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Lady GaGa - Poker Face (parody) Mexican Style

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I do not own any of the audio/music in this video and all copyrights go to Lady GaGa and the fellow record company. This is just a video that I made thinking about problems that happen to me and of corse I express my feellings by making videos. Of corse parts of this video was not acting. ∆∆...If you like this video then you should subcribe to my channel so you can get my lates videos as soon as possible. Sound effects from http://ilovewavs.com/ Please rate and comment my email is [email protected]
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Text Comments (4)
Rafael Torres (6 years ago)
oh hahaha
Dj DaGo (8 years ago)
wtf lol
brianismynamo55 (9 years ago)
where's the sombreros and bottles of tequila
Andree (9 years ago)
nigga fukk yo couch!!!

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