bags in smiggle is pretty pricey
little big surprise (6 months ago)
Hilma Nafisha (6 months ago)
You go to klcc
Jia xin Chua (9 months ago)
beli di mana
hi, IOI City Mall Putrajaya
MomofPrincesses (11 months ago)
Awesome Smiggle bag never seen these before! Great job!! Full view with a like :)
Verity Gaming (1 year ago)
A BIG SMIGGLE BAG HERE >>>>>>>>>>> #rdrwucMgBdI 🚛   🚜  🛴  🚲  🛵  🏍  🚔  🚍  🚘  🚖🛵  🏍  🚔  🚍  🚘  🚖  🚒   🚐  💖💚💘💜💙💛💓💞❤🍉🍋🍠🍐🍓🍏🍊🍌
zahin wajiha (1 year ago)
Aisha (1 year ago)
linda. eu adorei tudo. like.
ToyKung (1 year ago)
So lovely video^^ liked#13
Lalit Kumar (4 months ago)
I m from India
Lily Murphy (1 year ago)
Hi 😇😇😇
Lily Murphy thank you 😀😀✌️
Lily Murphy (1 year ago)
Thanks for replying and I love your smiggles videos 🎥📷📹
+Lily Murphy hi hi hi :)

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