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What does snakes dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

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Dreaming of snakes may show a positive change in life, and may provide answers to the problems. In other hand, If you dream that you are bitten by a snake it can indicate that you may have succumbed to a negative influence in your life or have feelings of being a failure. Find out more dreams meanings and interpretations in our dream dictionary https://dreammeaning.org/snakes.html
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Semi-Gamer ™ (1 month ago)
Please read this all. So, I had a dream I was behind my home, there was a weird animal, a really weird one like a combination of a dog and mink or however that animal that sneaks up at night and kills your chickens, ducks and everything else is called, anyway a combination of a dog and that one, it was pretty small and it was white with big black spots on it like a normal dog, then I walked around and saw inside the greenhouse a BIG hole, like a man dogged one or animal dogged with big spotted eggs like that little bird found in the wild but some people have them too, it lays tiny eggs, anyway big eggs then a lot of big birds kind of like kiwi birds but much bigger like 20-30cm. tall, brown feathers with white spots at the end of their wings, the wings were tucked they were walking, and they kept cracking the eggs and more and more appeared, then some of those weird dog animals were in there, then I was back where I first saw the animal, just like a 5meters distance and there was a piece of tarp, the hardly transparent type that greenhouses are usually wrapped in and it was big like there was a pillow under it, I grabbed it and moved it, under it were a lot of small snakes, like a ball of them, A LOT, mostly dark colors, I then moved from it and went to my did to get a gun, one of those simple ones where you put a piece of shaped aluminum in it and it just shoots based on air or something, you can use for sparrows and small game like that, the "bullet" you can squish it, anyway I went to get it and my dad gave me a really weird looking one that was pretty small and some white plastic on it, I went back and tried to shoot that animal, nothing, again, nothing, then I was back where I came out, ok so where my dad was, is under the balcony is like a big corridor with a summer kitchen that goes from the front of the house to the back, nothing fancy so as I was at the part in front of the house when I took the gun then shot the animal and nothing happened I appeared back where you would get out of the corridor and there was like a line of those animals walking from right to left, the spot with the snakes and me trying to shoot the animal would be to my right, so there was that line of those spotted animals just walking and walking, starting from behind some old metal junk to my right and going to the left behind a tree and the building with wood and stuff, and they just kept walking more and more, the line wasn't ending, then I was back at the spot with snakes and where I tried to shoot the animal and it was looking at me and now it has little teeth, like how monsters have in movies at the bottom and with 2 big ones to the side, but they were little as he was the size of a 2-3 months old puppy, also in that line there were some big ones too but the body was the same, only their scale changed, not with much also I only sat and looked at the line for a few seconds, less than 5. Then after that animal look at me the dream ended. That night or the night after my brother was coming home, he was in the country next to us, he transports people, parcels, cars stuff like that and the road was icy, he couldn't control the car and went into the barrier, not hard, he hit it bent it a bit and kept going, everyone else was sleeping and they didn't feel a thing, only his friend which was his second driver, sleepin nin the passenger left seat turned a bit. My mom also had a weird dream. Now I am thinking, was my brother the animal, and me trying to kill it with the gun and not succeeding, was I the ice on the road and the fact that there was that barrier and my brother being a very, very experienced driver and having a trailer with a car behind him being the smaller and weaker gun, like, is that why the gun was how it was and the bullets dkpoing nothing? Then the teeth were... idk the reaction of his friend ? Then what were the snakes, birds, and line of animals? What the F was that dream ? Could you guys tell me something, I think I got half of it, but I am missing on something, wait, there were a few of these animals on some planks in the greenhouse watching the birds from above, were the birds the people and the animals trying to get them but not succeed? Because the people didn't feel a thing and the birds also didn't react so that is something. But the snakes and the line of those animals, what did they mean ?
Omega Fire (1 month ago)
I saw a black snake in my yard and it went in my house and it was hiding until I killed it what does it mean
Moroesi Mokake (1 month ago)
what if the snake talks to me in a dream...saying that someone i know is going to die and the next day it happens?
MeanKook (1 month ago)
I had a dream that involves about a huge snakes and he/she had a owner so i avoid the snake by moving from another place
Lisa Kassim (1 month ago)
wen I dream snake some ting bad is happening
reach for your dreams (1 month ago)
My snake dream was way different It wasnt a real life snake , it was like a drawing/tattoo not sure but on my hand it looked cool and there was a branch with another smaller snake, I think they both had there mouths open. I'm really confused I never dreamed of snakes before. I mean but I usually have really weird dreams .
I had a snake dream twice And I rember it but i rarely dream i just see black
hondas suck (3 months ago)
There was a pond with a crocodile in it, and a snake that I was holding left and went after the crocodile in a tunnel
Refilwe fifi (3 months ago)
very precise nd informative😊😋thank u
I had a dream where I was swimming and this huge snake was underneath me, so I climbed up a ladder in the middle of the lake and it shot ot of the water so I punched it in the face. I managed to get to dry land but hundreds of snakes were chasing me, so my hands turned into knives and I killed all of them.
Semi-Gamer ™ (1 month ago)
Good things
huyana XOXO (4 months ago)
Who dream here about chasing
Iohanes Paulus (4 months ago)
Can someone please interpret my dream? English is not my language, so please bear with me. It was night time, me and my friends were in a chapel when he suddenly told us that he must go home because he wanted to show something he found. In order to reach his house we have to pass through a vacant lot filled with trees and thick bushes. As we are about to pass through the vacant lot, we saw two of our friends. I said to them, "what are you two doing here in the vacant lot? It's dangerous because there are snakes in this area." They simply stared at us and said nothing so we continued walking. We saw many colorful snakes along the path so we started leaping in order not to step on them. We were so close to the house but for for no reason at all we decided to go back. While going back, I said to my friends, "See, I told you it's not safe to walk here at night." After speaking, I accidentally stepped on a snake and the snake bit me. The bite of the snake woke me up. I can still feel the pain in my leg where the snake bit me.
Selena Duenas (5 months ago)
I had a dream where I saw a snake in the water and that exact snake was in a pregnant belly next to the belly button and it was just swimming around the pregnant belly?!?!?😩
Edith Felicia (6 months ago)
I've dreamed that I got my self bitten on my hand by a snake, but I wasn't worry about it not a little bit, what I did was just screaming in anger to the snake, and showed my mom and my sister how bloody my hand was.
Bhebhe Olvis (7 months ago)
i dream always snakes they are to much...and there are old women also.she want take all snakes.
starting over (7 months ago)
Golden snake that attacked my daughter in my dream.
I dreamt about getting bitten by a snake.. I got bitten cause I saved my sister from it then I woke up....why's that?
angle angle (7 months ago)
I did dream about snakes ,my unborn bby was died second day ,i was 8 months
V Min Kook Stan (7 months ago)
In my dream... I dreamed about a Black Mamba Snake and the black mamba Bite me......
Sat Tan (7 months ago)
i saw a snake was in my fridge and my aunt conmunicated with it and it was also in my living room
Pradhuman Rai (7 months ago)
I had a dream about snake and the same situation comes in my life, so I am the believer
Official Silke F (1 year ago)
Let me tell you my last dream from last night. Maybe someone can understand its complex meaning. I was dreming last night that Hillary Clinton told me to take a lot pills and eat a green snake so I eat a lot pills and killed the snake to eat the snake. Hillary Clinton drove me in a transporter with high speed over a free empty road and I smiled at Hillary Clinton because I enjoyed her speed. Hillary started to put on some sunglasses in the car while I was smiling at her because I liked all this so much. It was just funny and cool. After this moment I woke up.
Syazwina Nurina (1 year ago)
I dream that there is countless of snakes and centipede in my house and i have to avoid them like crazy when i walk
Rodan 101 (1 year ago)
How about crows I dream of them once of twice and I dream of dead crows once a month Of? Lol I mean or
Rekha Rekha (1 year ago)
died snakes means in dream
Ansh Arora (1 year ago)
In My Dreams snake bite me what does that mean can can anybody tell wt does it means
Bad Vibes Forever (1 year ago)
Ansh Arora you got a enemy whos trying to make you less successful in life and wants u to suffer
I ever heard people say ....if you dream a snake bites you , you'll receive marriage proposal
Lukewho'shere (1 year ago)
bunga nusaindah WTF DAMN NOO
AVW Weslley (1 year ago)
I see. And colour?
Sienna Rios (1 year ago)
It was so crazy and scary
Sienna Rios (1 year ago)
Then I woke up
Sienna Rios (1 year ago)
I had a dream of a snake today I was so scared and it was venomous but I stayed calm and it bit me ??!!!!
baby zaiba (1 year ago)
my mom said me that if we get snake in our dream it means we have some enemy and if we are successful in killing that snake means that we are no more affected by that enemies if in case it tries to harm us we need to be careful about our enemy they can harm us in real life
Max Jones (1 year ago)
Ziba Mohammed thats wat i was told too. the snakes i dream about are usually giant anaconda that i can ever kill. so i ran all the time and they chase me till i wake up lol they are never friendly
Gangamma Chandramukhi (1 year ago)
Ziba Mohammed my snake dream was very different it's so big it's flying on the sky, trying to catch me and my unknown dream friends..
DiamondsWood2010 (1 year ago)
Ziba Mohammed I had a dream that someone throw two snakes at me. I ended up screaming and woke up. This is all I can remember.
baby zaiba (1 year ago)
Gail Becker thts gud be safe and have a better feature ahead ☺
Gail Becker (1 year ago)
Your mother is right, dreaming of snakes means you have an enemy! The first time I dreamed about a snake I also dreamed God told me it meant I had an enemy. However, He also said that the snake was afraid of me too and he can't touch me.
Robin Hood (2 years ago)
I was dreaming of differant snakes, i didnt like them to much, then i saw one of my mothers murders with a leashed snake attached to him! I didnt like Tyrone but i liked the big dark snake he was being led by! I leaned over and petted the snake and said "Good boy"! Lol i will find out what this dream really means in a few days! Lol I think Tyrone is in hell being led by this watch dog snake! Lol
Avantika Mishra (2 years ago)
maine gray colour ka snake dekha hai din me 1bje iska kya matlab

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