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Poker Face in the style of Lady Gaga karaoke video with lyrics

3841 ratings | 1451295 views
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Text Comments (169)
Nathan St Laurent (24 days ago)
Can't read my can't read my no he cant read my poker face
TheSimsCovers (1 month ago)
Lmao the backing vocals
Nyan Cat (3 months ago)
Karim Celtic Guardian (3 months ago)
Can't beat my Can't beat my No, they can't beat my Brooklyn Rage
tadeo 1 2 now (3 months ago)
this is stupid
Frank Clyd Valencia (5 months ago)
Alejandro Spears (6 months ago)
Key is AbM or G#m
Francesca M (7 months ago)
At first i thought it was "carry my carry my"
wow, look. a weeb. (7 months ago)
TheSimsCovers (1 month ago)
Wooo I love it
Blackpink is Life (7 months ago)
I just sang So Hot Blackpink's Version and it worked
Kaizer Ark (9 months ago)
A just come to sing with Cartman's Voice
Lavdim Curri (10 months ago)
Poker Face😊😊😍😍😃😃😄😄
Billy Wright (10 months ago)
Poker face
Billy Wright (10 months ago)
Poker face
cloe the girl (1 year ago)
Poker face 💖💖
Medo ;u;
3:37 ahhh ahh ahhhh ahh ahhh ahh
TheSimsCovers (1 month ago)
Those are good
Rodrigo Sejje (1 year ago)
Like si esta cancion les gusta 😊😀❤
Julisa Martinez (1 year ago)
Me encanta esta canción😃😄😉
shelbys life lol (1 year ago)
poker face
JustinK 14 (1 year ago)
It's key of Ab minor
Mikis Miika (1 year ago)
My brother: You can't sing, shut up.My: Fuck you! I can sing.
Hrishikesh Srikanth (1 year ago)
Is it 'want to want me'
Hrishikesh Srikanth (1 year ago)
What is song in ad
Zeynep Askerov (1 year ago)
very nice .
Girly Loves (2 years ago)
Echt te gek lied aan de zee met m'n nicht ook gezongen
Ethëreäl Möuntäin (2 years ago)
0:52 wtf
TheSimsCovers (1 month ago)
Brendon! At the Disco (6 months ago)
JustSimple A.H (1 year ago)
Reel Lawng Fuk your profile picture fits your comment so much, im dying😂😂
The Flumriders (2 years ago)
Bäst song ever
Hugh Hefner (2 years ago)
lol fuk up
Lady Gagita (2 years ago)
Hi there! Can I use this instrumental for a music video? the credit for the music will be yours of course!
Abigail Villalvazo (2 years ago)
your awesome in your singing
Ninja Ginger (2 years ago)
your not poking my face thank you😃
Ninja Ginger (2 years ago)
but I've sorted it thanks....😂
Ninja Ginger (2 years ago)
no my car was not ok today....ha ha
AlbertsStuff (2 years ago)
3:56 ....
3d рисунки (2 years ago)
Pamela Waru (2 years ago)
p-p-p-poke her face😂😂😂
hello...yes is a very good song!!
hello...yes is a very good song!!
erica clarke (2 years ago)
love this song i dont really get it tho lol
TheSimsCovers (1 month ago)
She's in love with a guy but he doesn't know it... and she's done anything to make him realize she's in love with him. But he just can't read her "poker face" (a metaphor; look up the definition of poker face in case you dont know what that means)
MATY. (2 years ago)
this is fake and stupid
Gamer135 (2 years ago)
fake? atleast be thankful for guy wasting his time 〒_〒
Claire Boyle (2 years ago)
Well when she says the chick in the casino I thought she says the *chicken the casino. 😀
Yesit'sJess (2 years ago)
Is it just  me, or has Lady Gaga kind of fizzled out? I don't know, I just never hear of her anymore
altash sunni (2 years ago)
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ DAMN THIS COMMENT IS FANCY
altash sunni (2 years ago)
Best music ever!
Natalia Suchecka (2 years ago)
kocham tą piosenke
Caribou Sam (3 years ago)
Anybody else come here because this song was in Percy Jackson. the movies were obviously horrible compared to the books but still.
bread boi (1 year ago)
I'm here from south park...
Paula Aguilar (3 years ago)
Sylog Print (3 years ago)
great song
China Sarrows (3 years ago)
Nice job.
吴胜 (3 years ago)
Katy Perry stupid 😄😅😳😑😓😟😎😄uhh yah hahahhahahahahha 😄😄😄😄😄
Moonycat Games (3 years ago)
P-p-p-p-pouca alface...
Nacho Wei (3 years ago)
Pan Ball (3 years ago)
en ves de hot mail hubieras puesto instagram!
Lennon Smith (3 years ago)
So realistic
Zack Dauth (3 years ago)
The guy who says mah mah mah sounds like he has a blocked nose or he just woke up :P
Kiwi Styles (1 year ago)
Tomb Raiders True 😂😂
Fadillah Dilcut (3 years ago)
Sabrina Juliet McCabe (3 years ago)
The actual words in the song are not "Texas plays", but "Texas please" -- but the way she pronounced it, it sounded more like "plays", without the dipthong at the end. I've sung this song many times -- it's a lot of fun to do.
altash sunni (2 years ago)
+Sabrina Juliet McCabe I don't think lady gaga pronounced it sounded plays...
Bryan D. Wolfe (3 years ago)
Po Po Po Protein Shake, Po Po Po Protein Shake!!!
James Roberts (3 years ago)
No, you can't drink my, Protein Shake!
TheKARAOKEChannel (4 years ago)
A very happy birthday to Glee star Lea Michele! To celebrate her, why not sing Poker Face in the style of Lady Gaga just like Lea did on Glee! #HappyBirthday   #LeaMichele   #Glee   #Karaoke   #LadyGaga   #PokerFace   #TheKaraokeChannel  
+altash sunni are u Islam
altash sunni (2 years ago)
+TheKARAOKEChannel Your video is awesome!
Amaya Marshall (4 years ago)
Love it
Crow Leone (4 years ago)
The guy saying mah sounds really bad.
Smiley DoesNotFrown (4 years ago)
Mah mah mah mah
the gymnastics girls (4 years ago)
ALI (5 years ago)
Lady Gaga....you are the best singer
baek (5 years ago)
selma idrizovic (5 years ago)
Dj Twister (5 years ago)
Tamara Milić (5 years ago)
wow :O
LittleLocoCoco (5 years ago)
10 likes and ill do a cover for fun! OPS! Guess i already did one!
Moesje (5 years ago)
Bad song loser
STANLEY TORVIC (5 years ago)
thank you for this karaoke of Poker Face
Leamsi Ordnavi (5 years ago)
Amazing that is why I love gaga! :D
Leamsi Ordnavi (5 years ago)
Totally agreed! :D
Denise L. (5 years ago)
AWESOME!!!!! I like this song by Lady GaGa!
Rima Arriba (5 years ago)
antonietta hey (5 years ago)
Justin Ferrara (5 years ago)
the key is wrong its not key of A minor its a-flat minor listen to the last note its a-flat
Hannah Marie (5 years ago)
I hate how someone says they will post a cover of them singing a song for likes and they Dont.. im like, Fuck You!!! t(-_-t)
Julye Alvarado (5 years ago)
Im not home alone still karaoke time!
monstersmusic1 (5 years ago)
100 likes and i'm gonna show you my ass
Ani (5 years ago)
It's i wanna hold like they do in Texas please not plays
Hannah Hyde (5 years ago)
100 likes and ill say who i like
Orangel velez (5 years ago)
what like much yessssssssssssssssss
Ryan Katayama (5 years ago)
Ugh The Voice Is Messing Me Up Tho, Anyways LOVEE ITT!! Haha.
John A. Sabha (5 years ago)
p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-poker face !!
Thi My Nguyen (5 years ago)
I can't sing
IAmbraINeraI (5 years ago)
Now post the video on youtube :P
OneHindo (6 years ago)
"I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas plays. Fold 'em let 'em hit me raise it baby stay with me" sounds like "When he calls to me I am ready. I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs" from Judas
Laura Landau (6 years ago)
i can sing it perfect!!!! and i am from israel!!!!
IsraJimenezTV (6 years ago)
çağla çağatay (6 years ago)
AprilV (6 years ago)
I couldn't help but laugh when it went "mu mu mu mah." I don't know why it's so funny! XDDDD
ghost6813 (6 years ago)
I'm home alone, its karaoke time!
Grissy Hally (6 years ago)
i did! i dnt get why its funny
Grissy Hally (6 years ago)
why is it funny??? i sang this without laughing then saw the comments! someone tell me why is it funny? cuz i dnt get it .-.
katherine coello (6 years ago)
that lady robot singing does not let me sing this vidio sucks
Elizabeth Howard (6 years ago)
omg i cant sing this..... WOAH!!! i cant stop laughing!!
ruliruli1 (6 years ago)
do you make any money by louding karaoke traks on youtube?

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