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How to Highlight Text in Microsoft Word 2007

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Learn how to highlight and un-highlight text in Microsoft Word 2007
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d casey (9 months ago)
still gettin the love in 2018...thnx MissPC!!
Can't I choose other colors than that? I need an orange color, but I can't find any. Also it would be nice, if I somehow could choose a lighter form of the colors. I think the colors that exists now are way to bright to be used.
looo (5 years ago)
This helped me get rid of it ( i wanted to ) thanks so much ! :)
kenji watanabe (5 years ago)
ludwigvonsteampole1 (6 years ago)
Thank you.
Tanuj Malik (6 years ago)
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hxhshow9 (6 years ago)
one minute made me subscribe you.
Nalisha Herrera (1 year ago)
hxhshow9 f
twweety9 (7 years ago)
Man I so thought it was like hard thank you so much for this now I have some evidence to highlight. Gotta love debate :)

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