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Fight scene taken from the video clip "TALK TO ME".CUT & CUT FACTORY

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Fight scene taken from the video clip "TALK TO ME", the first vampire adventure for CUT & CUT FACTORY
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onvogmasaj (6 years ago)
thanks. man. keep up the good work. PS. should i keep hoping for more TvR?
Hello, not at all, this sequence is taken from a clip (TALK TO ME), but that clip made ​​me want to make a feature film with vampires
onvogmasaj (6 years ago)
so this isnt related to blood dust?
myasshole69 (6 years ago)
The Black Guy looks like a young Booker T.
gcervantes47 (6 years ago)
k... i thought they were going to make him leader or something for killing their leader, but i was disappointed.

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