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#6,Scientific principles and techniques of management(Class 12 business)

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Class 12 business studies.... Principles of management.... Scientific principles and techniques of management..... Mind your own business video 6
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Jyoti Rajput (3 hours ago)
u was my fvrt sir
Jyoti Rajput (4 hours ago)
main point v nhi btaye sir apne heading kuch or explaination short h usme v cooperation wala smjha agr long question me aya to kese explain krenge
Jugal Kishor (3 days ago)
Sir is the best teacher in the world 😀😀😀
akku manchanda (5 days ago)
thnku so much sir
preeti chaudhary (6 days ago)
Good explanation. Sir
THE BUZZER (7 days ago)
You are sooooo cute at that time when you told discipline..😋😀😀😘
status queen (8 days ago)
thankyou sir for nyc explanation
Meena Dahiya (13 days ago)
sir please provide last 10 year question papers with solutions
Mahananda Kalburgi (13 days ago)
aap ke vajah se me business sub chal pada
Khyati Purohit (15 days ago)
Great teaching of yours sir it is very easy to understand
Jasleen Kaur (15 days ago)
Roshni Singh (20 days ago)
Sir aap achha pdhate ho 😄🤗🙄thankxx sir
Madhu sah (25 days ago)
The videos are very helpful but i think you should be softer in explaining things. Aisa lagta hai maano jang lad rahe ho
Madhu sah (24 days ago)
ayush israni mai to is loud voice ki wajah se nahi sun paa rahi, isiliye to comment ki hoon
ayush israni (24 days ago)
Madhu sah soft rahenge to tum nahi sunoge bhai... energy laga rhe hain isliye sun rhe hain sab
Deeksha Bhatia (25 days ago)
Good explanation Sir!!
Aditya Jaiswal (26 days ago)
Sir ek request thi aap Apne vidio me or thoda fun daal sakte ho plzzzzzz Or ha Ripley jarur Karna plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Sir aapki videos pr bahut adds aate h concentration banta h fir ek add aajata h fir unme ladkiya or hoti h or fir aise games ke add or aate h isse distract hota h mind sir
Rishabh Vishwakarma (26 days ago)
Sir itna tukde Kyu ho....
Ayush Jain (26 days ago)
Thanku sir for videos ur videos are 2 gud with easy language and concept
food vlogs (28 days ago)
Thankyou sir
JACK FROST jack (1 month ago)
U r teaching in the best way that I'm able to understand the whole topic thnx Sir
parul dogra (1 month ago)
sir i want to ask u.... aapka koi Institute ya aap tutions dete ho.....
Tulika Tyagi (1 month ago)
Thank-you sir😊anyone in2018
JAY SINGH (1 month ago)
Sir video no. 5 kha hai
Economics on your tips (1 month ago)
Search for Mind your own business video 5
Janvi Chawda (1 month ago)
Nilesh Tiwari (1 month ago)
Abhi Nandan (1 month ago)
Sir ur explaination is awesome
Ram Parkash (1 month ago)
Make video goes feactures
vijay kumar (1 month ago)
Wow sir
Akash Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
Sir kya padate ho Sara samaj aajata h
Chaudhary sahab (1 month ago)
Akash Bhardwaj .bst.eco.or account pdhate h
Sohail Nawaz (1 month ago)
Indu Sharma (1 month ago)
sir aap acha samgha te ho tnku 🙏🙏
Deep Walia (1 month ago)
Narinder Kumar (1 month ago)
thnks sir
Sakshi Dubey (1 month ago)
Nice explaination
Arjun Thapa (1 month ago)
thank you so much for the good lecture😘😘😘
Nupur Tyagi (1 month ago)
nice explation
ñîçk Rajput (1 month ago)
Thanx sir 4ur help
Rohit Banka (1 month ago)
Sir.. u r just superb!
Daily Streaks (1 month ago)
Sir big fan of your teaching sir Thank you so much for such type of your teaching ❤️... Best business teacher in the world for me 💥
nishu Gupta (1 month ago)
Actually, i was thinking i am studing front of u,8 not studied by phone
Jeetesh Patel (1 month ago)
Really sir u r the best teacher of my life........
Harshita Vishwakarma (1 month ago)
great sir..your teaching style is so osm.👍👍👍👍
Raymond Tully (1 month ago)
Thank you sir
Regan Sheikh (1 month ago)
thank u sir give me ur WhatsApp no
PM Technical (1 month ago)
The best
error terror (1 month ago)
Thnku sir!!! I am a student attending 2019 board exams!!!and these videos are really helpfull as they go into the core meaning of chapters!!! Tusssi great ho sir!!!
Mahesh Tohan (1 month ago)
Very good sir
southindian dubbed (1 month ago)
gjb sir mja agya padh k
Amit Singh (1 month ago)
Mst video
TECHNO THEORY (1 month ago)
Sir bhagwan ho app🙏🙏
A.J ANUJ (1 month ago)
Aman Agrawal (1 month ago)
Sir woh company ka naam kya h juice waali
Udit Goyal (1 month ago)
You are superb sir
WRESTLING TALKS (1 month ago)
Like a politician
suman Banerjee (1 month ago)
Sir u explained the chapter in best way
Sukhdeep Kaur (2 months ago)
Thanks sir
satyam kandhway (2 months ago)
Why u put add in ur lecture, that's so irritating & break the concentration...😥😥😥
Pritam Bisht (2 months ago)
Thnxxx sir ji
anjali lonely (2 months ago)
Waise sir..what is your good name..
anjali lonely (2 months ago)
Great lecture sir....aapne to ise bhot hi jada easy bna diya..Thhank you soo much sir..
shiba soren (2 months ago)
thnakyou sir
Gursewak Singh (2 months ago)
Thank u so much Sir
Shivam Sharma (2 months ago)
Video 5 nahi mila sir
Canvas enjoy (2 months ago)
App bahut acche se samjhate h
Anuj Chauhan (2 months ago)
Can you please explain briefly
Mahavir Singh (2 months ago)
you are my heart thabkew😘😘😘
Abhishek Choudhary (2 months ago)
you r the best
Abhishek Meena (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UViRmRorVwY watch the latest marvel trailer here....
Rahul Kharera (2 months ago)
Best video ever
Nitin Patidar (2 months ago)
Superb Sir
Khushal Sharma (2 months ago)
Sir superv videoo
Mohd Saqlain (2 months ago)
Best channels for class 12th Commerce :- 1. Accounts Adda 2. Mind your own business 3. Economics on your tips Thank you soo much for making soo much efforts for us.
Vaibhav Shukla (2 months ago)
Thank you so much sir aapki wajah se mujhe business studies achche se samjah me aane lagi
Jat jamidar (2 months ago)
jma gzb video bai
Resham Soni (2 months ago)
Thank you 💫
vikas gupta (2 months ago)
sir can we have a blooper video plzz??
Anshu Agrawal (2 months ago)
Bhai yaar yeh sahi haaa
Rashmi Jain (2 months ago)
Your teaching way is too simple...😊😊
Shree Ram Choudhary (3 months ago)
sar hindi aane do
Jai Malakar (3 months ago)
sachin Gahlot (3 months ago)
tqsm sir Kya explanation h apki Sach me😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Laughter zone (3 months ago)
Alag hi Josh tha is video m to😂
Shakira Begum (3 months ago)
Ankita Chauhan (3 months ago)
Tooo goodd method sir
maths mystery (3 months ago)
Your explanation is amazing nice videov
rohan khanna (3 months ago)
Awesome video bro...it was really useful..
Gursharan Singh (3 months ago)
Motion study = agr bst padhne ke badd bhi marks ka output ni aa rha toh bst matt padho 😂😂
Manisha Sharma (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcnvDV03XhU&t=462s check this much better video
Shrikrishan Durhan (3 months ago)
Very good
Education Hub (3 months ago)
Best business studies notes book with short forms and easy to learn contact me whatsapp { book } on my whatsapp no. 9131790255
The study helper megha (3 months ago)
Nice video
Faraz Ansari (3 months ago)
I pity them jinhone expensive online courses le liye 😂😂
Shivam Yadav (3 months ago)
Which book is to be used sir
Arun Rai (3 months ago)
Sir aap bahut acha samjha the hai aisa koyi nahi samjha tha hai
Hira Lal Srivastava (3 months ago)
U made my exam sir!🙋...tyvm
manish mahto (3 months ago)
Kuch bhi padha ke paar karna h buss.. eco hi padha bhai te
Akash Kumar (3 months ago)
Thankqqqq sir.....
slathian _priyanshi (3 months ago)
Thank you sir your lectures are really very helpful
Purshotam pandey (4 months ago)
hasian khediyan (4 months ago)
Osssssm sir

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