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Oracle Database 12c: Simplifying Effective Date Range Queries with Temporal Validity

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Fewer mistakes, less typing - in 12c you can define effective date ranges for your table date columns. Chris Saxon provides a quick demo in this week's episode.
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Superdooperhero (1 month ago)
Can the effective_start_date also be null?
Chris Saxon (1 month ago)
Yep, you can have null for either the start or end date
Superdooperhero (1 month ago)
What happens if there are more than one overlapping dates?
Chris Saxon (1 month ago)
You'll get all the rows active for that period!
Superdooperhero (1 month ago)
Will it also work if the effective_end_date is 31-DEC-4712?
Chris Saxon (1 month ago)
You can think of the "period for" syntax as shorthand for: where ( start_date <= :dt or start_date is null ) and ( end_date > :dt or end_date is null ) So yes. If you're looking for dates before 31-DEC-4712 it'll return those rows
Bobbie Sanders (6 months ago)
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