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Carl Icahn Short Documentary On 60 Minutes

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Carl Icahn's Philosophy on Investing , Business, CEO's and a look at the man himself.📚 Books on Carl Icahn are located at the bottom of the description❗ Like if you enjoyed Subscribe for more:http://bit.ly/InvestorsArchive Follow us on twitter:http://bit.ly/TwitterIA Other great Stock Market Investor videos:⬇ Ray Dalio on Hedge funds, Success and Life/Work: http://bit.ly/RDVid1 Charlie Munger on Common sense and Investing:http://bit.ly/CMVid1 Billionaire James Simons: Conquering Wall Street with Mathematics:http://bit.ly/JSVidIA Video Segments: 0:04 Introduction 1:16 Buying when the market in down 1:47 Motorola 2:55 1980’s 3:50 Activist investor 4:42 Competitive management 7:12 Early Years and personal life 9:42 Icahn’s hedge fund Carl Icahn Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link) King Icahn: The Biography of a Renegade Capitalist:http://bit.ly/KingIcahn The Alpha Masters: Unlocking the Genius of the World's Top Hedge Funds:http://bit.ly/TheAlphaMasters The Outsider's Edge: The Making of Self-Made Billionaires:http://bit.ly/OutsidersEdge Becoming Rich:http://bit.ly/BecomingRichCI The Vulture Investors:http://bit.ly/VultureInvestors Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/CarlIcahn1 For More Investing/Entrepreneur/Economics Videos Check Out The Channel What is Investors Archive ? = Its a Youtube Channel dedicated to having all the best Interviews/ Biography/ educational / courses on Investing/Entrepreneur/Economics so you can find all the free knowledge you need in one place ! Remember to Sub for all the Best New Content
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Text Comments (82)
Victor Nthamburi (2 months ago)
Carl Icahn brought down TWA
John Doe (3 months ago)
disgusting.. how about the hard working ppl
dbsk06 (4 months ago)
Outside of finance these are the types of guys who go to jail
William Taylor (5 months ago)
Say what you want about Carl, but he can be very funny (8:09)
I wonder If he will by the Famous Artist's Paintings @ a Dollar Per second....Mine
Corey Burns (11 months ago)
Lessons Are Here To Use....
nuts45150 (11 months ago)
ruining my company now
nuts45150 (11 months ago)
as a small moron employee I'm losing 250 a week since his scam has started to run to save him money I know I should run and leave but I'm tied into my company with half my life already given and if I leave now I lose but carl doesent know me from his dirty teeth so I m pissed off because I tell my kids sorry I don't have afew extra dollars bills have to be paid big boss changed my paycheck I'm speechless as a father now....no warning given made 50k + a year now maybe 25k because of this asshole yeah maybe he reads this and instead a pink slip cause I'm a moron working for him in the trenches I might get a gift of a million dollars just asking icahn
Flappo Spammo (1 year ago)
summed up in 3 words ; greedy old yid
wattlesong (1 year ago)
Fcken evil jew.
Andrew Kor (1 year ago)
He's growing the economy by bringing better management into companies that will move the economy forward. Everyone profits whether they know it or not, and without people like him bringing the right people into the right companies nothing would move forward. But because he's rich and making money people get mad. IDK.
Let me tell you how easy it is to manipulate stocks when you have enough cash. Price drops? Oh gee, guess we have to buy more to keep the price up. Price not going further up? Gee! Guess we have to buy more! Once the buying from others picks up and the order book has large enough orders for you to quit the market, with preferably no big bang, you sell.
Danny Dan (1 year ago)
Why would we want to know a scumbag's philosophy?
TWTR4EVER (1 year ago)
YES Leslie, it does take a certain breed and that breed when it comes to Carl Icahn is SCUMBAG! A corporate raider that in the 1980's destroyed a United States Flag Carrier / Airline TRANS WORLD AIRLINES / TWA. Today with the blessings of the Buffoon Jackass at Chief, Donald Trump profited from a Government Cabinet Appointment that hopefully will bring him down as the crooked thief he is!
SuperSadie (1 year ago)
He cares about the people, I know, because I worked for him. He cares.
wattlesong (1 year ago)
SuperSadie yeah, SACKED 3,000 workers in Atlantic City. He's a greedy cunt.
Jesus Silva (1 year ago)
one of my heroes!!!
Tagträumer (1 year ago)
Fadi A (2 years ago)
icahn taught me how to short a stock lol
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
What's funny is in the joint interview with Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman said that there were two sides to Icahn: Icahn 1.0, the corporate raider and Icahn 2.0, the activist; but in this interview, Icahn says that he really never changed at all.
T Regis (2 years ago)
And now Yahoo is belly up.
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
Carl probably found a way to make money anyways.
john branski (2 years ago)
when someone wins , someone loses.
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
You're assuming that the average stockholder, mutual fund manager, etc acts rationally?
Michael Chad Miller (2 years ago)
That isn't true. In most trades all parties are better off; otherwise, why would they make the trade? These scenarios of parties feeling compelled to trade despite the loses of some, be they shareholders, direct investors, employees, communities, etc, are merely attention-grabbing exceptions to the norm. You know about them so keenly because they are fascinating in their drama.
Edwin Packard (2 years ago)
zero sum game
Rob Wade (2 years ago)
Yup....What he did with TWA was beautiful! Screwed over hundreds of hard working Americans so he could make millions! Brilliant! He's a billionaire at the expense of people who bust their asses so douche bags like him can make billions.
Jay P (3 months ago)
+Clark Askam III You're a fucktard
Clark Askam III (2 years ago)
You're just a spiteful jealous imbecile, guising as good one. No one's fault you bust your ass your lot in life but your own, take some responsibility.
skirts365 (2 years ago)
Ever hear of Chicago utilities magnate Samuel Insull? He bankrupted over 600,000 investors, and surfaced as a PILGRIMS SOCIETY member, Icahn is almost certainly also a member. The group was founded to "gradually absorb the wealth of the world" see Review of Reviews, May 1902, pp555-559. They always control the USA President regardless of party.
Rob Wade (2 years ago)
We all hate the executives. He makes the executives look like angels.
Louie Tzepher (2 years ago)
This man has a brilliant mind.
Ashfaq Sheikh (2 years ago)
Motorola was dumb investment. Doubling down was even dumber.
Dirty Dubliner (2 years ago)
I love Donald Trump, what he has done with his life and what he is about to do is remarkable. Carl Icahn has brought so much POVERTY & SUICIDE & MISERY & STARVATION to ordinary decent people and families everywhere it is incomprehensible. Now all of a sudden he is an activist and a martyr. He has never made employment or fruition in his whole life. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. He is vermin and flooding the internet with interviews of this scum is a bit sick. HE IS NO DONALD TRUMP.
Amanda Sailsbury (7 months ago)
Bryan Wheelock he may be worth more but Carl sold his soul and humanity in order to do it.
entharion2 (2 years ago)
Trump is a fraud, and has been his entire life. He also brings strife wherever he goes (not paying contractors, using Chinese steel, bankruptcy, not finishing projects [Tampa], etc.) And his administration is coming apart at the seams, even before half of the positions have been filled. He's a complete waste of time and votes.
Dirty Dubliner (2 years ago)
Carl Icaan is a bit of a George Soros to Me.
Dirty Dubliner (2 years ago)
Illuminati nonsense, My guess is Carl Icaan studied the man that designed the stock market and how bonds work instead of studying his teachings, Carl Icaan spent his whole life destroying families for greed. Now he wants to re-write history as a philanthropist. The "Illuminati" part is that he thinks everybody is stupid. President Trump. Love it.
henny shotta (2 years ago)
Kar S (2 years ago)
He is Gordon Gekko
L1011Lover (3 years ago)
The man that should be ashamed for killing TWA!!! Disgusting creature!!!
Game Changing TV (3 years ago)
Trump/ Icahn
Benjamin (1 year ago)
Vb,jp,gm,tt and the some nice john d Rockefeller. There are some nice. But dead.
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
Trump is Icahn's bitch.
eric smith (3 years ago)
I want this guy dealing with China he is a killer.
Matthew Jacobsen (2 years ago)
+Bryan Wheelock post the link
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
Yeah, Trump is basically Icahn's bitch. He's the guy who's gonna make money out of this. He already has actually and I was smart enough to realize it several months ago. A thing I saw on the side for Icahn Enterprises was that it could be a hedge on the Trump presidency.
Matthew Jacobsen (2 years ago)
you took the words right out of my mouth. your comment is from January ..remember last month China complained about Trump? it wasn't Trump they're scared of, it's Icahn!
Apophis XO (3 years ago)
Far Rockaway was actually a pretty awesome place to live back in the 30's. It was a very rich area by the ocean. We all know how bad it is now, but he may be exaggerating a bit....However he did say that his father was a lawyer who didn't make any money and his mother was a teacher so maybe I'm wrong....
Hunchback Hunchback (3 years ago)
"She takes away"
Kane Global (3 years ago)
My idol! I hope to reach that level one day! See you soon Mr. Icahn
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
Not too long ago, I bought some shares in his company, Icahn Enterprises. It's up like 30% with the final quarter's dividend payment.
Crypto Sherpa (3 years ago)
BTU and ACI were Great even on that Reverse.
Crypto Sherpa (3 years ago)
Time Warner, +300 Mill Smackers. Great job!
Crypto Sherpa (3 years ago)
Ok Carl I got it! Congrat's You have perfected a Scam, You have the Trump touch!
Crypto Sherpa (3 years ago)
Billionaire Buys and Pump & Dump Scams, that's it in a Nutshell. That's it! Its not Genius Folks.
Crypto Sherpa (2 years ago)
Evan Shlom (2 years ago)
It's not pump n dumping when he's legitimately raising the bottom line of companies he raids, which he often does
Crypto Sherpa (3 years ago)
Shoudn't he be on American Greed?
william d (4 months ago)
He's not a scammer.
M A (1 year ago)
Ummm... Because people on American Greed are criminals? Carl Icahn is a hero who adds value and makes business more efficient. He trims the fat of managers who don't think like business owners and who exist only to treat the business as piggy bank.
Evans Wafula (3 years ago)
jeffersonianideal (3 years ago)
A future Trump administration appointee.
Ezra Montoya (3 years ago)
survival of the fittest my friends. its not personal its just business. Icahn = Living Legend!
Devon Hayes (19 days ago)
Well said
dekubaner (3 years ago)
hahaha at 6:02 it's so freaking true. the popular non smart guy who somehow made it through college and becomes the boss or gets the one job, but you know he is completely unprepared and cant handle it.........i know two examples. and no, it is not me
Mark 975 (3 years ago)
People love to hate a person who tells the truth.
Joseph Atnip (3 years ago)
fuck carl icahn i hope he buns in hell he was a fat cat that sucks the cream off the top ans sell out everyone he coust me my career
Kaergaard (1 year ago)
Just use Jocko Willinks motto: GOOD! Icahn looks out for him self - Not you or any other. You should learn from him, instead of blaming him.
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
So, like the movie?
Joseph Atnip (3 years ago)
Steve N (3 years ago)
+Joseph Atnip Based on your most eloqent rant there mr atnip one can only assume your profession involved a broom?
John Doh (3 years ago)
mmmmm.... buns in hell. Are you sure it wasn't your lack of grammar knowledge which "coust" you your job?
CyanideShock (3 years ago)
I dont believe this is completely fair, they portrayed Carl as a man who just makes money through his "Bounce" that is created when he purchases a stock, rather than actually detailing the fact that he does large amounts of due diligence before making an investment into a company where he believes he could make large changes that benefit the company by removing excess spending, organisational slack and generally making the business more cost efficient, which he has continued to do.
xLiontari (1 year ago)
Still happy he left marvel comics ?
Mark 975 (3 years ago)
+CyanideShock People love to hate a person who tells the truth.
BlackPrivileged (3 years ago)
+CyanideShock Thank god he left Marvel comics.
Hero Jason (3 years ago)
He always talk about helping the company. But he Never care about any company. if he doesn't see a profit in a company, he will not invest it. if he see a profit in a company, he will come take everything from the company and sell it to pieces. It is very sad how the world runs. But money talks.
Fabrizio Della Ragione (9 months ago)
If they wouldn't pay would you still work for them?

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