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Get 10% Off Original by Blumaan using code - CAM - https://blumaan.com ........................................... Haircut Points: - Mid skin fade using clippers and scissors - Shears used for texture and to reduce weight on top - Top Length: Approx. 5 inches - Styling Products- Original by Blumaan x Cavalier Clay Cavalier clay will be launching soon here: http://thecavalierco.com Subscribe for new videos every week! ............................................................................. Last Video: https://youtu.be/O9_JokijYYo // RealBarberTv https://www.youtube.com/RealBarberTv // Instagram http://instagram.com/camcretney // Twitter https://twitter.com/camcretney // Facebook Page http://bit.ly/cameroncretney Music: Track 1- Racyne - Espoir Track 2- Juan RIOS - Wake Up Business Inquires Only [email protected] Please share this video, drop a like and subscribe if you enjoy my content...if you want to... :)
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Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
You guys know how I style my hair, or at least you should by now! This is just the haircut process! Hope you enjoyed! SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON!
Muhammad Alhadi (1 year ago)
Cameron Cretney internet legend has it, Marvin Gaye created the song sexual healing to this video
billy lafave (1 year ago)
what the number for both sides :)
Brennon Naquin (2 years ago)
Cameron Cretney can you cut your hair in the short fringe that is popular right now
ARGON TECHNO (2 years ago)
Cameron Cretney have u every thought of trying out contacts men u look really clean without glasses you should get contacts 👌🏽
YAY ICE CREAM (2 years ago)
show him a picture. Just imagine someone else trying to describe an image to you, it's pretty hard. A picture though is as accurate as it can get.
Kell Evans (1 year ago)
Its good hair cut but like no one notices the behind his ears are so dry they're bloody...
Anup Sinha (1 year ago)
Ohh God...The best haircut...Its the best on YouTube!!!
donkeyenvious (1 year ago)
You look legitimately 10x better without glasses.
TheHairTech (1 year ago)
damn that fade was soooo clean! getting your hair thinned is like slapping God in the face! thick hair is a blessing lol.
Miss Knowles (1 year ago)
love this but what sizes did you use>>? 0 the 0 open for the fade>?
alejandro font (1 year ago)
that haircut looks amazing in you because you are a pretty guy. Good for you Sad for me :(
SG Fights (1 year ago)
Ima try cutting my own hair using this tutorial .
Viet Le (1 year ago)
What would I ask my barber if I wanted to get the same hair length as him. Would I ask for a 5 on top?
silva santos (1 year ago)
Hey good work men ♡♡ good haircut fade :)
Xuan Cong Nguyen (1 year ago)
Hi, what is the color i can choose to dye my hair like that?
Imanuel Santosa (1 year ago)
nice video
Cristian (1 year ago)
what is the name of the song in the beginning? nice haircut btw
Niche4Sure (1 year ago)
this video is trying way to hard to be cool.!
Shaby Singer (1 year ago)
Dude i like how you reply to the comments it is not seen anymore
Kris Phillip (1 year ago)
I LOVE your style in the beginning! What was your hair before growing it out like that?
bobbin breezy (2 years ago)
Man you rock that hairstyle! :)
its CJ (2 years ago)
Definitely my favorite haircut from you cameron !
Mike Uy (2 years ago)
This cut is better than your current cut
Ezra Voss (2 years ago)
Nice cut! Before you had a haircut bro how long did it take you to have the original hair length? I'm trying to grow my hair out but I'm going through the "awkward stage" haha and it's tempting me just to shave my head 😂 jk. But any advice? Thanks.
Mohammed Kazmi (2 years ago)
In order to receive that hairstyle do you keep the front of your hair longer than the back ?
nikki macalinao (2 years ago)
Cam, What would be the best haircut this 2017 for us who have thin hair?
MiskandarS (2 years ago)
Y u like this kinda fade? Try going to 360jeezy or chris bossio place to get a nice fade
AMTV.860 (2 years ago)
what was the fade blended up to???
LoligeAktion (2 years ago)
indeed u r wrong. one side is blended and the back is also blended. other side is faded but disconnected.
jennifer xiong (2 years ago)
i think a disconnected undercut, could be wrong though
RhiFoxx (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for posting these videos :D They're incredibly helpful for me
Axel Rojas (2 years ago)
do you go to barber shop or salon
Alexander Nunez (2 years ago)
i really like your hair
Macho Protegido (2 years ago)
Sadly, too much thinning at the end
Allen Nguyen (2 years ago)
Anthony Goly (2 years ago)
Just sucks
afsaldurranihotmail (2 years ago)
Lookn gd bro
Danny Amador (2 years ago)
Killer Haircut man I just subscribe to your channel I always try to get this haircut however I never manage to tell the barber exactly how I want it.
Theo Berhitoe (2 years ago)
Very nice!
LazMel Escape (2 years ago)
Sick Fade ;P
Panarome (2 years ago)
you look fresh and classy. Regards from France
Ladioz (2 years ago)
Alexandro Solis (2 years ago)
dope men
Momo Rocker (2 years ago)
songs name? is the best part of the video actually
Matthew Lacey (2 years ago)
Is there a tutorial for this hairstyle because im gonna get my hair cut this way and would like to know how to style it like this
Ender Plays (2 years ago)
Hey brother, what's the name of the haircut please?
TheClippers350 (2 years ago)
Ender Plays look up white walls haircut, jts similar to this. what they got during WWII era
Ender Plays (2 years ago)
OK thank you so much Bro!
David Deleon (2 years ago)
Ender Plays I think it's a low bald fade while blending in the sides to the top Of the hair. Then you tell your barber to texturize or trim the top of your hair
joel pielak (2 years ago)
Hey I signed up on the e-mail list for your top hair products and still haven't gotten the list.. is there any way u can send it to me? Thnak
Kevin Arreazola (2 years ago)
Anyone know of a good barber in the Houston area? Really need a new barber ASAP
Vapormonkey926 (2 years ago)
good looking fade! do you normally part your hair left to right or right to left? sometimes the video makes it look different
Error 404 (2 years ago)
Does he have thick or fine hair?
Carsen Gobber (2 years ago)
Pedro Amorim (2 years ago)
What's the secret of your awesome hair?
Theo Berhitoe (2 years ago)
Video Starts At (2 years ago)
Being white
Jacob Sobelman (2 years ago)
Quick question. This might sound dumb but if I cut my hair really short would it be possibly for the hair to grow back differently? My hair used to have minimal wave to it, then I cut my hair short, and it grew back long but very curly as opposed to the small amount of wave I used to have. I'm not a fan of the curls and I wanna get the wavy hair back but idk if I gotta cut it short to do so hahaha
Aviary (2 years ago)
you have straight hair I wish I did but my hair is wavy
Aviary (2 years ago)
Tanner grinzel I'm growing out my wavy hair
Aviary (2 years ago)
Tanner grinzel awesome bro
Tanner grinzel (2 years ago)
Aviaryzs so is mine
Luca Santangelo (2 years ago)
damn that is a very clean fade
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
thanks homie! Yeah he did an amazing job!
Kevkev09 Kev (2 years ago)
Awsome hair👌🏻
Muhtasim (2 years ago)
The stubble looks great bro!
zach isayas (2 years ago)
cam in our country haircuts are very expensive its 50 or 65
Dapper Butler (2 years ago)
Awsome cut!
SubjectSwag (2 years ago)
Yo cam no offense but you should start applying benzoyl peroxide to the sides/back of your head to take care of the acne. Yours aint that bad but mine was 10x worse and i've been applying about everyday and i have no acne under my hair anymore
Videos4u x (2 years ago)
joseph dashyan (2 years ago)
Wow best one so far 👏👌🏻 props to your barber
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
thanks buddy!
Mahomed Yaseen Abdoola (2 years ago)
This is an extremely awesome haircut, The video editing was outstanding, I enjoyed the video and my next haircut will be like this. :)
zFitness_ (2 years ago)
Exact same haircut number 9273626
Grant Vogel (2 years ago)
Best cut in a while. Nice work.
Rishi Dubey (2 years ago)
the like button is gonna be destroyed for this vid. awesome cut dude.
Declan Shaffer (2 years ago)
Hey Cam, I know you have an oval face and I'm not sure if my face is Oval or Round. I feel this is so easy because if my face isn't similar to yours then I know I'm automatically round. Is it possible that I can send you some photos through email and get this figured out.
Noe Villatoro (2 years ago)
If your ever in the New York area Let me take care of you you can check my Instagram noe_navcutz
BeeNum (2 years ago)
u wanna smash the like button tonight !?!
Haslo (2 years ago)
Cam you have been nailing it with the uploads :)
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
Thanks bro! Im trying :P
Andrew Clark (2 years ago)
Killin it! You make good decisions as far as haircut go.
Patsionate (2 years ago)
I'll show this to my barber to only be disappointed with my barber. Smh
Liam Michael (10 months ago)
Most barbers have the cutting part down......but they don't know/have time to style it like this with blow-dryer/products etc. This is why stylists are better, basic barbers just put gel in you hair and comb it back flat.
Rat Poison (2 years ago)
Jesse Wellens hair style Next!! lol
Carsen Gobber (2 years ago)
Arthur D (2 years ago)
French represent !
Sahil Chauhan (2 years ago)
Hey Cameron, what would i tell my barber if i were to get a similar hair cut?
Faiz Sadiq (2 years ago)
Nice hairstyle...
Ashre Xao (2 years ago)
Grow some long hair man grow it out my son
Pedro Amorim (2 years ago)
James Hair Journey as if it wasn't long already
BetYou LookGood (2 years ago)
imo u look better with long hair bro...
Wendell Rafael (2 years ago)
Eu sempre corto o meu desse modelo aí huehuehh
Anaa Anaa (2 years ago)
waw u butifull
Alan Payne (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ that fade is clean! Like god damn!
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
haha thanks man!
jk 318 (2 years ago)
great hairstyle bro!!
WarHeadKINGsz99 (2 years ago)
Im Estia (2 years ago)
dawm your hair are goal 👏
Brett Navarro (2 years ago)
Love your show
Great cut. This is very helpful I'll show it to my barber
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
BetrayedGolf209 (2 years ago)
First everything nice haircut how much is it
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
These haircuts can very depending country, city etc.. at this shop it would be $30.00 CAD
Ranch Dip (2 years ago)
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)

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