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Starburst- Commercial [funny]

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Best Commercials ever... Subscribe and , more to come...
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lonewolf0923 (1 year ago)
Almost as funny as the Scotch Korean ones...
jon kidd (2 years ago)
pulled a guy into a burning building the fuck lol
Justin M. Aragon (3 years ago)
Not as funny as berries and cream... Berries and cream, berries and cream, I'm a little lad who loves berries and creeeeeeeam.
FluffyNator 13 (4 years ago)
Kerry Urbine II (5 years ago)
Kerry Urbine II (5 years ago)
Portuguese Podengo Medio
nicholas thompson (5 years ago)
What dog breed is that?
Alex Licea (5 years ago)
I sold this car to the company that made this commercial.. It was my 1988 Izuzu Trooper II. I have owned several Troopers and for the most part they are good overall vehicles.
TheBadMoJoe (5 years ago)
The blinking eyes at 0:23, always make me smile
JesusManPowerKick (5 years ago)
That isn't a fucking contradiction -___________-
odmeli (6 years ago)
yup, that dog is definitely weird
Tom DeVito (6 years ago)
Lmfao the best commercial ever!. But makes me wonder why the dog has the butt out the window..Maybe to air dry his butt? o_O
Dmitry Lang (6 years ago)
what car is that? I want one
Nate Haile (6 years ago)
really funny commerical
Corrine K Mya L (6 years ago)
yeah but he loves cats hates tennis balls and pulled a guy into a burning building sooooooooo yeah he isnt weird
POCTOP BOOLSHEET!! (6 years ago)
Funnier than most Superbowl commercials I've seen in the past.
Edwin Ericson (6 years ago)
that "Nawh, he's wierd." at the end Gets me EVERY time!
Samey Abinanti (6 years ago)
I am really weird and Proud of it!
meredith boatman (6 years ago)
OMG!!!!! I die Everytime I see this commercial!!
BarryChamberlain (6 years ago)
he pulled a guy INTO a burning building!
ibrahim makaveli (6 years ago)
lmfao, oh shit i caught on to that.... that was funny as hell =]
lucisays (6 years ago)
......Naw he's weird
Kimberly Collins (6 years ago)
That may look like a dog, but it's really a honey badgar! He just doesn't give a shit!
Forced Name (6 years ago)
Hard to make fun of the dog when you're the one in the back seat! I like this commercial.
TheLegendz99 (6 years ago)
Nahh...Hes weird... xD
Lesley Galaviz (6 years ago)
Haha, I love these commercials. xD
SergeantMonopolyMan (6 years ago)
Ok, this has been bugging the HELL out of me for quite some time, that dog is not a contradiction a contradiction is something like "I am a lombax, and lombax's always lie." See? it's when you fucking contradict yourself, I could be lieing if I was a lombax, ,but then if I was, I'd be contradicting myself, the dog in this commercial is IRONIC because his butt is out the window, not his head GOD DAMN THIS BOTHERS ME.
Unfunny Dilbert 1876 (6 years ago)
Why doesn't anyone get the joke? The ad is about contradictions, my comment is a contradiction, why is it so hard to get the joke? :(
Kenny KstylesGamer (6 years ago)
Hahaha if my dogg did this I would laugh my ass off
Stretch Twentynine (6 years ago)
your asking for thumbs up :\
Unfunny Dilbert 1876 (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you hate comments asking for thumbs up.
BballNintendo3 (6 years ago)
nah he's weird
DC5Pro (6 years ago)
If I had to choose between a breeze on my face and a breeze running through my sweaty ass crack, I'd choose the latter.
bailing henry (6 years ago)
nah he's weird
XpokeJose (6 years ago)
nah he's wierd..
MrGuitardude12121 (6 years ago)
nah his weerd
Carolyn McEvoy (6 years ago)
One of THE best commercials on---very rarely seen--- but EXCELLENT! I love BENNY!!!!!
Isaak Stagl (6 years ago)
Anyone know what kind of car that is? It's bugging me.
Pat McCam (6 years ago)
Maybe the dog's trying to be respectful and shit out of the window because you fucks are in a hurry to your audition for this commercial.
Dj Blaze b.973 (6 years ago)
TrealJazz .. why do u even comment?? ..
trappedinside1 (6 years ago)
This commercial was hysterical, I keep telling people about it and laugh every time it comes on. Too bad they failed at the actual point of the ad, because all I can remember is the dog's ass out of the window and the whole "contradiction" remark, I never can recollect what the commercial is advertising!
Ximena Chavez (6 years ago)
This is awesome I just saw it on tv and I had to look it up.
Gaaracoon123 (6 years ago)
lol i love this
Haunted (6 years ago)
He's a special dog
niecyo15 (7 years ago)
lol instead of pulling guys out of burning buildings he pulls them into the burning buildings lol i luv this commerecial
igettoff3 (7 years ago)
this is too funny!!!!!!!!!!! this dog is the star of this commercial.
SuperHitman200 (7 years ago)
lol dog :)))))
musidavid (7 years ago)
love this commercial
James Doperak (7 years ago)
Zank Mane Kewpie (7 years ago)
OH MY [email protected]#$%* gosh thats frikin hilarious........nah he's weird

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