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How to Highlight Text in Dreamweaver

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How to Highlight Text in Dreamweaver. Short and to the point. For the crystal clear video, visit bigsensation.com under "video tutorials"
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Text Comments (5)
Maciej Mierzejewski (9 months ago)
veri naic
Marium Siddiqui (4 years ago)
You have made my day!
Lug Wrenches (5 years ago)
YouGottaBeBullshittingMe! All of this just to highlight some silly text? With FrontPage, all I ever had to do was highlight the text, hit the highlight button from the toolbar, and choose the color.
ItCanBeDoneAMIGO! (8 years ago)
very quiet but good lesson, thank you :)
Oliver Curting (11 years ago)
2x agree

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