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Secret High School: First Date ❤ Vampire Love Story - Beauty Salon Dress Up & Make Up Game For Girls

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Secret High School: First Date! ❤ Vampire Love Story - Beauty Salon Dress Up & Make Up Games For Girls Download iOS:http://apple.co/2mzm4BH PlayStore:http://bit.ly/2n4160U "Bella Olsen used to be a normal high school girl. One day, a terrible car accident happened to her, she thought she’s going to die. Unexpectedly, she woke up and found herself lying in her bed with no wounds at all. Later, she found herself became a vampire! Bella decided to keep her secret and go back to school. One day, a new student, Zac Stanwood enrolled in her class. Zac is so cool, cute and fun. They soon become close. However, weird incidents started to happen one by one. Some hidden secrets of the school began to reveal itself…" You play the coolest new vampire girl in this game. You can write the story of these high school sweethearts with mysterious secrets. You are Bella. Features: -Zac finally asked you out for the very first date! -Hide your secret identity! Hurry up! -Give yourself a head to toe makeover started from a relaxing SPA. -Choose from tons of stylish makeup items. -Put on the trendiest outfit for your date! -Dye your hair and have colorful highlights! DIY lipstick and eyeshadow. -Oh ! Zac is nervous about the date - help him to get ready for it! -Dinner date at your dream restaurant. Receive the most romantic flower, light beautiful candles, have great desserts...Everything is so perfect! -Oops! You accidently expose your vampire face during the date. -Will you scare him away? How would Zac react to your deep secret? And so much more are waiting for you to find out at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL! Wanna have more fun? We would love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Beauty-Salon-Games-1094161030602834/ For more information about Beauty Salon Games, please visit http://www.beautysalongames.net/
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Text Comments (36)
Amber_pops133 lee (6 months ago)
I love the Vampire movies,books and tv shows
Reva Raihana (6 months ago)
bagus. sekali
MTR MTR (7 months ago)
kitten love (11 months ago)
Ti Tu (1 year ago)
Hog warts (1 month ago)
لا ما؟
TheaPlays Gaming (1 year ago)
vampire is cool ❤❤😍😍
lulu 79 (1 year ago)
you like vampiros
Christopher Vang (1 year ago)
Wow u guys r so picky can't even pick a color
fatima salmaaan (1 year ago)
Hog warts (1 month ago)
نعم إنه حلو
Sanjeev Kumar (1 year ago)
fatima salmaaan the same as
liuda oleinic (1 year ago)
Maria Duda (1 year ago)
ji. a.m]+
da un me gusta si eres el fan número uno
Angela Green (1 year ago)
Elisa Ingueborg López Salazar fx g m f g techy it ul b l in ilvy tum n u G job yvyl mn yjv
Mimi Chynna (1 year ago)
19 30 THE HECK
احباب روحي (1 year ago)
Hog warts (1 month ago)
لماذا تسمي روح المحبة
Vincent Cheng (1 year ago)
Vincent Cheng (1 year ago)
Renato Gucor (5 months ago)
giulia fofa cat (1 year ago)
Rosana Illut (1 year ago)
they are so sweet
Animal Gurl (1 year ago)
André André (1 year ago)
Oi linda
Jennifer Lieu, <3
je l'aime je
Jennifer Lieu (1 year ago)
André André I
Livviand Sophie (1 year ago)
André 89999&&&9&&&9&&9&§8tzzzztgfvgttggg
prendre les jeux tu me connais pas

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